Executive Committee Meeting Notes

Friday, March 13, 2009

8:30 a.m., Ka Lama 102


In attendance:   Pat Adams, Herman Andaya, Ekela Kaniaupio-Crozier, Michele Katsutani, Katie McMillan, Suzette Robinson, Raymond Szadkowski, Clyde Sakamoto, Alvin Tagomori, David Tamanaha, Lori Teragawachi, Marilyn Umetsu


Guests: Eryck Quesada


Agenda Item

Discussion Notes

Action Items

Reports from Vice-Chancellors


Student Affairs







Hale Haumana buildings update:

  • Project manager will be needed to oversee renovation.


  • HOST is considering using two buildings for hospitality center.
  • Nursing may be interested in some of the rooms.


  • Removal from bond system; letter transmitted to Howard Todo January 20.


Kulana`ao student housing update:

  • Some issues to be discussed with management, including non-student rentals. 



  • Website needs to be refined and looked at from prospective students’ point of view.
  • Maui CC and UH Center baccalaureate degrees need to be posted clearly on website.
  • Events need to be posted on the website and put in Katie’s newsletter.


  • Katie described use of Twitter for marketing and news purposes.







§  David to contact contractors’ association and union.


§  Suzette to follow up with nursing.

§  Awaiting response from Todo’s office.


§  Alvin scheduling a meeting with Cary Lefton on April 15.



§  Katie and Eryck to refine web- site and work with program coordinators, department chairs, and student life coordinator to get news of events posted in a timely manner.

§  Newsletter to be posted on the web.






Administrative Affairs


Budget report:

  • David reported that additional restrictions could be implemented; may need to hold back an additional $100,000 in anticipation of restriction.
  • Electricity costs lower than anticipated; looking at ways to invest in equipment to lower future electricity costs, e.g., new LED lighting replacements that can be installed without changing fixtures.


Management services contract update:

  • David meeting with Sodexho on Monday to work out details of contract.


Repairs needed on campus:

  • Sidewalks broken 
  • Chillers need repairs
  • Roof repairs, re-roofing, and removal of asbestos
  • Library dome leaking
  • Moloka`i ag greenhouse panels falling
  • Air handlers in TLC
  • Faculty hale exterior needs repainting; will need to talk with contractors about removal of paint possibly containing lead
  • Emergency sewer pump lift station; in the event of a power outage, sewer may back up
  • ADA door buttons need to be examined regularly to ensure that they are working properly


Training opportunities:

  • Students could be taught repair skills and introduced to profitable business opportunities, e.g., air conditioning duct cleaning.  Need to spend money to strengthen instructional programs; need to invent new solutions.



  • Suzette compiling a prioritized list of department needs.







Academic Affairs


WASC senior commission:

  • Telephone conference with Suzette, Clyde, Michele, Teri Cannon and John Morton held on Tuesday, March 10.
  • Structural change application form: consists of items that we already

             have (resources, budget, staff); to be presented for institutional, UH

             system, and BOR approvals.

  • Two-member WASC team will visit campus on June 2, 2009.
  • Review team will report to commission at end of June 2009.
  • Review in 2012, followed by a team visit in 2013.
  • Faculty credentials: terminal degrees not required for AA. Terminal degrees may be expected, but are not required, for some BA degrees, depending upon the discipline. In certain fields, such as business, terminal degree may be a master’s.
  • Senior commission membership would mean one visit; one report; fewer members on visiting team; should not need to do a junior commission report in 2009.


Update on program proposals:

  • Applied Engineering Technology: approved by STEM and curriculum committee; will go to Academic Senate on March 13.  


Update on ATPs:

  • IT: currently on hold.
  • Gerontology: Nancy and Lee are revising the ATP to include more of the social sciences; will be bringing in a consultant.
  • Applied Ocean Studies: approved by STEM, being reviewed by curriculum committee.  Dr. Lemus to visit Maui CC in mid-April.
  • Dental Hygiene degree: the only two-year program in the state;

             class started this week.

  • Cultural and Natural Resources (two-year): will go to the curriculum committee next week.


Education center reports:

  • Will be submitting monthly reports, using template recommended by the Executive Committee.
  • Moloka`i Farm Spring 2009 class enrollment:  AG 232 Tractor, 7 students (2 over normal maximum); AG 235 Irrigation,13 students; BOT 101/BIOL 102 General Botany,18 students.


Chancellor’s Report


Classroom shortage:

  • Campus built for 4,500 FTE; have not reached capacity. 




Laptop initiative:

  • Funds received; looking into possibility of getting a matching donation from Dell.
  • Meeting with Dr. Landry of Seton Hall University, where students have been issued laptops for 11 years, scheduled for April 20. Dr. Landry to  serve as consultant for laptop initiative.
  • Hyperspace software has offered to have its software installed on campus

      machines without charge.


Workflow and document tracking update:

  • In-house software being designed for document tracking and document approval.






Palauea Transfer


  • In final stages of resolving legal issues; transfer to go before Board of Regents by April or May.
  • UH Foundation in the process of creating a 501c3.
  • Field school will start this summer with Moku`ula.
  • Lau`ulu’s role is unclear; meeting should be scheduled between Hawaiian Studies faculty, Friends of Moku`ula, and Janet Six.
  • Opportunities need to be designed.



 President McClain’s visit


  • UH President David McClain will visit Maui CC on May 1, 2009.  This will be his final visit before retirement.