UHMC Executive Committee

Minutes of the Meeting of Friday, December 9, 2011


1.         Attendance.  The meeting was convened at 8:33 a.m. in Ka Lama 102.  Present were Chancellor Clyde Sakamoto, Nicole Beattie, Vice Chancellor Jose Bernier, Mark Cook, Sue Feltz, Karen Hamada, Tim Marmack, Vice Chancellor John McKee, Brian Moto, Allan Pan-Takase, Juli Patao, Vice Chancellor Alvin Tagomori, Tracie Takatani, Ray Tsuchiyama, Marilyn Umetsu, and Cindy Yamamoto.


2.         Strategic Plan Update.  Vice Chancellor John McKee noted that, at a previous meeting, the Executive Committee discussed the membership and scope of committees to be involved in the strategic planning process.  He reported that he attended a special session in October to discuss Degree Qualification Profiles (DQPs).  UHMC has been selected to be part of a WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges) Sr. Colleges and Universities pilot project to gather information on the usefulness of DQPs in assessing the meaning and quality of college degrees.  A conference will be scheduled for those involved in assessment and WASC accreditation.

            Chancellor Sakamoto reported that Ralph Wolff, President, Accrediting Commission for Senior Colleges and Universities, has requested comments on a WASC Commission accreditation redesign resolution concerning graduation proficiencies and transparency.  In particular, the resolution calls for all institutions offering undergraduate degrees to demonstrate that their graduates have achieved the institution’s stated level of proficiency.  The resolution also states that the Commission will make action letters and team reports publicly available on its website for all accrediting visits.

            Chancellor Sakamoto also reported that, on January 4, 2012, UH President MRC Greenwood is hosting a chancellors’ retreat, which will help inform strategic planning.  Among topics that are anticipated to be discussed at the retreat are graduation proficiencies and implementation of technology transfer innovation and distance education.

            Chancellor Sakamoto observed that the Convocation scheduled on January 5, 2012, presents an opportunity to take further steps in UHMC strategic planning.  

            Clyde also reported that he visited the University of Bologna (world’s oldest university) to discuss the Bologna process.  Among other things, the Bologna process spurred the movement toward 3-year baccalaureate programs, the development of common curricula, and the adoption of Degree Qualification Profiles.  While in Bologna, Clyde obtained materials regarding the Bologna process. and Degree Qualification Profiles.  Copies of the materials were circulated among will be distributed to the  Executive Committee members and others.


3.         Winter Break Schedule.  A memorandum has been e-mailed campus-wide identifying offices that will be closed, or open for business, during the Winter Break. 


4.         Convocation Plan.  Planning for Convocation will continue through the Winter Break.


5.         Student Affairs.

·         UHMC enrollment.  Vice Chancellor Alvin Tagomori reported that, as of December 8, 2011, UHMC Spring 2012 enrollment is 3,438, as compared to 3,671 on December 9, 2010.  This is a decrease of 233 or 6.4%.  Applications for Spring 2012 total 1,308, down 110 from last year’s total of 1,418.   Continuing students from Fall 2011 into Spring 2012 total 2,741 or 60.5%.

o   Enrollment by programs varies, with some doing better and others worse.  Overall enrollment remains slightly ahead of Spring 2010.  Today (December 9) is the last day to make payment for Spring tuition.  On Saturday (December 10) there will be a purge of those who have not paid.  The Admissions and Records Office has received requests to not purge some names; in such cases, follow up on the student is necessary.

o   Alvin reported that program coordinators are tracking students and calling them.  Counselors will focus on Liberal Arts students during the Winter Break.  Faculty members have talked to students who have gone back to work to encourage them to continue their education.

o   Alvin stated that UHMC’s academic probation policy has not been a factor in the enrollment drop.

o   Chancellor Sakamoto asked for help in identifying reasons for the enrollment drop so that UHMC may take appropriate measures.  He noted that UHMC’s graduation rate is about 17-18%.  Other colleges that aggressively track students have reported a 45% graduation rate.

·         Summer Session.  Admissions and Records is considering early summer registration this year.  Registration could start in early March.

·         UH Mānoa Recruitment Efforts.  UH Mānoa has been publishing recruitment advertisements in local newspapers and offering scholarships in an attempt to recruit Hawaii residents with high SAT scores and grade point averages.  Full scholarships are being offered to qualified students interested in pursuing medicine.

·         Akeakamai I Ka Lā Hiki Ola.  UHMC will be offering scholarships for Native Hawaiian students in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

·         Student Life.  Three New Student Orientations are scheduled for the Spring 2012 semester.  

Student Life is reviewing the possibility of additional fields for intramural sports. 


6.         Academic Affairs.

·         Schedule of Program Reviews.  Vice Chancellor McKee said that responses to program reviews should be done by the end of December.   The Assessment Committee has identified essential elements to be used in reviews of each program.   This process will provide information that will help in reviewing Degree Qualification Profiles.

·         Perkins Grant proposals.  Tracie Takatani presented a PowerPoint slideshow on a Perkins Grant proposal entitled, “Cultural Change:  Innovation in Recruitment and Retention”.  In brief, the proposal seeks to bolster UHMC recruitment and retention through the use of electronic tablets, kiosks, flat panel displays, and software that provide a more interactive experience, capture information about users, and facilitate follow up on potential recruits.  One possible location for such an interactive recruitment center may be one of the vacant spaces being offered to UHMC by Queen Kaahumanu Shopping Center.

·         CareerLink.

o   Juli Patao reported that work is proceeding with the establishment of an advisory board. 

o   Career module videos for CareerLink are being produced with UHMC drama student assistance.

o   Cooperative education.  Three student interns helped organize American Red Cross office operations and one served as a Red Cross outreach representative and trainer.  Cooperative Education students are being recruited to work in County offices in Hana, Molokai, and Lānai, using County grant funds for student stipends.

o   Existing Perkins funds will be used to recognize achievement of student interns.  Stories of these students may be featured at Convocation.

·         Maui College Today show.  Tracie Takatani requested everyone’s help in identifying possible stories and guests.

·         Digital Media Arts Program.  This afternoon, Debra Nakama, Articulation Coordinator, will be leading a meeting with high school representatives regarding the development of a UHMC digital media arts program.

·         Sharing of degree programs with UH Hilo.  Chancellor Sakamoto and Vice Chancellor McKee reported that they met with Don Straney, UH Hilo Chancellor, to discuss the sharing of degree programs in Marine Science, Sustainable Science Management, Engineering Technology, and Renewable Energy.  UH Hilo and UHMC have agreed to develop a matrix of decision points.  Under the proposed degree sharing, each campus would collect its own tuition and fees and may help the other develop its own baccalaureate degree programs.  UH Hilo has agreed to pay for all of its own distance education and laboratory equipment.


7.         Administrative Affairs

·         The UHMC budget is based on enrollment projections.  Projected revenues are expected to decline 6.8% based on current enrollment data.

·         Document tracking.   Training for the online processing of requisitions has been conducted.  A training video is being developed.  Use of the new online system will be required sometime in January.  Other business documents may be added in future.

·         Faculty Hale renovation.  Renovation of the Faculty Hale is scheduled for Summer 2012.

·         Food Innovation Center.  UHMC is seeking Governor Abercrombie’s approval of release of a $1.225 million appropriation from the Legislature for the renovation of the old Pilina kitchen for a new food innovation center.

·         Repainting and rewiring of Vocational Education shops.  Repainting and rewiring of the Vocational Education shops is scheduled to start in 2012.

·         Johnson Controls Inc. air conditioning work.   Air conditioning improvements are ongoing.  Trenching will occur during the Winter Break.

·         Johnson Controls Inc. lighting retrofit work.  Lighting retrofit work progressing building by building.

·         Molokai greenhouse.  The Molokai Education Center greenhouse is scheduled to be renovated in 2012.

·         Molokai land purchase.  UH President MRC Greenwood is reviewing the proposed acquisition of 3.21 acres of land.  The property was reappraised  and the appraisal submitted to President Greenwood.

·         Molokai air conditioning work.  Improvements to the Molokai Education Center air conditioning are ongoing.

·         New Science Building construction.  New Science Building construction is slightly behind schedule.  Vice Chancellor Tamanaha is following up with the general contractor.

·         Old Science Building renovation.  Timing of the Old Science Building renovation is linked to completion of the New Science Building.

·         RTRF allocations from UH System.  Vice President Jim Gaines has informed UHMC and other community colleges that their allocated share of Research and Training Revolving Funds will be 71%, not 75% as has been the case in recent years. UH System will retain the balance of 29%.

·         Vacant positions and conversion of certain clerical positions to APT positions.  UH System has expressed support of UHMC’s plan to convert certain clerical positions to APT positions.

·         Supplemental budget process. The State Legislature will conduct hearings on the University budget beginning in January 2012.   UHMC may seek a legislative appropriation for renovation of the Hospitality Academy if UHMC is unable to obtain UH System repair and maintenance moneys for that purpose.

·         County budget process (grants to UHMC programs).  Nursing and dental program representatives have appeared before County officers in regards to next year’s County budget.  Juli Patao will be appearing on behalf of CareerLink and the student internship program.

·         Kulanaao.  Chancellor Sakamoto reported that Cary Lefton, Agora Realty & Management, Inc., is taking a personal interest in Kulanaao.  The property has been cleaned and its security improved.  Lefton has been meeting with Kulanaa‘o staff and is considering the conversion of some of the two bedroom units into one bedroom units to better satisfy student demand.  Such a conversion would require government approvals. UHMC and Lefton have also discussed the possibility of placing Hospitality Academy students in the Kulanaao program.


8.         University Center update.  The University Center program review committee has been meeting. 

            The University Center is working with its contacts in the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) to help promote the Neighbor Island MBA and Master in Human Resources programs.



9.         Office of Continuing Education and Training.

·         Summer preparations.  OCET is working on a women’s leadership conference, runners clinic, a writers conference, and continuing professional education opportunities for CPAs, educators, and chiropractors. 

·         OCET helped train 450 people for the APEC conference.

·         Ka Ipu Kukui Fellows program is in its fifth year.  Forty six people have participated in the program.  Some have appeared in public hearings in support of continued County grant funding.

·         Motorcycle training.  Five hundred people are on OCET’s waiting list for motorcycle training.

·         Apple Training Center.  OCET offers the only mobile training for Apple in Hawaii.  Funds may become available for the purchase of iPads to take training to other islands.


10.       Information Technology.

·         Transition from analog cable channel to digital cable channel.  Vice Chancellor Bernier met with Oceanic Time Warner and UH Mānoa representatives regarding cable channel changes.  In 2012, channel 354 will be launched, cablecasting statewide education content originating from UH.  Channel 355 will cablecast statewide distance learning content originating from UH.  Channel 358 will cablecast local island content originating from each island and will replace channel 55.  UHMC content intended for system-wide cablecast can be submitted to Mānoa for insertion on channel 355.  New channel 357 may launch in 2013, cablecasting statewide education content on demand from UH and the Department of Education.  Cablecasts will be digital, but not in High Definition.  Oceanic Time Warner would have to upgrade its equipment to accommodate High Definition.  UHMC’s Department of Information Technology is working to upgrade to High Definition, and is seeking SONY’s assistance. 

·         Dashboard reporting tool.  Work is ongoing on a new dashboard reporting tool.  The dashboard will combine information from different sources, including Banner, STAR, and SARS.

·         Vice Chancellor Bernier is researching the possibility of offering certain tests for nursing programs on-island.  He is working with OCET on this project.

·         Telecommunications equipment for New Science Building.  Telecommunications equipment for the New Science Building has been specified and ordered.

·         Universal ID card.  UH Mānoa is close to selecting a vendor for a new universal ID card system.  UHMC is waiting to see which one is chosen.


11.       Grant/Special Projects.

·         Electric Vehicle Alliance.  A project director has been selected and hiring papers are being processed.  An announcement will be made soon.  The Electric Vehicle Alliance was recently named one of the five most innovative projects in the country by GreenTechMedia.

·         Proposed Office of Grants and Research.  Special Projects Coordinator Susan Wyche is working on the establishment of a new Office of Grants and Research.  The proposed Office will help improve grant administration, develop grant expertise, improve efficiency, and accommodate the increasing number of faculty-initiated grant proposals.  The proposal entails developing a budget and hiring senior and junior grant administrators.

·         Akeakamai I Ka Lā Hiki Ola.  A first attempt at recruiting a project director did not result in a hire.  The Office of the Chancellor is revising the position description and the recruitment will be reposted.  In the meantime, UHMC administrators have met with faculty in preparation for the program.


12.       Marketing and Community Relations.  Nicole Beattie, Director of Marketing and Community Relations, reported the launch of Ke Ao, a free e-newsletter for which a database of recipients was developed.  Nicole is also working on a webpage for the 2012 summer session, and has launched a Facebook campaign for Spring 2012.  She is reviewing data regarding the cost and effectiveness of different media and is developing a larger marketing program.  She intends to test market messages before dissemination.


13.       Institutional Advancement.  Ray Tsuchiyama, Director of Institutional Advancement, reported that the next Chancellor’s Advisory Council meeting will be on Monday, December 12.  New faculty members are being invited to attend a reception with CAC members.  Ray also reported that he is working with the Chancellor and Vice Chancellors on various ideas and possible projects, including a donor wall or kiosks.  Ray is also making public appearances and speaking engagements.


14.       Other Projects.

·         Pālauea Cultural Preserve.  On Thursday, November 17, legal counsel and a land agent from the Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA) conducted a site inspection of the Pālauea Cultural Preserve as part of OHA’s due diligence review of a possible transfer of title to OHA.  All work is preliminary at this point, and no decisions by OHA, UHMC, or the landowner have been made. 

Further, Boyd Mossman has resigned from the OHA Board of Trustees, and a new Maui trustee has not yet been appointed.  OHA Chief Executive Officer Clyde Nāmuo is expected to leave OHA at the end of the year.

·         Possible use of vacant unit at Queen Kaahumanu Shopping Center.  Brian Moto reported that discussions are continuing with QKSC management about possible UHMC use of a vacant unit.  Such use would be free of rent and common area maintenance (CAM) charges.  On November 30, Randy Tanaka of UH Bookstore visited QKSC to investigate the possibility of shared use of a unit with UHMC.

·         Liko Ae.   The Liko Ae Native Hawaiian Scholarship program may receive $450,000 in grant support from OHA.


15.       Chancellor’s Report.  Chancellor Sakamoto observed that transparency is becoming more important for colleges and universities.  UH Maui College, like other colleges, will be expected to publicly disclose academic program performance.

            Chancellor Sakamoto reported that, while in Paris, he met with management of Lenôtre, a leading food service company and culinary school.  Lenôtre is owned by Sodexo, which does business in 81 countries.  Lenôtre management spoke with Clyde regarding the organization and management of culinary operations.  Some of their cost-effective procedures were emailed back to our academic and culinary leadership.   


16.       Adjournment.   The meeting was adjourned at 10:35 a.m.