Chancellor’s Advisory Council Minutes

January 8, 2008

 The Leis Family Class Act Restaurant



Present:           Del Adlawan, Susan Bendon, David Cole, Gwen Hiraga, Richard Kipper, John Kreag, Roger MacArthur, Audrey MacLean, Alec McBarnet, Boyd Mossman, Wendy Peterson, Leona Wilson


MCC:              Clyde Sakamoto, Herman Andaya, John Dunnicliffe, Marilyn Fornwall, Cordy MacLaughlin, Katie McMillan, Suzette Robinson, Alvin Tagamori, David Tamanaha





Call to Order:  Richard Kipper called the meeting to order at 12:00 p.m. 


Approval of Minutes: The minutes of the November 2007 meeting were approved.


Introduction of Herman Andaya:  Resume mailed to members in advance of meeting.



§  Construction update on the new student center was presented.  Completion anticipated in the next few weeks.

§  Alternatives were discussed to publicize the availability of the new student housing facility.  One suggestion was to house students in training programs tied to the college.  Another option may be to house hospital nurses on a temporary basis.  Roger questioned our liability in not filling all 400 beds and was told we have none.  Marketing will continue for the school and housing to international, local and mainland students. 

§  Proposals are being sent to the county to support Nursing, Maui Long Term Care and Sustainable Sciences (renewable and alternative technologies) requesting over $1 million.

§  College priorities were presented:

o   Support Maui county to establish sustainability as a priority

o   Establish Maui Community College as a partner with the county on sustainability issues

o   Engage the private sector as collaborators

o   Leverage donations to apply to training, technology education in sustainability

o   Provide leadership in implementing county-wide approach to sustainability

o   Design metrics that monitor and report project progress


Academic Affairs: 

§  Suzette presented possible baccalaureate degree programs noting there has been an interest from the community and other educational facilities.

o   Sustainable Sciences

o   Long Term Care

o   Information Technology/Information and Computer Sciences

§  Clyde discussed student and community  interest in creating a music institute where the local students could improve their music skills and possibly learn the business aspects of becoming a musician.

§  John Dunnicliffe gave a presentation on his $3 million/3 year project with the Department of Human Services and the child welfare management system for the state of Hawaii.  Professional programmers and five student interns have been hired to help with the project.  Foster children will be tracked from intake, monitoring duration until 18 years old or adoption takes place.  The program is designed to serve the whole state and is built upon the only Child Protective Services Program in the nation that has had its Program Improvement Plan approved.  Application is based on software that RDP is already using.


Federal Grant for Rural Development:  President Bush signed a grant for $3.2 million for RDP statewide.  This will help with the development of more programs and services around rural Hawaii. 


Native Hawaiian Scholarship Criteria:  Council of Native Hawaiian faculty has been asked to come up with requirements of ancestry in applying for scholarships.  David Cole motioned to approve to adopt the proposed policy of self certification (see attached) from the administration.  This was seconded by Roger MacArthur.


Chancellor’s Advisory Council Vacant Positions:  Bill Wong has retired from the council.  Richard has requested a nominating committee be formed looking perhaps for someone from the Lahaina Side.


Horizons Update on Gifts from CAC and Administration:  Giving from the Chancellor’s Advisory Council is at 59%.  Richard Kipper will be following up with those who have not given.  The Administration giving is at 86%.


Other items:  A discussion took place on changing the meeting days.  Marilyn will survey the committee members and come up with a consensus.


Next Meeting:  Tuesday, March 11, 2008

                           Leis Family Class Act

                          12:00 noon



Respectfully submitted,




Marilyn Fornwall