Maui College








AY 2006






For AY 2006, four departments were scheduled for comprehensive program reviews; Administration of Justice, Library, Molokai Educational Center, and Carpentry, Welding, Drafting, and Sustainable Technology.


Program Review Teams were appointed to review the respective self-study of each area.


Administration of Justice:

The Review Team consisted of:

            Cynthia Foreman, Social Science Department Chair;

            Diane Meyer, Faculty Coordinator;

            Winifred Chung, MCC Counselor;

            Shawntee Botheilo, AJ student ready for graduation;

            Mark Redeker, Member of the Maui County Police Commission.


The review team commended the efforts of the faculty and staff who have worked to keep the program in operation since the previous Program Coordinator left in 2001.  Specifically they acknowledged Kathryn Fletcher, Wini Chung, Joe Scuro, and Robert Hill.  Even during this time of transition the student evaluations have been consistently outstanding.  They went on to make a number of recommendations:

1)                  Hire a fulltime faculty member in Administration of Justice and


2)                  Hire a program coordinator to address curriculum issues.

3)                  Increase competencies in oral and written communication to be

included in the SLOs of all AJ courses.  Graduation requirement

for an AA in AJ must include ENG 100.

4)                  Have the Program Coordinator work closely with the Social Services

program to examine potential overlap


Response to Recommendations:

A full time non-tenure track faculty position was advertised and filled prior to Fall, 2006.  This position will serve as Program Coordinator to beginning addressing the above recommendations.  It will be assessed during the next program review. 



The Review Team consisted of:

            Dorothy Pyle, History Professor;

            Suzette Robinson, Assistant Dean of Instruction and Interim Director of

            the Office of Continuing Education and Training;

            Jay Van Zwalenburg, retired HSPLS Maui Administrator;

            Debbie Winkler, Acting Director of The Learning Center.


The review team listed a number of strengths regarding the report.  They said it was well-organized with detailed descriptions of services and needs, had clear goals with measurable objectives, had a strong connection between needs and recommendations, was responsive to campus needs, had made efforts to keep up with technology, had a willingness to seek external funding streams, did an in depth analysis of needs and recommendations which have a budgetary impact and was an excellent example of a culture of evidence.  They also commended Dorothy Tolliver, the head librarian, for preparing a comprehensive and well-written program review.


They made a series of recommendations;

1)      Restore two classified staff positions – Library Assistant IV and the ABIT

Library Assistant IV.

2)      Hire an APT Library Systems Services staff member to address changes

in technology.

3)      Hire an Information Literacy/Instruction Librarian to coordinate instructional

programs with instructional faculty.

4)      Replace the 3M Checkpoint Security System.

5)      Purchase books, materials and computers.

They also had discussions about the planning and construction of a new library facility.


Response to Recommendations:

Efforts are being made to restore the two classified positions.  This has been difficult due

to a lack of a civil service list but the Vice Chancellor has made a commitment to support these positions.  The library staff has been encouraged to submit their requests for additional personnel through the ongoing biennium and supplemental budget request process.  The staff has also been encouraged to examine various staffing models which might allow for a different distribution of work responsibilities across the staff.  The replacement of the security system is being addressed in conjunction with the Vice Chancellor of Administrative Affairs.  We have not been able to address the issues of additional books, materials, and computers but additional funds were added to the Library supply budget.


Molokai Educational Center:

The Review Team consisted of:

            Jeannie Pezzoli, Institutional Research;

            James Boswell, Molokai Farm Manager;

            Makanani Cobb-Adams, Advisory Committee;

            Marti Wukelic, Hana Coordinator.

The review team commended Donna Haytko-Paoa on a well written document which clearly outlines the goals and objectives of the program.  The commented that even in times of scarce financial resources, the Molokai program has offered a robust schedule that attempts to meet the needs of a diverse student body.  The program is also commended for consistently supporting distance education from across the UH system again to meet the academic needs of the students.


The review team made two recommendations for future program reviews:

1)      Make available additional “hard” statistical data in support of the

narrative portion of the review.  This would strengthen the report.

2)      They ask that a supplement to the budget be submitted for travel funds       

be submitted to increase the offering of “live” classes.


I concur with the recommendation that additional statistical data be made available.  It is necessary to establish a culture of evidence for continual program improvement.  I would recommend the exploration of alternative instructional delivery methods such as video streaming in conjunction with periodic visits to Molokai.  This would allow for contact with faculty members while utilizing current methods of technology. 


There were additional recommendations regarding land acquisition for future expansion along with the construction of a campus outdoor auditorium and the completion of the building structure at the Molokai Farm.  They also recommended a strategy to convert the federally funded positions to G funded positions.


The recommendation to acquire additional land for future expansion has been referred to the Chancellor for further discussions.  The completion of the building structure at the Molokai Farm is under way with the assistance of RDP funds.  The conversion of federally funded positions should take place through the regular budgetary process where individual programs submit their requests.


Carpentry, Welding, Drafting and Sustainble Technology:

The Review Team consisted of:

            Pat Adams, Department Chair;

            David Tamanaha, Vice Chancellor of Administrative Services and Executive

            Committee member;

            Diane Ishikawa, Former student and community member;

            Walter Enomoto, Former student and community member.


They made a series of recommendations which are contained in the narrative of the report.  The feel that the consolidation of the above programs as well as the consolidation of Building Maintenance is the correct approach for future growth and expansion of the overall program.  As planned this would provide students with basic skills for each of the building trades including basic math through beginning algebra.  It would also address the issue of low enrollment in the individual programs.  The new program could also more adequately prepare students to pass the entrance tests for the apprenticeship program.  There was a strong recommendation for on-the-job training to allow students the career exploration necessary to make the appropriate choices regarding employment.  They also encourage the continuation of weekend classes with hands-on lab experience.  Realizing that many of the students work in the field and also attend classes the review team suggested that the program contain the flexibility to allow students to complete it over different periods of time.  Both community members encourage the program faculty to establish strong partnerships with business and industry.  They also encourage more statistical data in terms of student achievement and program costs including CIP.


I concur with the recommendations of the review team, particularly as it relates to additional statistical data.  As such, I have asked the Program Coordinator to provide additional information regarding student achievement and program costs and potential savings of program consolidation.


The development of the state-wide Construction Academy will also have impact on programmatic development 




For AY 2006, twelve instruction programs and three academic support programs submitted annual program reviews.  All of the Program Coordinators were encourage to continue utilizing available statistical data which serves as a critical component in the process of continuous program improvement.  For future program reviews they were also asked to make connections from their program review to the strategic plan goals and objectives.  Strategies for recruitment and retention should be clearly identified as well as the outcome of these strategies.  An analysis of this data is necessary to serve as a basis for programmatic decisions regarding budgetary requests and program improvement.  The faculty were also encourage to examine curriculum redesign to ascertain currency in the field and relevancy to the students and community needs.


Attached are Instructional Program Review Budget Requests and Academic Support Budget Priority Requests.  In the case of personnel requests, positions were funded in Administration of Justice, Human Services, and Nursing.  Requests for additional faculty in Business Careers, Nursing, and The Learning Center were included in the biennium budget submitted by MCC.  The supply budgets of all the Instructional Departments and Academic Support Programs were increased for Fall, 2006.  The majority of additional funds in the upcoming academic year were utilized to support positions as opposed to supplies and equipment.  Other possibilities for additional equipment and replacement of computers will be examined.  These will include Perkins, RDP, and grant funds.







            There were no requests for personnel but the faculty indicated they would like to

            purchase software upgrades and general ledger packets but no amount was given.



            There was a request for a full time position as Program Coordinator and some

            additional supplies such as forensic equipment but no amount was given for the

            equipment.  The position was funded beginning in Fall, 2006.



            There were items of equipment identified but no amount was given.  This might

            be an appropriate request for Perkins funding.



            There were requests for the following:

                        funds for marketing                                             5,000

                        scholarship funds                                                4,000

                        professional development (conferences)              3,500

                        accreditation fees                                              16,500

                        equipment for video streaming               40,000



            There was a request for an additional position that has been submitted

            in the biennium budget request.



            There was a request for an additional position in Early Childhood.  This

            position was funded beginning, Fall, 2006.  There was also a request for

            additional funds for travel regarding meetings and conferences.



            There was narrative outlining the need for additional nursing faculty,

            equipment, and facilities.  There were additional positions funded for

            Fall, 2006 and requests were submitted in the biennium budget request.



            There were requests for the following:

                        faculty and lecturer costs                                   105,408

                        support costs                                                      94,278

                        other costs                                                        103,570





            There were requests for additional lecturers, reassigned time, and equipment

            needs but no amounts were specified.



            There was a request for equipment which would support the NATEF certification

            process.  This is under review from an RDP grant.



            There was a request for computer replacements in Ka Lama 206B and this is

            being supported through the Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs.



            There was a request for 3 lecturer positions and an APT position for fiscal

            support.  The program is undergoing a fiscal analysis and a curriculum

            remapping process.



            There was a request for a student assistant position and various pieces of

            equipment including electrical upgrades, a sink, and sewing machines.  No

            amounts were listed.