Executive Committee Meeting Notes

Friday, September 12, 2008

8:30 a.m., Ka Lama 102


In attendance: Pat Adams, Herman Andaya, Kerry Holokai, Michele Katsutani, Katie McMillan, Karen Muraoka, Suzette Robinson, Clyde Sakamoto, Alvin Tagomori, David Tamanaha



Agenda Item

Discussion Notes

Action Items

1.     Student Housing Count

       Kulanaa’o – 90 students (6-10 continuing students); discussion held on residency status.

       Hale Haumana – 24 students

       It was reported that a non-student may be residing at Kulanaa`o.

       Campus Apartments, a nationwide company, is now managing Kulanaa`o.




Alvin to discuss residency policy with new dorm management.


2.     Enrollment report

       Fall enrollment:  3,268 as compared to 3,001 on 9/14/07, up by 267 students.

       Alvin provided updated report by majors; increase in Liberal Arts majors.

       Discussed accuracy & reporting methods.


       Maui CC counselors working with high school counselors to recruit students.


       College fair marketing strategies & focus discussed.


       23 faculty members assisted with student orientations.

       Crystal to identify potential pre-ABIT students.


       Michele to check why our data show no students coming from Hui Malama; will ask Lisa Correa to check where Hui Malama students are going.

       Katie to visit high schools.

       Katie & Alvin to formulate marketing plan

       Alvin to identify staff involved for celebration of New Student Orientation

3.     Academic Affairs – Suzette

       Fall 2008: offering 452 classes, an increase of 37 over 2007.

       Faculty have also increased number of students they are accepting into classes.

       Discussed importance of faculty follow-up to ensure students’ completion.

       8 classes were cut due to low enrollment.

       Suzette reported on progress in separation of human services/early childhood.  Working with Elaine Yamashita and Lee Stein to determine process.  ATP not required, separation simply mechanical.

       Suzette provided updates on Authorizations to Plan:  Applied Engineering ATP and program plan presented to curriculum. 

       Suzette will be talking with Mark Hoffman and Frannie Coopersmith regarding program funding with NSF funds.

       Judy Lemus will be assisting with curriculum development.

       International report – discussed confusion on process.













       International report: Suzette to follow up with Alice Luther; Clyde to follow up with Leon Richards on process.


4.     Budget Status – David




Hale Haumana Rate Adjustment Feasibility





New Positons




       $2,471,642 in tuition revenues have been collected so far.   

       David explained President’s restriction, execution memo.

       General funded positions advertised as of 9/9/08 are not affected.

       Strategies to comply with this restriction discussed.

       Alvin and David have been brainstorming on alternative uses for Hale Haumana, e.g., oral health center, faculty housing, visiting faculty, office space (include office lease costs for federal grants projects); improve facility; “green it”; do facility audit to see if rehabilitation efforts are justified; encourage off-island students to take a semester on Maui.


       Due to Budget Executive Memo we will not be able to fill vacancies funded by general funds unless recruitment for these positions has already commenced. 

       Reorganization will need to be completed before recruitment of the Chief of Security and Chief Information Officer positions.  Budget execution may be revisited at the next Board of Regents meeting.



       David and Alvin to follow up on students who may still owe tuition.  Need to reconcile ASAP, identify which students are expecting third party payments.


       David, Alvin, & Clyde will continue to work on Hale Haumana rehab effort ideas. 


       Clyde will continue discussions with Wes Lo regarding initiative to create a teaching hospital.

5.     Campus signage

       System office is providing a consultant who will give advice on what is needed. Initial requests include directional, informational, front entrance, and ADA compliance.

       Entrance sign should incorporate new branding.  A kiosk with directional signage is recommended for the rear parking lot.  This should be timed with Maui CC’s proposed name change.


6.     Convocation evaluation


Conserving Electricity &

Reducing Waste




       Feedback on convocation exercise was shared & discussed.



       Discussed limiting refrigerators in individual offices (starting with the Chancellor’s office); lighting conservation efforts; relocation of classes to utilize AC most effectively; turning off lights; per diem controlled computer shut downs; energy controlled AC; pilot lights & safety measures; water conservation efforts.




       David to follow up w/MECO on phantom energy drain.

       David to compile building consumption list comparison.

       Will continue to follow up on conservation ideas and efforts.

7.     Upcoming events

       Board of Regents meeting – 10/23/08

       NSF day conference – 12/3-4/08