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Friday, August 11, 2006

8:30 a.m., KaLama 102


1.       Data Dialogue on Spring to Fall Retention Pattern at MCC: Jeannie Pezzoli

2.       Program Review Summaries:  David Tamanaha and flo wiger will present

3.       Fall Enrollment Status:  Alvin Tagomori

4.       Tuition Revenue, Fall and Summer

5.       Evening Enrollment Marketing Status

6.       Marketing Position Draft Review

7.       Strategic Plan Outcomes

8.       Content for Meetings

         Leadership Workshop Follow-up

         New Faculty/Staff Orientation


9.       WASC Self-Study Status

10.   U.S. News and World Report Draft

Other Items




Friday, August 11, 2006

8:30 a.m., Ka Lama 102


Present: Pat Adams, Malia Davidson, Debbi Brown, Steve George, Pam Hoopii, Cordy MacLaughlin, Diane Meyer, Karen Muraoka, Jeannie Pezzoli, Mikhala Helm, Clyde Sakamoto, Frances Segundo, Alvin Tagomori, David Tamanaha, flo wiger, Cindy Yamamoto


Data Dialogue:

Clyde reported on meeting convened by Pat Hamamoto of the Department of Education and John Morton around the issue of the Southern Regional Education Boardís data analysis and assistance to high schools around the country.  They are working with approximately 150 high schools and specifically with the Community Colleges League for Innovation.  They have teamed and developed a process for analyzing how high schools are performing and collaborating with community colleges.  Board member Gene Bottoms described being on Maui and interviewing a class of King Kekaulike students and found that many of the courses students were taking did not prepare them for college level entry or to enter MCC.  Students were not aware of what was required at MCC; they did not realize that they were required to take a placement test and that they may be required to repeat courses they were taking in high school at MCC.  Bottoms used the anecdote to challenge community colleges to look at what weíre doing to so see if we are giving our students and parents a true picture of what to prepare for and expect.

Alvin was asked to follow up on our EOC process to see whether we are offering COMPASS placement tests at the high schools via our server.  Miki mentioned that we no longer have the high school outreach counselor position that was dedicated to meeting with the high schools. Clyde suggested looking into reassigning a position for this function because of the apparent need to reach the high school students. This discussion will be continued at the next meeting.


Jeannie reviewed the Data Dialogue of spring to fall retention patterns at MCC that shows a drop from semester to semester. Various possibilities for the drop were discussed and Jeannie was asked to take a closer look at whether there was a pattern of student percentage declines by discipline.


Administrative Services Program Review:              

David reported on the Administrative Services Office program review. He summarized the Assessment Survey for the Calendar Year 2005. Data showing the number of completed transactions by staff in the business office and comparisons to the other community colleges were distributed.  It was noted that MauiCC had a high number of transactions with a lower number of staff when compared to the other CCís.  Staff is being added.  A consolidated list of priorities was distributed and summarized. 


Administrative Services staff members reviewed their specific department reviews.  Copies of reports were distributed. 


Business Office.  Cindy Yamamoto reported on the training activities that were conducted during the past year and projects that are being planned, the development of an on-line calendar and a reference manual, and the filling of position vacancies.  Challenges facing the filling of civil service positions were discussed. 


Personnel.  Debbi Brown reviewed Personnelís training, accomplishments and challenges, one of which is timely payroll and improving the turn around time.


Operations and Maintenance.  David summarized operations & maintenance department.  The department is working on reducing their vehicle fleet, disposing older vehicles not worth keeping.  They are focused on filling positions so they can begin to address preventive maintenance and replacing old equipment.


Computing Services.  Steve George summarized the graph on the Comparison of Community College Size, Responsibilities, and Staff Size which indicate the need for additional staffing.  Staffing need include creating another IT Specialist, an IT Specialist for the Outreach areas, and a full-time secretary.  Discussion was held on the recommendation by the Computing Services staff on the replacement of Steve George on his retirement.  Staff would like to have an administrator, not an APT to oversee the operation.


Discussion of ORS to RCUH movement should include more detail.


David and his staff were commended for doing an exemplary job on their program review.



flo reported that ACCJC will encourage comparing departmentsí program reviews across the system.  However, we continue to be further along with this process, so this UHCC System wide criteria and process will be a challenge and concern.  A group made up of Chief Academic Officers, Chancellors and others will be coming together to develop a template to bring back to the campuses.  Clyde will be one of two Chancellors joining this UHCC Program Review Committee.


Instructional Program Review`

flo provided a brief overview of the instructional program reviews and what will be expected for future program reviews.  Systemwide there is concern over definition of the data, utilization of information.  In talking with faculty in the system there is a preference for a level of consistency while allowing for specific differences based on campus needs.  


Clyde asked for an Instructional and Academic Support Summary based on a longitudinal view of each of the programs and a response that meets all of the criteria identified in last yearís Program Review for this year.  We need to follow up on what was previously identified to be important in this yearís process and assure that this occurs.  There should also be an integrated priority of budget requests from the Vice Chancellor to reflect a single list for both Instruction and Academic Support.   Recommendations in terms of specific and prioritized budget requests and action plans for Instruction & Academic Support will be presented at the next meeting.



Enrollment:  Fall enrollment is at 2,409.  At this point it looks like we will be at the same level as last year.  Outreach numbers were not available.


Tuition, Fees, Special Funds:  David reported that revenues are at $1,540,000 to date. The $478,000 amount reflects a debit balance (student who did not pay).  Compared to August 15 of last year we are 6.6% above last year. 


Evening Enrollment Marketing:  Have found that evening classes are lowest enrolled classes.  flo is suggesting that we consider starting evening classes at  6pm instead of 4:30Clyde asked if marketing for specific evening classes is being done.  flo will check with Suzette and report back to the committee.


Strategic Action Plan Goals and Teams :  Copies distributed to committee for review and feedback.  The document will be loaded on web when done.


Content of Meetings:  Following up on Leadership, set for New Faculty/Staff Orientation, agenda for Convocation complete.


Budget:  David reviewed the draft budgets for fiscal year 2007. The budget cannot be finalized until registration is complete and all tuition fees are collected, however for initial spending purposes, we can proceed with these drafts as a guideline.  Members were asked to inform David if they find any errors in the draft.  Vice Chancellors have the prerogative to reallocate within their budgets for lectureships, supplies and/or equipment as they feel necessary. Instruction will review their budget to reallocate some funds to supplies.


Marketing position description draft was distributed for information


WASC self study is continuing to be refined.


US news & World Report ad is being worked on and will be distributed.


Other items:

Frances questioned if civil service positions could be converted to APTís.  Debbi Brown explained that this would be difficult; it involves bargaining unit issues.