Executive Committee Meeting

March 12, 2010




I.                    Student Services - Report on developments by Vice Chancellor


A.      Fall and Summer Applications to date



Applications (Fall)

Last Year







                                                                *as of March 18, 2009

                                                                ** as of March 18, 2009


                                                50  applications received for the Summer term 


B.      Filipino Student Population – Alvin  to report

                                                             1.      730 students – 17.86% of overall population – Spring 2010


C.      Update – Alvin – California Recruitment Strategy

                                                             1.      Schools are being contacted (Crystal) and based on their responses will begin scheduling California recruiting trip.  In the process of re-establishing our relationships with mainland schools.  


D.      Update - Kulana`ao

                                                             1.      Preliminary discussions with Agora and Provident to determine the possibility of UHMC acquiring Kulana`ao.  BOR is receptive to acquiring properties at a highly discounted rate.


II.                  Administrative Services - Report on developments by Vice Chancellor


A.      Revenues for Fall ’09 and Spring ‘10




% increase from last year

Debit Balance

















                New target – $3,097,471


B.      Update on Construction Projects on Campus

1.       Update from David – Informing students, staff and faculty regarding construction projects during the summer.

C.      Updates on new buildings

1.       New Science Building

                                                                                       i.      Lowest bid - $16 million ($25 million appropriated) – will be able to include all additives

2.       Kaiao Center

                                                                                       i.      Lowest Bidder - $770,000.  US Hud budget $677,000. 

                                                                                     ii.      Basic building costs (functional) – shortfall $169,000

                                                                                    iii.      Additives – 5 (needs to be in order) – DT recommendation is to include additives 1 and 2 ($83,000, including contingency).  Shortfall including additives amounts to    .  Costs savings from electricity will fund shortfall.

1.       PV

2.       Wind Turbine

3.       Trellises

4.       Masonry work for slab

5.       Landscaping


D.      Update on ESCO

E.       Budget Proposals

1.       Additional budget shortfall prompting UH to reduce budget by another $10 million.

2.       4 scenarios

                                                                                       i.      Scenario 1

1.       Maintain enrollment

2.       Salary restored due to UHPA contract.  Consider collective bargaining augmentation if the economy is robust.

3.       Legislature has indicated that tuitions may have to rise in order to cover increased salaries.

                                                                                     ii.      Scenario 2

1.       5% decline in enrollment

2.       Impact will come in 2010, but collective bargaining will still occur.

                                                                                    iii.      Scenario 3

1.       No collective bargaining

                                                                                   iv.      Scenario 4

1.       10% decline in enrollment

2.       $1.9 million deficit

3.       No federal stimulus fund

                                                                                     v.      Bottom line – will need to maintain enrollment

1.       Reason for mainland visits by counselors – non-resident tuition

2.       Merit Based Scholarship

3.       CIO will not be filled until session is over (as well as other positions)


III.                Academic Affairs – Report on developments by Vice Chancellor


A.      Enrollment Growth Allocation


B.      AAS - Cultural and Natural Resources Management Proposal – Next Step

a.       Follow-up – SR to report on Associate in Technical Studies degree

b.      Update from Suzette (meeting with Kiope)

C.      Update on Baccalaureate Degrees

                                                             1.      Ocean Studies

                                                             2.      Sustainable Sciences

                                                             3.      Applied Human Services

D.      Education Center Report – John McKee


IV.                Current and Prospective Position Vacancies

A.      Student Help ($23,000)

B.      Webmaster (TFSF Proposed)

C.      Director of Marketing (TFSF Proposed) (will require ASAP)

D.      NF - VCAA

E.       NF - COOP Ed.

F.       NF - Bus. Tech. (SR indicated that discussions are ongoing regarding the combining the programs of Business Tech and Business Careers.  Business Tech is more managerial and Business Careers is more entrepreneurial)  No other campus has Business Careers.  The value of the degree can be assessed by polling our graduates and employers and determining where graduates are being employed and whether they learned the relevant skills.

G.     CS - Hana Education Center Coordinator

H.      CS - 2 University Center Position (2 half time positions)

I.        Gov. - Molokai Laborer

J.        Gov - Security Officer

K.      CS - Security – Chief – awaiting Governor’s Approval – exception

L.       NF - English Instructor – Currently advertising

M.    NF - Math Instructor – Currently advertising

N.     NF - Electro-Optics

O.     UH Pres. - CIO

P.      Gov - Clerical Position for Computer Services – civil service frozen

Q.     Gov - OCET – Clerical – civil service frozen (OCET Dir. Sec.)

R.      Gov - Student Services Clerical – frozen (VCSS Sec.)

S.       NF - Transcript evaluator (TFSF proposed)

T.       NF - TLC (TFSF proposed)

U.     Gov - EOC Clerical (federally funded)


Faculty Teaching Positions are secure

Will be moving Director of Marketing to TFSF

SLIM director will be vacant.


Electro Optics – second instructional position

English – gatekeeper courses required by students.  Advertising the position

Math – Karolyn Morris – course going through redesign and will require a  position

CO-OP – Will need someone in that role immediately.  Recently received monies for internships

Lahaina Ed Center – Lynn moved to County.  APT

Lois Greenwood – retiring and will go back into that position with a program coordinator.

Webmaster should be higher in priority

CS – predicts that economy will continue to be rocky.

        Will be revisiting this list

$10 million cut - UHMC’s portion of budget cut is $370,000





V.                  Program Reviews – Report by Vice Chancellor Robinson


VI.                Netbook Report – Diane


A.      Met with

B.      Changing model to have students purchase laptops and gift could be used for infrastructure.  6 programs have expressed interest in incorporating netbooks in their curriculum. 

                                                             1.      Dental Assisting

                                                             2.      Dental Hygiene

                                                             3.      Agriculture

                                                             4.      HOST

                                                             5.      EMT

C.      Should have netbook be required for program in order to receive financial aid for them.

D.      CS

                                                             1.      Proliferating netbooks throughout the campus.  What additional funding will be required.


VII.              Update on WASC Interim Report  for ET

A.      Completed


VIII.            Obama Initiatives


A.      Educate to Innovate – Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act

                                                             1.      SR to share with group a draft of the proposal.

a.       SR to share minutes from Jan. 13 meeting with committee

b.      SR to share with Exec Committee the focus of the system proposal.

c.       March 31 – retreat VCAAs to put together proposal (align with Greenwood’sInitiative).


IX.                Hyechong University (4,500 students)

A.      Lori to review WASC parameters for exchanges

B.      Presentation of UHMC proposal to Hyechong


X.                  Update


A.      Bellwether Consortium

                                                             1.      JM – group creating list of possible collaborations

a.       Math re-design – awaiting Obama initiative monies

b.      John Squire

c.       College component – netbook - math

d.      Grant writer will be hired to write grant


B.      PIN Conference

                                                             1.      52 participants



C.      Update on Molokai Land Appraisal (David)

                                                             1.      Meeting on February 17th with Dan Orodenker.

                                                             2.      Dan will be discussing with Singapore owners the possibility of selling the property to the College.  First step is to see if Singapore is receptive to selling the property.


XI.                Other matters

A.      John McKee – Interim Vice Chancellor

                                                             1.      Will be advertising the position

B.      Perkins – (historically, received $500,000 to $600,000)

                                                             1.      Will be discussed at 10:30 this morning.  Curriculum redesign, student support, enrollment management system.

C.      Campus Closure

D.      UPW – Unit 1 is close to settling.  Employees may also be furloughed during the campus closure.