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Friday, September 8, 2006

8:30 a.m., Ka Lama 102


1.       Prospective Changes in Administrative Leadership

2.       Continuation of the Instructional Program Review (Data Dialog included here)

3.       New Version of Banner Implementation Impact

4.       WASC Pre-Visit on Monday

5.       Senator Clayton Hee Visit on Tuesday

6.       BOR Agenda Items for November Meeting

7.       President McClain’s Meeting Info: Computer Recycling, HECO-UHM Partnership, new General Counsel, Delegation of Authority to Change Fee Levels

8.       Updates and Other Items




Friday, September 8, 2006

8:30 a.m., Ka Lama 102


Present:  Pat Adams, Malia Davidson, Pam Hoopii, Dan Kruse, Cordy MacLaughlin, Diane Meyer, Karen Muraoka, Jeannie Pezzoli, Suzette Robinson, Clyde Sakamoto, Frances Segundo, David Tamanaha, flo wiger


Data dialog on IRO and MAPS. Jeannie shared the links to the new Institutional Research Office website and Management and Planning Support reports.


Prospective Changes in Administrative Leadership:  flo has accepted a position with the Community College Office of the Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs.  Her appointment is on the agenda of the Board of Regents September meeting.  Suzette Robinson will be filling in as Interim Vice Chancellor while the search for permanent filling of the Vice Chancellor, Assistant Vice Chancellor and OCET Director positions are ongoing. With these manpower challenges, Clyde asked for everyone’s support and assistance to ensure that deadlines etc. are not overlooked.  flo explained her new role.  She will be working out of her home and possibly the West Maui Education Center


The Instructional and Academic Support Program Review was continued from last week by flo. Graduation and completion challenges were discussed.  The need to focus on developing a well rounded student with a variety of skill vs a specific vocational skill was discussed. Dan Kruse questioned the method of measure being used. flo explained the challenge of using national measures and the applicability for Hawaii. EMSI provides the data based on statewide information. However, Clyde spoke with the CEO of EMSI in developing more accurate and applicable data for Maui County. Together we may help them to reveal sources which EMSI has not been able to tap into for more accurate employee demand information. Nationally, EMSI is trying to improve how they extract data for counties and communities. MCC will possibly be used as their test pilot project. MCC will be utilizing their new software free of charge and hopefully produce true data.


Instruction administrators must meet with our program coordinators more regularly to use the information they have. Our instructors and programs are generally in touch with folks in the field and have information and knowledge of how many graduates are actually working in the field.


Hotel operations changed their program name to HOST (Hospitality and Tourism).   Clyde asked if there was another descriptor that the program was working towards as well as moving towards meeting national and industry standards. Follow up on this communication to students on wage benefits connected with a degree should also be stressed.


Business lab and TLC needs to identify commonalties or differentiate services. The learning center, business lab and media center have not established a common performance matrix as they are not “instructional” programs but all their project qualitative and quantitative data should be included in this program review summary. Suzette shared the top ten academic support budget requests for the 2007-2009 Biennium Budget which are based on their program review.  Instructional budget requests and priorities still need to be provided.  An integrated summary of the budget relationships for instruction and academic support need to be provided for this coming fiscal year.  Future budget requests should be available at the next meeting as well as showing program review analyses based on data and their implications for decisions for this year and next.


flo will be summarizing and updating her report for posting to the web.


David Tamanaha also stressed the importance and applicability of the program reviews, which are also used when determining the direction for CIP and large-scale R&M projects. Instructional areas should include this if it affects their ability to provide classes, for example our labs in the science building. 


Banner’s new version installation is scheduled for December 4th. It will affect students’ ability to register via MyUH portal. Financial aid upgrades will be included into the new version. Please ensure that all students are informed.


Our Accreditation pre-visit begins on Monday, September 11. Everyone was asked to keep his or her constituency abreast of what is happening on a regular basis.


Senator Hee will be visiting campus on Tuesday, September 12 to review R&M projects and position updates.


Suzette reviewed the status of the new positions.


Board of Regents will be coming in November.  Agenda items will probably be in area of programs; Sustainable Construction Technologies, Long-Range Development Plan and potentially Sustainable Living Institute of Maui (SLIM).  The reorganization piece will probably not be ready. Members were asked to inform administrators as soon as possible If there are other action items. Other reporting items will probably be on accreditation, student housing, West Maui Education Center, science facility, student center, HUD project, and electrical optical (if ready).  Dan Kruse will follow up on electrical optical to see if it will be ready for the November Board agenda. 


Dan Kruse noted some faculty concerns for seemingly different methods of how some new programs (e.g. Construction Academy) came about. Clyde and flo explained that there are a variety of factors.  These externally driven initiatives are generally due to governor, legislative, president and board directives seeking to address economic development needs. The libraries as an example, went through a system-wide-approach through the UH Sytem Library Council to address their budget requests.  It is important for faculty to understand this.  Dan was asked to provide the information and feedback to faculty so that they are aware of how different things materialize.


A statewide computing recycling effort will be occurring on campus sponsored by Apple. Our campus coordinator is being identified. 


Clyde reported on discussions at the President’s meeting.

The Univeristy of Hawai`i is looking at a partnership with Hawaiian Electric.  This could open up the possibility of a partnership between Maui Community College and Maui Electric Company.


Darolyn Hatsuko Lendio and USC law graduate from Wailua has been appointed the new General Counsel.  Yaa-Yin Fong has been appointed the new Director of Research Services.  Yaa-Yin has already been making effective changes in processing contracts and grants.


Delegation of Authority to Change Fee Levels – The system is looking at assigning delegation of authority to campus administration so that fee changes that are not related to tuition and fees could be approved administratively. All campus fees are being identified so that a review of system and campus delegation authority can be made.


Other Items.

David reported that our revenues are at $1,728,000, down by 6%.  We are still $50-60 ahead of our target.  Final purges still need to be done.


flo was asked to review instructional budget implications.  With the move to full-time faculty, lectureship funds should be available for supplies and equipment.


Interviews are being conducted in September for the OCET Director position.


Meeting for CCSSE folks to meet with students and faculty is scheduled for September 18.


MCC’s ad in the US News & World report magazine is available for review.