Meeting of March 23, 2012




1.            Attendance.  Chancellor Clyde Sakamoto convened the Executive Committee meeting at 8:30 a.m.  Present were:  Nicole Beattie; Vice Chancellor Jose Bernier; Debbie Brown; David Grooms; T. Karen Hanada; Kaleikoa Ka‘eo; Vice Chancellor John McKee; Diane Meyer; Brian Moto; Allan Pan-Takase; Lori Teragawachi; Ray Tsuchiyama; Elaine Yamashita; and Cindy Yamamoto.


2.            Program Reviews.  Vice Chancellor McKee led a discussion on program reviews, including the following topics:

·         System Health Indicators.  System health indicators reflect overall program health.  The timeline for health indicators has moved:  in past it was from fall to fall, now it is fall to spring. Program health is assessed in terms of Demand, Efficiency, and Effectiveness. (Healthy, Cautionary, and Unhealthy).  Program health indicator information is public information.


·         PLO Assessment.  Copies of a Rubric for Evaluating Program Learning Outcomes were distributed among Committee members.  Competencies are a subset of PLOs.


·         Program Review Goals.  Some programs did not always set forth goals that are measurable.  In some cases, programs need to engage in comprehensive discussions with stakeholders and the community to develop program goals. 


·         Resource Implications.  Copies of a UHMC Degree Program Review Budget Requests handout were distributed among Committee members.  Not all programs had significant budget requests.  The document is a work in progress.  Budget requests will depend in part on decisions made by the State Legislature.


·         Process Next Steps.  Copies of draft UH Maui College Assessment Standards were distributed among Committee members.  These standards may be used to do program reviews next year.


Committee members were encouraged to share the foregoing information and to review and consider the materials for further discussion.


3.            Strategic Plan and Comprehensive Economic Development Strategies Dates and Details.   The Committee discussed the Lumina Foundation report on the Degree Qualifications Profile (DQP).  The report describes a framework of learning outcomes that benchmark associate, bachelors, and masters degrees, regardless of a student’s field of specialization.   DQP provides a common language from school to school nationally and internationally, with a focus on student learning.  DQP is a draft that must be adapted for use at UHMC.

                On April 27, 2012, there will be a strategic planning workshop.



4.            Vice Chancellors’ Reports on Personnel and Programs.

·         Vice Chancellor Alvin Tagomori is working on filling a Perkins-funded position to assist CTE program recruiting.

·         Tagomori distributed Summer 2012 enrollment figures and Fall 2012 application data.  To date, 218 have enrolled for Summer 2012.  Last year, summer registration did not start until April.  For Fall 2012, UHMC has received 891 applications, of which 620 are from residents.

·         Vice Chancellor Jose Bernier reported that he is filling the vacant Help Desk position and converting temporary positions to permanent.   UHMC is recruiting for a full-time webmaster position. 

·         Vice Chancellor John McKee is recruiting for an Anthropology faculty position to replace faculty who retired.

5.            CCSSE Report.  The Survey of Student Engagement will be discussed at the next Executive Committee meeting.  Copies of results of the Survey were distributed to program coordinators and department chairs.

6.            AIK.  A project director for Akeakamai I Ka Lā Hiki Ola has been recruited and a public announcement may be made soon.   The new director is anticipated to start May 1.

7.            Summer Bridge Program.  Kaleikoa Kae‘o reported on the planned summer bridge program.  The new “bridge” will be computer science.  Other topic areas include adaptive optics, sustainable technology, and marine sciences.  The Program anticipates 60 high school students.

8.            Academic Senate Repeat Policy.  The Academic Senate Policy and Procedures Committee is considering the Chancellor’s comments on the draft Repeat Policy.

9.            Other Updates: 

·         The Auto Show will be this Saturday from 5 pm – 10 pm, and will feature 80 vehicles. 

·         The Commencement speaker will be Lieutenant Governor Brian Schatz.

·         Next week is spring break.

·         The ‘Aipono Awards, a benefit for the Maui Culinary Academy, will be on April 15, 2012, at the Hyatt Regency Maui Resort & Spa.

·         The Fashion Technology show at the MACC will be on April 13, 2012. 

·         The Chancellor met with the MACC Executive Director and Board Chair to discuss issues of common interest.  The parties have agreed to keep charges and fees level.  MACC will be offering discounted access for UHMC students.

·         On April 5-7, 2012, the Ritz-Carlton Kapalua hosts the Celebration of the Arts Festival, featuring Hawaiian arts and culture.

·         The East Maui Taro Festival will be on April 21 in Hana.

·         The Institute for Hawaiian Music recital will be at the McCoy Theater on May 10, 2012.