Executive Committee Meeting Notes

Friday, February 8, 2008

8:30 a.m., Ka Lama 102


In attendance: Pat Adams, Herman Andaya, Sharane Gomes, Kim Gray, Ekela Kaniaupio-Crozier, Michele Katsutani,  Katie McMillan, Diane Meyer, Karen Muraoka, Clyde Sakamoto,  Mona Stevenson, Alvin Tagomori, David Tamanaha

Guests: Alice Luther, Milan Moravec, Janet Six

Attachments are available in the Chancellor’s office


Agenda Item

Discussion Notes

Action Items

1.     Exercise on purpose of executive committee meeting

Input from executive committee members:

      Share the administration’s core missions, goals, and decisions with campus segment representatives.

       Share information that we can pass on to colleagues.

       To examine, assess, make recommendations of institutional issues.

       To inform and review institutional objectives/initiatives as related to UH-Maui CC’s strategic plan.

       To communicate what’s going on amongst various areas.

       Visioning, goal setting, resource allocation, decisions for campus.

       Executive level policy and decision making for institution.  Dissemination of decisions and information to the respective constituents.

       To discuss the issues and the initiatives of the campus so that there is an understanding which is shared with the entire campus community which will help to resolve problems and support and strengthen.


2.     Enrollment & pop-up survey - Alvin

       Enrollment is at 2,801

       Persistence by programs discussed

       Pop-up survey results were shared & discussed with counselors

       Possible approaches to reach students: scantron, faculty contacts, texting; have one person responsible for follow up

       Alvin, Ekela, Alice, Diane, Pat to get together to organize efforts for student retention & report back with recommendations

3.     Text messaging possibilities - Katie

       Katie reported on system text messaging possibilities


4.     Marketing report - Katie

       Oceanic Time Warner projects ongoing for system marketing

       Being considered: prizes; window decals

       System online clipping service available

       Alvin presented updates on marketing strategies

       Alvin to push request for Banner enrollment management feature & online application

       Database of recruitment results to be shared and discussed at future meetings

5.     Spring 08 revenue

       David reported currently = $1.79 million


6.     UH Strategic Planning Process

       Michele provided updates on process; aim is to finalize by mid-March

       Clyde provided updates on legislative possibilities; little support expected for new positions unless funded by campuses with reallocation of existing funds

       Priorities include repair; renovation; replacement (equipment) requests

       Tuition & outside resource sustainability still needed

       Performance-based budgeting talks are ongoing

       Discussion of UH exemption from procurement process ongoing

       Campus budget prioritizing efforts are ongoing

7.     Proposal to change TOEFL Score

       Alice Luther presented findings, progress, challenges that led to recommendation to raise the TOEFL score requirement from 450 to 480.  Recommendation presented to Academic Senate last year.

       Will be presented via appropriate process

8.     Two- and four-year Program Development Status

       Clyde presented updates on sustainable sciences; information technology; gerontology

       Diane & Pat are working to identify lead faculty and possible resources and support for baccalaureate programs, including Applied Engineering; Natural and Cultural Resource Management

       Programs will be presented via appropriate academic process


9.     College-wide Meetings

       College-wide meetings tentatively scheduled for Feb. 19, 26, & 29 at 1:30-3:00 p.m. for status updates & to invite input


10.  Transfer student project

       Karen shared updates on progress

       Brad to discuss challenges with Clyde

11.  Deficit tracking

       Progress being made. Overall in the “black”


12.  Student Life Center

       Moving slowly into facility

       Holding off on wellness center

       Alvin, David, and Suzette to coordinate blessing

13.  Palauea

       Herman provided updates. Driveway, sewage connection, & preservation plan are issues of concern

       Progress is encouraged but other viable options are being considered (51C3 & Maui Coastal Land Trust)


       Herman & Janet continue to pursue

14.  Alumni Association Meeting



       Janet inviting all UH/MCC alumni to 9 a.m. meeting in Pa`ina on Feb. 15


15.  Homework for executive committee members


       Members were asked to indicate at the next meeting what they feel the executive committee priorities should be