Chancellorís Advisory Council Minutes

March 11, 2008

Kulana`a`o Student Housing



Present:†††††††††† Del Adlawan, David Cole, Steve Holaday, Richard Kipper, John Kreag, Martin Luna, Roger MacArthur, Audrey MacLean, Alec McBarnet, Boyd Mossman, Martin Quill, Anne Takabuki, Curtis Tom


MCC:††††††††††††† Clyde Sakamoto, Herman Andaya, Marilyn Fornwall, Michele Katsutani, Cordy MacLaughlin, Suzette Robinson, Alvin Tagamori, David Tamanaha





Call to Order:Richard Kipper called the meeting to order at 12:15 p.m.


Approval of Minutes: The minutes of the January 8, 2008 meeting were approved.


Approval of New Member: The appointment of Ken Ota as a new member was approved.



  • Program committee - Suzette shared four possible 4-year degree options and some of the advantages for MCC.
    • The new super computer donated from IBM will be helpful in an Information Technology curriculum.
    • MCC has two new faculty positions and other resources available for a Sustainable Sciences degree.
    • Some County support ($250k) will be received for the Long Term Care program.
    • The Center for Astronomy has faculty that would be available to us and support an Applied Engineering Bachelorís of Applied Sciences.


Some discussion took place regarding community support and whether MCC graduates would be competitive in the Maui job market.Suzette will distribute a series of questions to the CAC.


  • Horizons committee report was given by Cordy.She shared that we have received two new endowments and Dorvin is working on soliciting our top 5 donors.David Cole gave a report on redirecting their giving from Maui Land & Pineapple Co. and their continued support for MCC.


  • Government & Community Relations committee asked the Council to meet with County Council members to gain their support for MCC.



  • Bellwether Award in workforce development was presented in Florida by the Community Colleges Futures Assembly
  • An MOU to create a partnership between National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, National Ocean Service, and the Office of the National Marine Sanctuary Program (Pacific Island Region) and MCC has been proposed. This MOU replicates the NOAA agreement with the Hawaiian Institute on Marine Biology on Coconut Island.
  • Alternative energy resources are being explored including roof panels (photo-voltaic) and a windmill (250kw or 650kw from Germany being researched).
  • MECO Ė MCC agreement just signed to focus on alternative energy resource strategies and solutions.
  • Swap Meet permits will be issued mid-May.November is targeted as the opening date on the MCC campus.Maui Community College will generate $45,000 a year and some revenue sharing on additional funding.
  • Palauea Land Transfer draft has been submitted to UH Administration.
  • Association of University Researchers in Astronomy are working to place the Advanced Technology Telescope atop Haleakala to address issues that relate to climate change, weather, telecommunications disruptions, solar energy and other major problems facing our global and scientific community.
  • The Student Life Facility will be opened and dedicated on Monday, April 17th.
  • Jim Brazell was a presenter in Florida at the Bellwether conference and has offered to give his presentation at Maui Community College.


Other items:A discussion took place on changing the meeting days.Meetings will be changed to Monday afternoons at 3:00 p.m.Marilyn will notify members of the new day and time.


Tour:Clyde offered tours of the Student Housing Facility to the CAC members.


Next Meeting:TBD



Respectfully submitted,


Marilyn Fornwall