Executive Committee Meeting

Friday, January 27, 2012

Ka Lama 102




1.         Attendance.     The meeting was convened at 8:35 a.m.  Present were Chancellor Clyde Sakamoto, Nicole Beattie, Kim Gray, Kaleikoa Ka‘eo, Vice Chancellor John McKee, Diane Meyer, Brian Moto, T. Karen Hanada, Allan Pan-Takase, Vice Chancellor Alvin Tagomori, Tracie Takatani, Vice Chancellor David Tamanaha, Ray Tsuchiyama, and Susan Wyche.


2.         Campus Facilities.  Chancellor Sakamoto asked Committee members for input on identifying repair and maintenance and capital improvement projects for the campus. 


3.         Academic Affairs.

·         Strategic Plan.  Vice Chancellor McKee led a discussion on planning, assessment, and improvement.  Plan includes consideration of Degree Qualification Profiles, which form a framework for defining and measuring the general knowledge and skills that students need to acquire for a degree.

WASC expectations include being able to present evidence that students are meeting degree level student learning outcomes upon completion of each degree program.  Degree level student learning outcomes and supporting evidence must be transparent or accessible by students, faculty, and staff.

McKee discussed composition of Strategic Planning Council and the Institutional Assessment and Effectiveness Committee, which was formed last June and has been meeting.  This group will assess institutional Level Outcomes.

·         Degree Program Reviews.  McKee distributed copies of a matrix or rubric for UHMC Degree Program Review.  He also reviewed summary point totals for various Essential Elements.  McKee discussed tabulation of a UHMC Degree Program Review Overall Score.  The Weighted Average Overall score is 1.86 on Essential Elements, out of a possible score of 4.

Purpose of program review rating and scoring is to promote improvement, not punishment.  WASC accreditation requires evidence of program review.

Federal programs require that program review metrics be transparent and publicly available. 

The Committee reviewed a worksheet relating to the Business Technology degree program.  Overall score was 2.45 out of 4.

Essential Elements may be of interest to all.  For example, Environment for Achievement includes:  retention; persistence; and graduation rates.

·         The Committee received brief update on WASC accreditation.

·         Faculty Exchange with Mariano Marcos State University.  Debra Nakama will be visiting Mariano Marcos State University for a month.  Five MMSU faculty may visit UHMC.   A couple of Maui resorts have offered internships for students from the Philippines.

·         Li Ping is working on internships for students from Shanghai Institute of Tourism.


4.         Student Affairs.

·         Enrollment is 4,315, compared to 4,307 last year.  Student semester hours is 36,259, down 3.!%.  Projected revenue is down about $120,000.

·         A breakdown of 2011 high school graduate enrollment was distributed.

·         Starting in July, federal financial aid will require a high school diploma or GED to qualify.  The Financial Aid Office is researching whether this new requirement will apply to students already enrolled. 

·         There are 144 early admits, of which about 80 are in the Running Start program.

·         Spring graduation is scheduled for May 13, in the evening.  Volunteers are needed to help set up the stage. 

·         March 2 WILD (Wo Innovations in Learning Day).  McKee reported that Joyce Yamada and Debasis Bhattacharya are coordinating event.  Focus will be on providing information on new initiatives on campus.  Day will feature an Amazing Race for faculty orientation, including a checklist of activities and stations.  Lunch and a drawing will be incentives to complete all stations.

·         A meeting was held to discuss Intramural and club sports and activities.  A plan will be assembled for assessment of data, timeline, and plan of action.


5.         Administrative Affairs.

·         General Fund, Tuition, and Fee Budget status report.  Vice Chancellor Tamanaha circulated a budget worksheet and reported that year-to-date results look good.  Approximately 51% of UHMC budget allocation still remaining.  Only area of concern is maintenance, because spending has been higher. 

·         In terms of revenues and reserves, UHMC may be short on revenues this year, and the total Reserve balance may drop to $325,000.  Tamanaha does not believe UHMC will have to cut program spending.  He also distributed a Special and Revolving Cash Balance Report. 

·         Sodexo is considering charging for use of facilities, like Class Act, for functions.

·         State wants to invigorate construction of shovel ready projects.  Plans and specifications for such projects must be done and ready.  Three UHMC projects are candidates:  renovation of Hale Haumana for Hospitality Academy of Maui ($3.5M); rehabilitation of Laulima ($1M); and repair of library skylight ($100K). 

·         Acquisition of a parcel adjacent to Moloka‘i Education Center is being reviewed by UH attorneys.


6.         Information Technology.

·         Digital Channel 355.   Oceanic Time Warner Cable had scheduled to migrate to new digital channel on January 9, but did not do so.  Akakū Maui Community Television expressed concern over loss of analog channel.  Consequently, UHMC is asking Oceanic to broadcast simultaneously on channels 55 and 355.


7.         Academic Senate.

·         The Academic Senate has drafted a revised policy on repeating of courses.  Academic Senate distributed draft policy by email.  Revised policy is intended to be implemented on Banner.  Banner will be structured to prevent student from enrolling a third time in a class.  It was acknowledged that some academic programs have more stringent repeat policies.  V courses will be exempt from policy. 

·         Senate will do evaluations of administrators.  Survey Monkey will be used.  Three evaluations are scheduled in the Spring; evaluations of the Chancellor and Vice Chancellors and others are scheduled next semester.


8.         Chancellor’s Office; Other Matters.

·         Pālauea Cultural Preserve.  There is a new OHA trustee, Carmen “Hulu” Lindsey.

·         Akeakamai I Ka Lā Hiki Ola project director recruitment.   A second recruitment was conducted, but applicants did not meet minimum qualifications.  The minimum qualifications will be revised.

·         The Chancellor will attend a meeting with Carl Bonham, UHERO Executive Director. 

·         Next week there will be a meeting with potential Institute of Hawaiian Music donors.  IHM’s goal is to raise $100,000.

·         An information technology security audit will be conducted in March.  The Committee discussed issues relating to the storage of credit card information and social security numbers.

·         A $200,000 grant to develop curriculum for cyber security has been recommended for funding.  Debasis Bhattacharya is leading cyber security effort.

·         Tomorrow, there will be a canoe blessing in Kīhei for a program overseen by Rafi Boritzer.