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February 25, 2005
8:30 a.m., Ka Lama 102

  1. Followup on last Agenda and
  2. Campus and System Reorg
  3. Technical Support Committee Charter
  4. Mayor's Meeting (Brown bag luncheon meeting with Mayor: housing expedite, land exchange, county project/econ brochure; PEG; ISISA Conference; Decisions Maui Leadership Project)
  5. Mission Differentiation Draft
  6. Program Review and Budget Development for 2005-2006
  7. MCC-USGS Agreement
  8. International Student Marketing Plan
  9. BOR Health Center Fee Presentation Passed
  10. Student Housing Rate Increase Prep
  11. WASC Visit, BOR Schedule/MCC Presentation , and Tuition Hearing
  12. PEG Access Status
  13. NSF NCEHPC Program Status
  14. CCCMs and Campus Policies
  15. Other Items


Friday, February 25, 2005

8:30 a.m., Ka Lama 102



Present:Kate Acks, Pat Adams, Scott Broadbent, Debbie Brown for David Tamanaha, Kathryn Fletcher, Pam Hoopii, Lui Hokoana, Nancy Johnson, Robyn Klein, Dan Kruse, Diane Meyer, Jeannie Pezzoli, Suzette Robinson, Clyde Sakamoto, Frances Segundo, Alvin Tagomori, Dorothy Tolliver, Jennifer Yoshioka, flo wiger


System Reorganization

         Reorganization proposal discussed.

         All campuses put on warning - specifically geared towards the way the community collegesí system is currently organized.

         President and Chancellors discussing decision making authorities

         Discussions also taking place between Barbara Beno and Chancellors.

         Six options are being considered & were briefly discussed.

         Looking at improving the current system to make it work better in terms of handling policies, ACCJC, etc.

         Chancellors agreed upon some broad common criteria for program review and assessment.

         The possibility of having an Executive Chancellor is still being discussed.

         MCC was not asked to provide progress report.

         Academic Senate discussed three proposals

         Currrent Structure

         Review Structure

         New way to look at outreach.


Technical Support Committee Charter - Sandra Swanson

         Charter was presented & reviewed

         It was moved and passed that charter be passed.It was also noted that the charter should be a broiler plate for future campus wide committee charters

         It will be forwarded to Clyde for signature.


Mayorís Meeting

         Mayor wants to work with MCC and desires that MCC move towards Baccalaureate degree.


Mission Differentiation

         Dan Kruse met with National Visiting Committee.Meetings went well.

         New administrative assistant needed for project.

         New proposal will be developed in March.


CCCMs and Campus Polilcies

         Because of changes in the system, Deanís redid the CCCMs sent forth to the Chancellors.

         Will not be institutionalized quickly because a number of them deal with issues that have been negotiated under the collective bargaining agreement.

         When system part system is done,CCCms will be forwarded to UHPA.


WASC Visit, BOR Schedule/MCC Presentation and Tuition Hearing

         Diane Meyer will send out the WASC schedule.Looking to see if we are ready for one degree.

         flo will send out the TCUP schedule; Colleen will send out the BOR schedule.

         No campus report to produce

         Perspective of Commission - Two year compliance requirement.

         In discussions with Barbara Beno, she noted that we should look at how program reviews were being reported to the Board, how they were being reviewed, what budget consequences would be.

         Commission has expectation that the Boards and institutions will be evaluated on institutional standards.Wants us to clarify our system relationship.


Program Review

         Everyone will be involved in reviewing the recommendations from the groups who reviewed the program review reports being submitted.

         The Program Review is on our website.

The comprehensive program review for OCET and N