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Aloha EC Members:

Thought it might be useful to frame our agenda items within the context of our Strategi Plan Goals.  Let me know what you think.


Strategic Plan Context


Goal 1: Educational Effectiveness and Student Success - Embrace a culture of excellence and performance as the hallmarks of effective student learning and success


1.       Prep for BOR November: approvals requested for Maui Oral Care Initiative, Lutheran Medical Center, Swap Meet, Lahaina Education Center Lease Amendment, Long-Range Development Plan and updates on Windmill, Farmers' Market, Student Housing, and Drive-In Theater

2.       Reorg Status

3.       Program Review Status: Suzette

4.       Major Gift/MCC Priorities: proposals by the end of the month:

5.       BIA, vehicles Cargo Van, Trucks, Good Passenger Van; Garage needed; create car wash connection


Goal 2: Learning, Applied Research and Service Network

 - Engage in intellectual and educational activities that enable the county of Maui and the state of Hawaii to flourish


1.       Title III (Don, Steve, Bob, Lauulu) /HUD/USDA/RDP: VT, HS, CUL ARTS, Online Writing - Writers' Conf

2.       DHS Contracts: Human Services Task Order, and potential Human Services Applied Bachelor of Science

3.       Western Undergraduate Exchange


Goal 3: Model Local, Regional and Global College - Transform the profile of the College, positioning it as one of the world;s foremost multicultural centers for island and indigenous studies


1.       EPSCOR/FIPSE/RDP/NSF National Center of Excellence for High Performance Computing

2.       World Hula Conference at MCC in 2005

3.       Internationational Small Island Studies Assn/Global Island Network Visit


Goal 4: Investment in Faculty, Staff, Students and Their Environment - Recognize and invest in human resources as the key to success and provide an inspiring work environment


1.       Wo Learning Champions

2.       Decisions Maui Leadership Program: CASE Foundation

3.       MCC Social/Picnic?

4.       Alumni Association: Alvin/Scott


Goal 5: Resources and Stewardship - Acquire, allocate, and manage the resources needed to achieve success and exercise responsible stewardship over University assets


1.       Spring Instructional Budget Status

2.       Stud Housing and other Special Funds Deficits

3.       Current Budget Process and Annual Budget Process and Cycle

4.       Business Office and Personnel Office Staff Support

5.       Maximo

6.       Painting Apprenticeship Program

7.       Lanai/Molokai Receptions

8.       Lahaina Education Center Planning



Friday, October 8, 2004

8:30 a.m., Ka Lama 102


Present:           Kate Acks, Pat Adams, Scott Broadbent, Margaret Christensen, Kathryn Fletcher, Pam Hoopii, Nancy Johnson, Robyn Klein, Dan Kruse, Diane Meyer, Suzette Robinson, Frances Segundo, Janet Six, Jill Fitzpatrick, Mona Stevenson, Alvin Tagomori, David Tamanaha, Jennifer Yoshioka, Melissa Yoshioka for Vaughn Baker





Maui Oral Care Initiative

We will be requesting approval for the Maui Oral Care Initiative at the November 18-19, 2004 Board of Regents meeting on Maui.  Diane Meyer requested that a schedule of the Board meetings be emailed to members.


Lahaina Education Center Lease

Renovation work is going on.  We have asked Bill Dornbush for an additional 1200sq. ft. that he has agreed to provide.  The agreement is going to be amended to encompass a larger portion of the building.  From October 2004 to October 2005 the facility will be rent-free.  From October 1, 2005 and forward we will pay $1200 per month for a 3000sq foot building which is about 50 cents per sq. 



David will be presenting information to the Academic Senate regarding LRDP.


Student Housing

Clyde passed around the Architectural Development timeline for the Agor Co.  Students are scheduled to move in on August 06, 2006.



Dan was advised to schedule a formal academic senate committee meeting with the Executive Committee.  The Executive Committee will later have a larger conversation with the whole College Community.


Program Review Status

Suzette Robinson reported receiving 14 out of the 21 expected program reviews.  The three comprehensive reviews for OCET, Nursing and Accounting have been received.  Suzette has spoken to those in charge of the reviews that have not come in and they are in progress and should be sending them in within a few days.  Annual assessments and comprehensive program reviews were distributed.  The self-study piece has been approved and is in operation with the program chairs creating their reports.  Drafts of the proposed process for the Program Review Validation Teams were distributed.  The Academic Senate will be looking at these drafts and making recommendations for change if necessary.  The documents will be placed on the web when approved.


Diane Meyer added that a program coordinators meeting will be held on October 14, 2004 @ 3:00pm to form the teams and make sure that everyone is on the same page.


Major Gifts 

Clyde requested to see a list by the end of the month of the various items that we’d like to see supported by contributions. 


Suzette and the unit chairs will come up with a master list of equipment requests to be used as a basis of our comprehensive campaign. 





Title III

Suzette and the unit chairs will be looking into status. 



Clyde and Janet reported that we did not receive HUD funding.



A meeting will be held in the Chancellors’ Office on October 11, 2004 @ 12:30 for any faculty member who has an idea of how RDP money could wind up connecting with some kind of sustainable stream of revenues.


DHS Contracts

Lillian Kohler has offered to support a bachelor’s in social work program.  Suzette reported that our teen services program has taken on statewide leadership changing Child Welfare activities impacting the whole state.


Western Undergraduate Exchange

Clyde reported that this program permits Hawaii students to enroll in Colleges that are participating at a tuition level of one and a half times what the local tuition may be.  These are areas which the University of Hawaii does not provide curricular program alternatives.  Clyde suggested committee members review and bring back ideas to the next Executive Committee meeting.


Writers Conference

Conversations are going on how a writing curriculum could be developed that takes advantage of the Writers Conference Workshops.  Workshops are online; there’s that kind of potential. 





FIPSE (Fund for Improvement of Post Secondary Education)

We will be involved in a recompete, to apply for another 3 years of funding at the end of the year, with National Center of Excellence for High Performance Computing.


World Hula Conference

Clyde reported that we are looking into whether the World Hula Conference would be interested in a video service that would allow streamed video workshops to Mainland and International Halaus for a fee. 


International Small Island Studies Assn/Global Island Network Visit

Suzette and Clyde will be participating in this conference on Kinmen Island off the Coast of China later this month.  The conference is an opportunity to learn more about what’s going on around the world regarding small island issues and to participate in a Global environment specific to our niche of small islands.



Suzette reported that Maui was the only campus that sent in proposals for the EPSCOR grants.  There is a possibility that those who have sent in proposals have a good chance of receiving funds.


Perkins Funds

Suzette reported that we received another $15,000.  We’re up to $515,000 worth of funding from Perkins to support some of the vocational activities on campus.





WO Learning Champions

Suzette will be accompanying the Wo Learning Champions to Honolulu on October 15, 2004. 


Decisions Maui Leadership Program: CASE Foundation

Clyde reported that we are going to be involved in a Leadership Program that will involve MEDB, the Chamber of Commerce, environmental groups, and others to solicit the assistance of the CASE Foundation for Leadership Endowment funds.


Leadership Conference

Conference will be held on October 13, 2004


MCC Social/Picnic

Social Committee is active.  It was reported that the silent auction will be moved to late October or early November and a Christmas party will be held in the Student Lounge sometime around the 13th of December.


Dan requested information on what Committees there are.


Members were asked to come up with a date for a get-together sometime in November.


Alumni Association

Alvin and Scott were asked to be involved in the development.  Members were asked if they could come up with names of people who are prominent in the community to form an Alumni Group.  Suggested were Alan Arakawa, Kimo Apana, David Morihara and Ernie Rezents.





Spring Instructional Budget Status

We are faced with the challenge that we will not be getting the additional $119,000 to manage the reduction of the teaching mode as we did last year.  Suzette reported that unit chairs were able to get 6 or 7 classes funded through other sources.  Two classes were canceled.


Suzette and Alvin will work on finding what’s available to assist the Enrollment Management System.  Alvin suggested going to a Banner workshop that will be held in Honolulu on November 17th.  


Suzette requested for a student representative to be present in the decision making of the first cut of low enrolled classes on Tuesday, December 28th @ 1:30 pm and at the second cut on Wednesday, January 5th @ 1:30 pm.


Business Office and Personnel Office Staff Support

ORS position remains on the table because it is a critical position. 

Costco does not send invoices.  Payment reminders should be attached to purchase orders.

We received two new servers. 

Janet is working on the webpage.


Student Housing and Other Special Funds Deficits

Alvin reported the housing rates would not be raised until improvements are made. 


RDP funds will be used to support the Computer Center by providing tool kits for repairs.



David reported trying preventive maintenance software. 


Painting Apprenticeship Program

Students are needed to provide an apprenticeship program.  Focus is on repairing chipped paint on buildings.  We are trying to support a 4-semester program at the cost of $3,000 per semester.


Lanai/Molokai Receptions

The Lanai and Molokai Reception invitations went out.


Student Center Building 

The Student Center Building will be drawn up in 2 packages. 



Clyde leaves for the International Small Island Studies Assn/Global Island Network Visit October 27, 2004 and will be returning on November 9, 2004.  Then he will be attending to the Global Education Commission meeting in Washington DC on November 10th and 11th.  Suzette leaves for the International Small Island Studies Assn/Global Island Network on October 30,2004