Executive Committee Meeting AGENDA              Go to minutes

October 13, 2006,  Friday

8:30 a.m.,  Library 101


1.       Data Dialog: Results from Convocation and Leadership Conference.(Jeannie)

2.       Overall Program Review Summary Status: Integrated Priorities and Progress

3.       Deficit Reduction Plan Presentations (Suzette)

4.       Biennium Budget Status (David)

5.       WASC ACCJC/ACSCU Preparation (Diane)

6.       Proposed International Linkages: Pacific Islands, Toyama University and Niels Brock in Denmark

7.       Announcements: Kure National College of Technology on campus::

8.       Recognition (Frances)

9.       On-line student orientation (Elena Alexander, Eryck Quesada)

10.   Other Items



Friday, October 13, 2006

8:30 a.m., Library 101


Present:  Pat Adams, Elena Alexander, Malia Davidson, Mikahala Helm, Dan Kruse, Diane Meyer, Karen Muraoka, Jeannie Pezzoli, Eryck Quesada, Clyde Sakamoto, Frances Segundo, Mona Stevenson, David Tamanaha


Data dialog. Jeannie Pezzoli shared results from the Convocation survey.  The following responses were noted.

- keeping specific

- less time on the activities

-a bit too long

-liked employee recognition, but hold applause to the end

-too much time spent in meetings during the first week


Committee discussed whether all meetings needed to be held during the first week  Some meetings could have been scheduled before or after, others by videostreaming or information and training accomplished by developing an online interactive process.  Diane will forward a meeting schedule suggestion to Suzette for review by administrators.


Leadership workshop survey indicated 

-that we do it again

-a desire to spend equal time on solutions


Clyde noted that we will be following up on plans and recommendations that were discussed at the Leadership workshop.  Another meeting of the Leadership group will be scheduled this Fall to look at solutions and implementation.  Clyde will bring group together sometime before or after the Board of Regents meeting.


It was noted that it is critical for these surveys and for meetings that we identify specific outcomes. 


Overall Program Review Summary Status and budget priorities were received from Institutional Support and Student Services.  We are still waiting for an integrated Instruction and Academic Support list of priorities.  The integrated list should be presented for feedback at the next Executive meeting in November.


Deficit reduction plan:

-Meeting scheduled with Culinary folks on October 17 to review procedural audit.  Karen Muraoka provided an update on her progress with the culinary program.  She and Bobby Santos visited Kapiolani CC’s program.   Kapiolani has not been able to separate instructional and commercial activities.  Their commercial activity is run at JABSOM by apprenticeship instructors.  Copies of their business plan were distributed earlier to Suzette and David.  Karen noted that a key difference between Kapiolani and MauiCC is that at KapCC the department chair’s expertise is in food and beverage management, our faculty’s expertise is in cooking.  In terms of faculty contributions (catering, campus activities), MauiCC faculty does more.   RDP commercial enterprise grant was heading in the right direction, we need to take it a little further.  Karen also looked at other schools on the mainland.  She noted that anyone with stature has been operating for a long time.      

-Actively negotiating with consultant Jim Murphy of DHS.  Noted that a task order is being signed that will permit recovery of $450,000 for administrative cost retroactive to July 1, 2006


OCET Director recommendation is being forwarded.  We should receive word in a week or two.


Biennium Budget and CIP status:   David provided updates of MCC’s CIP priorities; we have three items listed on the University priorities.

- repair, replacement  of campus wide electrical distribution system, #1

- expansion of the nursing portable classroom, #9

- science building construction, #16

Clyde noted that we cannot get construction monies for the science building until the design is completed.  $3.4 in design and planning funds has not been released by the Governor’s office possibly due to an expected economic downturn.  


Diane asked about the status of CIP on Molokai. Clyde explained the land acquisition challenges and Donna’s efforts in working on those issues.


Dan raised faculty questions and concerns on the biennium budget process. Clyde reviewed how positions were identified and prioritized. David elaborated on how the biennium budget process worked.  Clyde will share background information with faculty at an Academic Senate meeting.


David noted that Windward Community College was transferring to us a temporary, budgeted executive-managerial position count which Windward is unable to fill.  We will use this count to establish a chief information officer position.  Funds need to be identified.  


Dan questioned how funds are allocated when faculty are on leave.  Why are funds taken out of lectureship funds?  Diane noted that when the instructional/academic support draft budgets are received from David, they need to think through the whole academic support, instructional budget and let David know what they need.  The instructional and academic support budgets will be reviewed in detail with the new vice chancellor of academic affairs team.



Campus wide meeting will be held on 10/20/06 to update everyone on the process

Diane distributed and reviewed the draft schedule for October 24-26th.    The Executive Committee should meet in the Class Act on Tuesday, October 24 at 8:00 a.m.  The group will then assist with the campus tour.  Each team member should be accompanied by a committee member.  Diane was asked to map out the direction of the tour.

Clyde will give Richard Kipper a call to gather community participation.

Article appeared in the Maui News, 10/12/06.


Islands of Opportunity Alliance is inviting us to participate in what looks like a 2+2 kind of opportunity for college participants.  There are little resources involved but it is a way to connect our Pacific Islands students with opportunities to any of the colleges in the consortium.  November 1.


Hallmark has been adopted by Kapiolani and Honolulu CC; Leeward and West Oahu as well as MauiCC are moving in the direction of adoption.  Diane will confirm that it is on the CCCAO agenda and Dan with Academic Senate.  Miki Helm was asked to help identify a representative to the November 1 meeting in Hilo.


Earlier reviewed Toyama University agreement will be signed on the 17th during a visit of Toyama officials 


Niels Brock Institute in Coppenhagen, Denmark wants to begin sending students to MCC with housing and tuition paid for.  


Dan expressed concern that as we bring in more international students that we have the structures in place to help them be successful.   Alvin noted that Alice Luther,  the Academic Senate’s chair of the international student committee and also head of the MLI program, is devoting special attention to whether our MLI graduates are or are not succeeding in the credit programs.  If they are not succeeding, the program will provide more support.  It is also expected that 2nd language students will need to work harder to succeed.  A request was made to the Academic Senate to have the Academic Senate International Committee Chair present a report to the Executive Committee in November. 


Kure National College of Technology on campus with 19 students hosted by Japanese professor Hiroko DeLeon and English instructor Laura Lees.


A recognition/commendation program for staff was proposed by Frances Segundo.  People who would like to recognize a particular staff member can email the respective supervisor or department head and say why the employee was outstanding.  The supervisor in turn could write a letter of commendation to place in the employee’s personnel file.  The employee could also receive a gift certificate and recognition via Maui-Announcements.   This will be placed on administrators’ agenda to structure administratively.  We need to identify all of the clerical staff and their supervisors to be sure that all of the supervisors are on board.


Other Items:


Dan noted that he developed a table for tracking academic senate resolutions for the past year. Clyde reminded Dan of the process that is in place and should be followed so that items can be addressed.  A formal memo should be transmitted to the Executive Committee via the Chancellor by the Academic Senate chair.  Dan will email copies of the table to Executive Committee members.  


David reminded everyone of the UH e-cycling effort on campus during the week of October 23rd.  Proper disposal procedures should be done for all inventoried items. Before recycling of your eWaste please check whether it can be re-used by someone else, details and information are available on the eWaste website.


Department of Health seminar will be held on November 1, 10:00 a.m. in Ka`a`ike 105.


An On-line student orientation website was presented by Elena Alexander and Eryck Quesada.

- activity link is available for people to upload their activities

- the following were suggested:

refining information on “Maui Living”

adding link to transfer workshops

adding safety information and a disclaimer to pages that highlight Maui activities that could be dangerous, e.g. surfing

adding a link to Pacific Disaster Center weather alert