Chancellor’s Advisory Council Minutes

November 13, 2007

 The Leis Family Class Act Restaurant



Present:           Del Adlawan, Susan Bendon, Dave Gleason, Jeff Halpin, Gwen Hiraga, Richard Kipper, John Kreag, Bob Lloyd, Mitchell Nishimoto, Martin Quill, Karen Williams, Leona Wilson, William Wong


MCC:               Clyde Sakamoto, Marilyn Fornwall, Michele Katsutani, Suzette Robinson, Alvin Tagamori, David Tamanaha





Call to Order:  Richard Kipper called the meeting to order at 12:00 p.m. 


Approval of Minutes: The minutes of the September 2007 meeting were approved as circulated.


Introduction:  The newest CAC member, Karen Williams, was introduced by Bob Lloyd.  Karen owns her own business and has agreed to serve on the Horizon’s Committee.



  • Chris Speere reported earning $55,000 on the Noble Grape event in October.
  • A planned giving seminar will be presented by the UH Foundation on October 30th for community members.
  • Maui Community College is in collaboration with the county on new proposals.
  • Dave Gleason hosted the Maui Nurses Scholarship Tournament at the Dunes Golf Course.
  • Lori Govaars underwent training with Steven Covey and will train others in Hawaii.
  • Enrollment is over 3000 students.
  • Enrollment at the Lahaina Ed Center is over 100 students.
  • Occupancy of the student center should happen soon.  There are a few items that need to be completed.
    • Clyde met with the WASC Sr. commission to discuss future direction of accreditation as more bachelor’s and associate’s degrees are added.  Currently we have accreditation through the WASC Jr. and Sr. commissions with two sets of standards and two sets of dues.  Two options were discussed under a UH Maui umbrella:
      • Option One:  Rename the institution UH Maui College (UHMC) with Maui Community College and the University Center incorporated as part this entity.  Under the first option, the WASC Sr. Commission would assume full accreditation authority for both associates and bachelors degree programs.   Generally, a single self-study report applying a single set of standards, a single visiting team, and one set of accreditation and visit fees would be assessed.
      • Option Two:  retain Maui Community College and create a new entity called UH Maui College possibly including the  University Center with it.   The leadership organizational chart would change.  Payment of annual fees to both the Sr. and Jr. Commissions  would be required: $10,000 to the Sr. Commission, $8,000 to the Jr. Commission and about $17,000 per each joint commission visit.  Richard asked where the University Center fit in and which degrees would then come from MCC.  A list of the possible degrees was reviewed.  The college has a goal to provide living wage careers for residents of Maui County through more two and four year degrees with county and federal grants plus state funding support. .


Committee Reports: 

  • Horizons – Several avenues were reviewed:
    • Pacific Radio Group agreement - $40,000 in advertising will be given to MCC in exchange for engaging students in these new media opportunities.
    • CAC giving has reached almost 50%
    • Business Forum – a group of local business people and seasonal residents with business backgrounds will meet to discuss the ABIT program and other areas required to expand, support and strengthen business education programs.
    • A request for $10,000 to fund faculty and staff development was presented and approved.


  • Program Committee – John Kreag reported on Vice President for CC’s John Morton’s presentation. .  The purpose of the committee is to be an advocate as well as reviewer of programs and offer advice, not dictate.  Four meetings will be held each year, in February, March, September, and October.  Focus of discussions will be to improve program performance by:
    • Identifying and developing high expectations
    • Encouraging program sustainability through working with employers – to provide sustainable living wage jobs for our residents.


Programmatic Possibilities – Some new areas of need and opportunity to be examined for feasibility by the college:

  • Adaptive Optics
  • Biotech – seed development acreage increasing
  • Dental hygiene – approval sought at the BOR meeting in November
  • Nursing – long term care
  • Science – Tech teacher prop
  • Applied engineering
  • Digital media – working with Chris Lee
  • Applied ocean science – we have resources but not the program
  • Sustainable construction tech and sustainable sciences (Marty suggested putting water resources here)
  • Information technology
  • Information & Computer science
  • Business and accounting
  • Hawaiian Language & Culture


Decisions need to be made by March for presentation to WASC.  Faculty committees have been formed.  These programs could be housed into our present and projected new science facilities.  Bill asked if the quality of our current programs was strong enough to warrant expansion in other fields.   Nursing is excellent, culinary is good and improving, but some of our other programs need improvement related to retention, persistence, graduation, and overall student achievement.  Community needs require college to strengthen programs even as expansion is considered. .


Upcoming Events:

                        November 16   Board of Regents reception (6:00 p.m.)

                        December 5     Business Advisory Council Meeting

                        December 7/8  Water Forum

                        June 14, 2008  Chancellor’s Golf Tournament


Clyde was asked if the college was involved in county planning.  He remarked that the college has involvement with Decisions Maui and the new Ka Ipu Kukui Leadership program that seeks to develop young leaders and future participants in the planning process.  MCC additionally works closely with the county on meeting workforce needs but must consider applied research to assess community-based needs and opportunities more systematically.


Clyde also reported that discussion has taken place in reference to the Advanced Technology Telescope and that some of the faculty are opposed while others are considering the provisions of a mitigation proposal which may benefit young Hawaiians who may be prepared to pursue Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math-based careers through a 10 year grant from the National Science Foundation.  Lau Ulu, our Native Hawaiian faculty and staff was invited to comment and join the effort.  The  proposal would provide STEM educational support for  young Hawaiians from elementary to post-doctoral levels with support from the Institute for Astronomy, other science disciplines and NSF.  The project would seek to elevate the role of STEM-prepared Hawaiian students who would also interpret and articulate the Hawaiian cultural and scientific value of solar research conducted atop Haleakala.    Kamehameha Schools has been asked for and consented to support this complementary path between science and Hawaiian culture.   OHA’s support will also be sought.


Next Meeting:  Tuesday, Jan. 8, 2008

                         Leis Family Class Act

                          12:00 noon



Respectfully submitted,




Marilyn Fornwall