1.            Attendance.  Chancellor Clyde Sakamoto convened the meeting of the Executive Committee at 8:33 a.m.  Present at the meeting were:  Nicole Beattie; Vice Chancellor Jose Bernier; Debbi Brown; Pedro Faingnaert; Diane Grogran; T. Karen Hanada; Kaleikoa Kae’o; Vice Chancellor John McKee; Diane Meyer; Brian Moto; and Vice Chancellor Alvin Tagomori.


2.            Resignation of Vice Chancellor Jose Bernier.  Jose is resigning his position for personal and family reasons.  He will be returning to the U.S. East Coast.  He will be here until June 30, 2012.


3.            Academic Probation Policy.  John McKee and Alvin Tagomori have been meeting to discuss the UHMC academic probation policy.  They have discussed the need for a position to coordinate review of Banner and to communicate with students on academic probation.  John has identified some funding to support the clerical aspect of this work.  Alvin and John have reviewed records of procedures compiled by Melissa Van Pelt.  They do not believe the required position and related responsibilities would be appropriate for the Counseling Section.  They do not believe a clerical position should be assigned such responsibilities.  John would like to do something quickly on finding a solution.  Currently, there has been no formal suspension of the academic probation policy.  Financial aid probationary policies are in some ways stricter than UHMC academic policy.  The academic probation policy is especially important in light of its possible impact on College enrollment and tuition and fee revenue.


4.            Update on Photovoltaic Panel/Carport Project.  As of May 24, 2012, UHMC and JCI reached agreement on the price per kilowatt hour for power from the proposed carport PV panels, which will generate 6.6 MW.  If the project is completed by the end of the year, UHMC will be able to take advantage of even lower rates.  The carport will cover approximately one-third of the main parking lot.  Project cost is about $4.2 million.


5.            Commencement.  This year UHMC paid over $3,200 for use of the Castle Theater.  Chancellor Sakamoto and other administrators have met with MACC directors and officers to discuss the relationship between UHMC and MACC.  UHMC is reviewing its policies pertaining to use of UHMC parking for MACC events, including the possibility of issuing parking stickers for UHMC faculty, staff, and students.  

                The Chancellor has also begun talks with Maui Matsuri coordinators about the possibility of sharing the use of tents for Maui Matsuri and an on-campus UHMC commencement.  In the meantime, UHMC administration has asked retired volunteer architects to examine UHMC’s Great Lawn and the possibility of amphitheater design and improvements.  Kaleikoa suggested the possibility of parking as a fundraising opportunity for campus organizations.


6.            Fiscal Year-end Procurement.  Business Office staff is continuing to process procurement requests to assist departments.  However, business staff is taxed with Kuali Financial System implementation and training.  A fire at the UH procurement office at Mānoa has resulted in a backlog in system procurement and may delay equipment purchases for the New Science Building. 


7.            Enrollment.  Enrollment for Fall 2012 is 2,807 as of today, down 8.9% compared to last year at this time.  Summer enrollment is 767, as compared to 688 last year, up 11%.  OCET enrollment is mostly steady.  OCET is tightening its policy on cancellations.  Last year OCET was about $26,000 in the black.


8.            Grants.  Over $11 million in grants have been obtained thus far this year. 


9.            Program Review.  UH System is adopting a uniform format and display of program review summaries for the UH System website.  However, UHMC is with the WASC Senior Commission, not WASC Junior Commission, and, therefore, the UHMC program review summary will look different.  Vice Chancellor McKee will discuss UHMC program review summary display with Vice President Morton.  The Chancellor is working on a draft of a program review summary.  He will circulate the draft for comment.


10.          Summer Bridge Programs.   Three programs are proceeding.  A community meeting will be held in July to discuss the programs.  Kaleikoa Ka‘eo reported that the programs have been advertised and more than 100 applications have been received, which have been reduced to 60 after initial screening.  The programs will run from June 12 through July 6.  There will be a ho‘ike on Monday, July 9, with an evening final presentation and awards at 6 pm. 


11.          Center on Aging.  The Chancellor reported on efforts to establish a UHMC Center on Aging.  The Chancellor visited the Buck Institute for Research on Aging in Novato, California, and has spoken with Dr. James Kirkland, Director, Kogod Center on Aging, Mayo Clinic.  Kennedy and Kirkland will visit the UHMC campus in early July.  The Chancellor will invite representatives of MEO, Maui Memorial Medical Center, Kaunoa Senior Services, the Office on Aging, and Allied Health to discuss the possibility of keeping people healthier longer.


12.          Food Innovation Center.  A $1.2 million appropriation will be used to renovate the old Pilina kitchen and create the shell of a new Food Innovation Center.  Health and sanitation requirements for the Center will be exacting and expensive.  The Center will not be a standard commercial kitchen.  Lou Cooperhouse, researcher and developer of innovation centers, has been helping UHMC in planning for the Food Innovation Center.  Estimated total capital cost of the Center is $3.2 to $3.6 million.  Equipment for the Center has been identified. 


13.          Rural Hawaii Community Colleges Workforce Development Program grant proposal.  UHMC, and consortium partners Kaua‘i Community College and Hawai‘i Community College, have submitted a $14.7 million grant proposal to the US Department of Labor.  The grant requests funding for programs such as Geographic Information Systems training, food innovation, electric vehicle repair and maintenance, and water and wastewater training and certifications.  Different consortium campuses will lead different programs.


14.          Proposed UHMC Office of Grant Development.  Susan Wyche is exploring expansion of UHMC grant development and research capacity.  UHMC Research and Training Revolving Fund moneys are vulnerable to being swept.  The proposed UHMC office of grant development would increase UHMC’s ability to develop new grant revenues.


15.          Palauea.  UHMC is waiting to hear from Kamana‘opono Crabbe, CEO, Office of Hawaiian Affairs, regarding future collaboration between OHA and UHMC concerning the Palauea Cultural Preserve.  UHMC and OHA have agreed orally to move forward with the project.  OHA has expressed interest in becoming the owner of the parcel and is considering the possibility of similar arrangements with other campuses for sites of cultural and historical value.  It is the understanding of the parties that the moneys accruing in an existing “archaeological enhancement” fund will go toward supporting UHMC programs related to Palauea.


16.          Associate in Arts Hawaiian Studies.  The Board of Regents has approved a system-wide Associate in Arts degree in Hawaiian Studies. 


17.          Commencement.  Vice Chancellor Alvin Tagomori acknowledged the help given by many for the commencement.  He expressed thanks.  T. Karen Hanada also thanked those who helped with the University Center commencement.


18.          Kulanaa‘o.  Vice Chancellor Tagomori said that there are more applications for Kulanaa’o.  Some apartments are being converted to studios and one-bedroom apartments.  All summer programs have been accommodated.  Jose reported that a few computers have been delivered to Kulanaa‘o.


19.          Faculty Recruitment.  Vice Chancellor McKee reported that faculty recruitments are proceeding.


20.          Strategic Planning.  Vice Chancellor McKee reported that the UHMC strategic planning group has been meeting.  The group hopes to have something to present to the campus in August.


21.          UHMC Catalogue.  Diane Meyer reported that the 2012-13 catalogue should be available on June 30 and on the website next week.


22.          Student Government.  Student Government officers are in place.  Job descriptions will be redone.  A schedule of activities will be prepared before the start of the fall semester.  The Chancellor will host Student Government officers and Maui Language Institute students at a Fall dinner to be scheduled.


23.          Personnel Office.  Debbi Brown thanked everyone for help with the casual hire process.


24.          Kaleikoa Ka‘eo is coordinating a three-credit, one-week session class out of Mānoa for Hawaiian language and Hawaiian Studies.  Enrollment went from 40 to 70, and some applicants had to be turned away.


25.          OCET.    A proposal for OCET online registration software has been submitted to the UH Systems office.