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Friday, January 14, 2005

8:30am Ka Lama 103



1.       Beginning Semester Challenges?

2.       Web Update

3.       IPEDS

4.       County Proposal for Higher Education Expansion in Maui County

5.       Council of Chancellors Items: Promotion/Advertising Opportunity-MCC rep, VP & Chancellors Meetings w/President

6.       Sustainable Living Institute on Maui (SLIM) Proposal

7.       Royal Institute of Technology Relationship

8.       Senate Higher Education Committee Chair Visit

9.       Hoolaulea

10.   Other Items


Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

Friday, January 14, 2005

8:30 a.m., Ka Lama 102


Present:      Kate Acks, Pat Adams, Scott Broadbent, Margaret Christensen, Pam Hoopii, Nancy Johnson, Robyn Klein, Dan Kruse, Diane Meyer, Kiope Raymond, Suzette Robinson, Frances Segundo, Janet Six, Jill Fitzpatrick, Eryck Quesada, Alvin Tagomori, David Tamanaha, Catherine Thompson, Dorothy Tolliver, flo wiger, Jennifer Yoshioka


Clyde welcomed flo wiger back as Dean of Instruction.  Suzette Robinson will be serving as Acting Director of the Office of Continuing Education and Training for a semester.  


Clyde asked committee members to each list one item for discussion to be discussed at the end of the meeting.


Beginning Semester Challenges

Alvin Tagomori informed committee that in the process of transitioning to a new calendar system, the MACC forgot to schedule MCC’s Commencement on the 15th of May.  May 15th has been committed to another organization.  Since MCC’s commencement date has already been advertised,  it was suggested that Alvin check with folks at the MACC to see if we could hold commencement earlier in the day or move the activity outside of the theater.   Alvin will follow up with MACC to look at alternatives.



Clyde distributed IPEDS information for committee’s review.   The data will be discussed at the next Executive Committee meeting.


Web Update

Eryck Quesada was introduced.  Eryck is our new Webmaster replacing Margaret Christensen who is now our ITS ABIT instructor.


Eryck noted changes on the MCC website.  He demonstrated how web sponsorships would be added to the web page.  He also demonstrated how the international student website would be emphasized.  It was noted that sponsorships should benefit both sponsors and students.  We are looking for sponsorship from institutions that have connection with needs that students have (e.g. First Hawaiian Bank provides banking services for students).  The international website will be in five languages (French, Mandarin, German, Japanese, Spanish).


The following were suggested:  My UH Portal should be added to the home page for quick search. 

Policies regarding military recruitment on the webpage should be researched.  Eryck will look into the recommendation of a policy. 

We should look at where most of our website hits are coming from.  Eryck will work with Manoa to get information.


County Proposal for Higher Education Expansion in Maui County

Lynn Araki Regan will be meeting with the Mayor to look at acquiring County funds and community support for Maui Community College programs.   The committee listed all program areas that will be included in information to forward to Lynn Araki Regan.


Vision-Mission (values)

Realizing Student/Community Goals through Programs and Services:

Applied Technical Programs:

                        Automotive/ag/fashion/auto body/sustech/ecet/acct/hoper/bus careers/culinary/bus tech

Applied Science/Professonal Programs: 

Sustech/ecet/allied health/hoper/biotech/early childhood/aj/human services/OCET (self supporting, revenue generating)

Applied Research Programs:



W/in a context of General Education

            Hawaiian studies (sense of place)


Supported by a sustainable infrastructure

            Tri-isle facilities

            Media/telecommunications & computing technologies

                        Distance Learning possibilities

            The Learning Center      

                        High School Connection

                        Business Lab/Help Desk

            Library and Information Retrieval

            Student Services

                        Counseling, housing, financial aid, etc.

                        Campus (student) life


            Health Center


            University Center:  Pat to identify degrees that might migrate to Maui.



Community partnerships




Non Profits

Assessed and measured by WASC standards, sustainable Economic Criteria, CCSSE


Six-year commitment


Janet Six reviewed the budget spreadsheet for the ABIT program.  The following were recommended: 

More computing services support

Add webmaster support

Full time Banner support

List mental health professional as academic counselor

Start earlier Non-personal services (change word)

Supplies: more realistic, some programs are larger and require more

Combine Professional Development and Training

Infrastructure:  Discuss with David Tamanaha


It was suggested that a 2nd worksheet be developed for line 95, to list clerical support, and to address other issues.


Committee noted that we should also consider other items, e.g.  allowance for inflation, union contract, etc.

David Tamanaha will forward to Janet spreadsheet he had previously prepared.


Other items to take into account in the planning are:

Six year program – How will we sustain program (2012)

If tuition estimates are realized, where will money be going to

Endowment, non-resident tuition revenues

Vacant positions need to be filled

Beef up MLI and ESL with the influx of international students (note: MLI is self-supporting)

Continue mantra of a strong two-year base


2nd million – challenge grant, other resources

$400,000 Rural Development Program

CC infrastructure and baccalaureate development


Sustainable Living Institute of Maui (SLIM) Proposal

Committee will be meeting on SLIM proposal.   Steve Case and David Cole have given us a gift of $100,000 each.  We will be sending a student, Ann Emmsley and possibly others to Costa Rica.  Will keep Executive Committee informed of developments.


Royal Institution of Technology Relationship

Lynn Araki Regan is assisting in developing an MOU that will create an institutional affiliation between RIT and MCC.

A meeting will be held with folks who are interested in helping us recruit international students.


Council of Chancellors Items:  Promotion/Advertising Opportunity-MCC Rep, VP & Chancellors Meetings

American Savings and Loan is sponsoring open promotion/advertising for the University.  There are 33 spots open over next year for Hawaii stories.  Carolyn Tanaka is looking for campus representatives to submit stories.  The committee identified Pat Adams as MCC’s representative.


In a message from Barbara Beno it was recommended that there be more interaction between the President, Chancellors and the Board.  Meetings between the President, Vice President, and 5 of the Chancellors will be conducted every other Monday.   The Chancellors will consist of three Baccalaureate Chancellors, a Chancellor from Honolulu and one from the neighbor islands.  The neighbor island Chancellors will rotate attendance.


Senate Higher Education Committee Chair Visit

We will be hosting Senate Higher Education Committee Chair Clayton Hee.   Clyde, flo, Suzette will get together to prepare for meeting.


Other Items

Electricity Costs:  David Tamanaha distributed information on the electrical costs and allocation summary of the community colleges.


Hoolaulea:   We are waiting on Willie Nelson.  May need to defer to fall semester.  It was noted that we should also promote local talent.


Swap Meet:  The Board of Regents have approved the concept.  Going forward.


Farmers’ Market:  Waiting for insurance.


Student Housing:  One more year before online.  Submitting application for permit.  Going forward.


Windmill:   Received word from Mike Unebasami.  Working on rfp to have private contractor construct windmill.  


Budget Update:  Will be addressed at next meeting.  Figures will depend on enrollment.  Enrollment was at 2810 as of 1/13/05.  Purge is being done.  Will look at figures after purge.


Other items submitted for discussion will be discussed at the next meeting.

  • Budget issues:  Shortfall?  Important steps to take.
  • Budget update
  • Windmill
  • Hiring of a permanent Lanai Coordinator.  Need to advertise NOW.
  • Need to hire behind Paula Purdy
  • Decide how programs will be continued and/or approved.  For example, ABIT enrollment and start date.
  • HOST expansion
  • Create more classes for students to actually have a choice in what to take
  • Continue the dialogue toward sustainability for the campus.
  • How to unite campus in the goal of 2+4 year college
  • Decide on commencement date
  • Baccalaureate movement
  • Creatively think of ways to stay afloat with limited proposed budget
  • Electricity – Institutional and programmatic sustainability