Executive Committee Meeting

Friday, June 24, 2011

8:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.

Ka Lama 102




1.         Attendance.     The Executive Committee meeting was convened at 8:30 a.m.  Present were Chancellor Clyde Sakamoto, Vice Chancellor Jose Bernier, Malia Davidson, Kim Gray, Vice Chancellor John McKee, Brian Moto, Karen Muraoka, Allan Pan-Takase, Vice Chancellor Alvin Tagomori, Tracie Takatani, and Vice Chancellor David Tamanaha.


2.         Information Technology.  

·         Universal ID Card.  Vice Chancellor Bernier reported that work is proceeding on a new ID card, which would be used for electronic locks, library access, and purchase of meals.  Other campuses have been consulted regarding their ID card plans.  UHMC is ahead of other campuses in developing a new ID card and will move ahead with its approach.

·         Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).  Vice Chancellor Bernier reported that work is in progress.  Buildings are being rewired and wireless access points are being upgraded.

·         Internet security (Private IP Address).  Vice Chancellor Bernier reported that this work is intended, among other things, to prevent unauthorized access by outside parties.  Work is in testing phase.

·         Implementation of R25 campus-wide room and event scheduler.  The Information Technology department is collecting data regarding each room on the UHMC campus for input into the R25 event scheduler.

·         High definition TV and other audio, video, and engineering upgrades.  The Information Technology department is working on the conversion of UHMC broadcast and interactive television and video conference equipment to high definition.  UHMC must secure a high definition channel from cable company.

·         Staff recruitment.  The department is recruiting to fill the position formerly held by the late Chris Shibano.


3.         Student Affairs.

·         UHMC enrollment.  Vice Chancellor Tagomori reported that UHMC Fall 2011 enrollment as of June is currently 3,572, versus 3,388 last year, an increase of 184 or 8%.  Summer enrollment is 666, versus 630 last year.

·         Summer activities (New Student Orientation, other activities).  Eight NSO sessions are being held on Maui, two on Molokai, and one on Lānai.  General student orientation sessions are scheduled for July 23, 27 and August 13.

·         Kulanaao (new management company – Hawaii Student Suites; new website).  Hawaii Student Suites is the new management company for the Kulanaao student housing complex.  UHMC administration met with representatives of the management company and the property owner (including Cary Lefton and Peter Savio) to discuss the operation of Kulanaao.  Hawaii Student Suites intends to make Kulanaao a 100% student-occupied facility within two years.  Existing leases will be honored in the meantime.  Hawaii Student Suites has issued a press release regarding its new management role and plans.  The company is developing a new website for Kulanaao and is recruiting a resident manager and assistants.  Rent is expected to be about $485 per bed, $655 per bedroom, and $1,109 per apartment, utilities included.

·         Veterans initiatives.  The Chancellor and Student Services representatives met with veterans and veterans organization representatives to discuss the recruitment and special needs of veterans. 

·         Staff recruitment.  The Chancellor and Vice Chancellor Tagomori have spoken with
Vice President Morton and received support regarding a permanent financial aid officer position at UHMC.


4.         Administrative Affairs.

·         Preliminary discussion for annual budget (July 1, 2011 – June 30, 2012).  Vice Chancellor Tamanaha reported that work has begun on next year’s budget.  The FY 2012 Budget projects $7.5 million in tuition revenue, an increase of $750,000, and a General Fund appropriation of $13.44 million.  However, it also anticipates a $235,000 General Fund reduction.  The UH Community College System will recapture $873,000 for ARRA restoration.  Performance funding from UHCC System is estimated at $383,000, if not more.  Revenue from UHCC System enrollment growth supplemental funds is an estimated $797,000.  UHCC System assessments are expected to be about the same as last year.  Estimated UHMC carryover from FY 2011 to FY 2012 is about $1 million.   UHMC electricity costs are expected to increase by about $200,000.  UHMC salary costs will rise from $12.9 million (FY 2011) to $13.9 million (FY 2012).  Revenue bond expenditures will go from $1.4 million to $1.8 million.

·         Supplemental and biennium budget preparation.  Chancellor Sakamoto observed that, in developing the biennium budget, it will be necessary to describe program contributions to Maui County’s economic development.

·         Status of capital improvement and repair and maintenance projects (old science building renovation; new science building construction; repainting of Ka Lama).  Vice Chancellor Tamanaha reported that construction on the new science building is on schedule, with a projected completion date of August 2012.  Design work on the renovation of the old science building is anticipated to be completed by year-end.  Tamanaha circulated preliminary floor plans for the upstairs and downstairs portions of the old science building.  Repainting of Ka Lama is scheduled to occur in July-August.  Change orders have been issued due to work uncovered.  Repainting of vocational shop exteriors and ceilings is planned for the coming academic year.  Administrative Services will procure a painting contractor.  Electrical improvements for the vocational shops are being planned for next summer.  The Chancellor observed that UHMC must plan ahead and consider what other capital improvements may be needed in light of emerging needs and academic program developments.

·         Staff recruitment.  Administrative Services is waiting for the Governor to approve exemptions from the hiring freeze for a new security officer and janitor.


5.         Academic Affairs.

·         Faculty recruitment and retirements.  Vice Chancellor McKee reported that eleven new faculty members have been hired.  Recruitment continues for positions in Cooperative Education, Culinary, Hawaiian Studies, ABIT, and Engineering Technology.  Chuck Carletta and Kathy Fletcher are retiring.

·         New faculty orientation.  Vice Chancellor McKee stated that the orientation will focus on active learning.

·         Hospitality and Tourism (HOST) Program accreditation.  A supplemental submission has been completed for WASC.  The supplement responds to comments from the accreditation committee, including recommendations for a culinary advisory committee and incorporation of a food and beverage curriculum in HOST.

·         Dental Hygiene Program accreditation.  Vice Chancellor McKee reported that the accreditation team had no recommendations and was highly complimentary of the program’s performance.


6.         Special Projects/Grants.

·         EduCause “Next Generation Learning Challenge” (with Bellwether Consortium colleges) for Math redesign.   We are awaiting word regarding this approximately $55,000 grant for the installation of virtual desktops in Kupa’a 101.

·         ATST mitigation grant proposal.  A response to UHMC’s mitigation grant proposal is anticipated by the end of July.

·         Trade Adjustment Act proposals (Developmental Math/Certificate programs; “Center of Excellence” for Sustainability).  A response to these proposals is expected by September.

·         Department of Energy electric vehicle infrastructure grant proposal.  UHMC has submitted a $300,000 grant proposal as lead project investigator.  If selected, UHMC would become eligible to apply for implementation grant moneys.

·         REVAMP project.  This project involves the renovation of the demonstration kitchen in Pilina to develop new food items using Maui agricultural products.  UHMC will be working with the State Department of Agriculture to access $ 1.225 million.

·         Department of Labor – Remote Rural Hawaii Job Training Project (RDP).  UHMC has been awarded $4.3 million from the U.S. Department of Labor for various workforce development projects.

·         The Chancellor reported that UHMC has received more than $109 million in grant awards since 1996, more than any other community college in the UH System.


7.         Upcoming Events.

·         Board of Regents meeting @ UHMC, Thursday, August 25, 2011.

·         Launch of UH Maui College, Friday, August 26, 2011.  The Committee discussed various aspects of the public event celebrating UHMC’s new name, senior commission status for accreditation purposes, and four-year programs.

·         APEC preparations.  The Office of Continuing Education and Training is providing training for hospitality and tourism workers, government employees, and others, in anticipation of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation conference.

·         Possible visit by Yale Glee Club (March 2012).  A representative of the Yale Glee Club has communicated with UHMC representatives regarding the possibility of a campus visit and Maui performance in early March 2012.


8.         Other Matters.

·         Strategic planning and smart goals (accreditation, economic development).  The Chancellor commented that strategic goals should be specific, measurable, and attainable.

·         Recruitment for Director of Institutional Advancement.  Recruitment for this position is ongoing.  Recruitment for Director of Marketing and Community Relations will commence soon.

·         Chancellor’s report on higher education institution developments in Korea and Canada.  Discussion deferred.