Executive Committee Meeting Notes

May 14, 2010



I.                    Student Affairs - Report on developments by Vice-Chancellor


A.      Enrollment



Fall Enrollment


Last Year

Applications (Fall)

Last Year





487 (3/18/10)





487 (3/19/10)



























Summer enrollment



Last Year










*unduplicated count

Summer applications are coming in at a slower pace.  A large portion of students in the Spring are enrolling for the Summer.  Students have commented that the tuition is a little high.


B.      Commencement Exercises

                                                             1.      University Center – over 70 students  will be graduating

a.       Ph.D graduate (engineering) – will be participating

                                                             2.      170 students will be participating (last year 140).  Stage had to be extended in order to accommodate more graduates

a.       393* – AA, AS, CC – dental (yet to be verified)

                                                             3.      Handout – COs – may be duplicated (graduate earns both AA and CO)

a.       CS – Employers are not clear whether CCs are valuable to the field.  Diploma cover should only be given to students with terminal degrees.  Need to discuss how CC or AS are perceived by the public (whether they have attained the necessary skills to work in businesses).

b.      John - whether Cos are part of the overall achievement. 


II.                  Administrative Services - Report on developments by Vice Chancellor


A.      Revenues for Fall ’09 and Spring ‘10




% increase from last year

Debit Balance


















B.      Interim report for BAS-ET.

1.       Met with committee - Awaiting word from Teri Cannon.


III.                Academic Affairs – Report on developments by Vice Chancellor


A.      Update on New Degree Programs

                                                             1.      SS – ATP to be presented at the June meeting

a.       BOR approval planned for July meeting

b.      Subchange – will be submitting application at the end of June

c.       Will seek WASC approval in November

                                                             2.      AS Natural Science

a.       BOR July

b.      August

                                                             3.      ATP Applied Science

a.       CAO – June

                                                             4.      Human Services

                                                             5.      Herman to get timeline from JM

B.      Will be recruiting for engineering technology position

C.      Be mindful that there will be a number of personnel staff will be on vacation during the summer.


IV.                Campus Sustainability Committee By Laws

A.      Should leadership come from VC – Academic.  Since there are curricular issues involved, JM should take leadership of this committee.

B.      No objections – by-laws adopted.

                                                             1.      Became member of ASHE

                                                             2.      Green Building

                                                             3.      Talloires declaration – reducing carbon emission

C.      Paper Recycling

                                                             1.      Bins will be placed around campus.  Robert to collect paper in the bins.  There is a cost for paper collection.  Will be able to monitor paper use by different buildings.  David to talk to Robert about a company that collects paper for free.  Ask Robert to see if they will accept shredded paper.


V.                  End of the year closing

A.      Achieving the Dream – While Hawaiian enrollment and financial aid is up; graduation rates have not had the same rate of increase.

B.      American Graduation Initiative – proposals to increase the number of graduates.  Considering different funding sources.

C.      Research early admits, outreach centers and other data sources for Native Hawaiians for ATD outcomes.  Diane and John to find out how these datas can be obtained.  Need to determine next steps.

D.      Today is the last day to process requisitions

E.       Carry over – after earmarks - $646,000


VI.                Biennium Budget Preparation

A.      President has not presented timeline.

B.      The BOR indicated that they agree in principle to what the President presented.

C.      Performance kinds of proposals.  Impact of proposal will be considered.

                                                             1.      Effective and compelling means to convey to the legislature our proposal.

a.       TLC director – data collected, but no connection between TLC and graduation rate.

b.      Elaine – Could use national trends to prove effectiveness of TLC.

                                                             2.      KCC – SARS and SASS – SASS – pulls data from SARS and makes correlation between use of TLC and grades.  Can also measure how many students each tutor sees and students learning outcomes.  Alvin to travel to Kauai to look into their system.

                                                             3.      Data – Where do we find student data.  Should be directed to JM.  DT – IRO office should be the first point of contact and if it requires additional linkage to databases, then Kris Shibano get involved.

                                                             4.      Smartthinking – should we acquire more licenses for smartthinking or should we hire tutors. 

                                                             5.      There should be central location for data. 

                                                             6.      JM – TLC director position – tutoring , persistence, retention, graduation, netbook project.  Not only manage TLC but also manage information.  Should be more than just one person.  Should be part of a team.  John proposes elevating APT position and create a director level position.

                                                             7.      Coordination from VP Morton’s office regarding data collection and management

                                                             8.      Morton recognizes that each campus is different

D.      Developmental math and English

                                                             1.      Bellwether – grant submitted for 2.5 million dollars over 5 years.  Additional monies to pay for lecturers at centers.  Will start at Lahainaluna and Maui High in year 2 and then to centers in subsequent years.  HS will be attending classes at UHMC.

a.       Facilitating learning – First 10 hours per credit – in class and next 10 hours in lab.  The teacher will be in the lab.  Emporium Model.  Cleveland has experienced 25% improvement by students.  Students may take the exam over and over, higher passage rate and in the end better grades.

A.      Does this model address the emotional aspect of learning.

                                                                                                                                       i.      Model is designed to intentionally address students emotional needs to learning (apprehension).

                                                                                                                                     ii.      Students are taught to accept failure in order to succeed.

                                                                                                                                    iii.      Multi- institutional program – Hawaii, Tennessee and Florida.

b.      Accounting has also been experimenting with using both classroom and MyAccountingLab.

c.       Use resources such as Learning technology, curriculum design, faculty, etc., as a means to encourage student learning.

d.      Regular faculty should mentor lecturers - lecturers have been invited to learn more about student learning outcomes.

                                                             2.      Positions and will discuss at next meeting – what kind of value will come from these positions?  How will it add to student learning and success?  What difference will it make to the students?  What is the connection between what you are proposing and the kinds of outcomes we expect to achieve?


VII.              Summer Schedule

A.      Everyone will be here.


VIII.            Convocation

A.      August 16, 2010

B.      Terina Liu – will be singing


IX.                Fall Preparation

A.      Will discuss at next meeting