1.            Attendance.  Vice Chancellor John McKee convened the meeting of the Executive Committee at 8:33 a.m.  Present were:  Nicole Beattie; Renee Creer; Sue Feltz; David Grooms; T. Karen Hanada; Kaleikoa Ka‘eo; Diane Meyer; Brian Moto; Vice Chancellor Alvin Tagomori, Vice Chancellor David Tamanaha; and Marilyn Umetsu.


2.            Administrative Affairs Program Reviews.  David Tamanaha summarized his Department’s program reviews.  All Administrative Affairs programs submitted their annual program reviews, except for Human Resources, which submitted a comprehensive review.  David circulated copies of the reviews.

                Last year, the Department identified 4 or 5 areas for improvement:

·         Improve processing times.  Customer service processing times have been reduced, but remain higher than other community college campuses.

·         Create a document tracking system for Business Office.  About 25% of campus is using the document tracking system, and the system will be expanded to include personnel documents.

·         Improve financial reports for the College and create a dashboard.  Due to implementation of the Kuali Financial System, this is on hold.  Kuali will allow creation of a financial dashboard.  A new account code structure was created for UHMC that will facilitate expenditure reports by individual programs.

·         Improve safety and security.  Guard training was increased for UHMC and contract security officers.  New signage for surveillance cameras has been installed.

·         Plan for workload increases for Operation and Maintenance staff due to the New Science Building and other facilities.  No additional O&M positions were acquired.  A request was submitted for new facilities support, but UH did not include it in the Supplemental Budget.  O&M working with Vocational and Apprenticeship programs to incorporate campus repairs into class projects.


               Administrative Affairs conducted a student survey.  Overall student response was positive.  However, students also expressed the following comments and complaints:

·         Tuition reimbursements take too long;

·         Telephone courtesy needs improvement;

·         The Art Building is hot and noisy;

·         Student lounge furniture and carpeting need cleaning;

·         The restroom near the foreign language lab is in poor condition;

·         There is too much irrigation water on sidewalks;

·         Security officers are not visible. 

·         Molokai has no security officers. 

·         Security officers are rude.


               Vice Chancellor Tamanaha reported that his Department has reviewed data relating to Department performance.  The following observations were made:

·         The UHMC Business Office continues to process the largest number of business transactions among UH community colleges. 

·         UHMC Business Office, on average, takes longer to process purchase orders and issue payments and checks than other community college business offices. 

·         UHMC Business Office processes more P-card transactions than other community college business offices. 

·         Over the past six years, the number of purchase orders has decreased by 40%, while the number of P-card transactions has more than doubled.

·         Among UH Community Colleges, UHMC Business Office issues the fewest journal vouchers.

·         Among UH Community Colleges, UHMC Business Office processes the most inter-island travel transactions.

·         The number of Lecturer Payroll Notification Forms (PNF) increased by 80%.

·         The total number of PNF increased by 40%.

·         Total building square footage at UHMC exceeds Kapi‘olani Community College.  When the New Science Building is completed, UHMC will exceed Leeward Community College in building square footage. 

·         UHMC janitor’s average assigned area of responsibility is 32,926 square feet, compared to UH Community College average of 29,793.

·         Over the past 6 years the number of work orders has more than doubled, reaching a high in 2011 with 1,317 work orders.

·         The number of outstanding work orders at year end was at an all-time high of 58.

·         Telecommunication requests have decreased in number.

·         The number of larceny and burglary cases increased in 2010, perhaps in part to greater reporting and monitoring efforts.


                Tamanaha discussed the following 2012- 2013 Department goals and objectives:

·         Improve the administrative services process. 

·         Open and occupy the New Science Building, and reassign O&M custodians and landscape staff.

·         Improve safety and security.  Complete the Emergency Operations Plan.  Complete the Campus Security Authority training and implement CSA reporting system.  Improve contract security guard service. 

·         Continue the UHMC energy initiative.  Complete energy efficiency projects.  Complete Power Purchase Agreement and installation of carport PV system.  Prepare Request for Proposal for second phase of renewable energy project.  Foster educational partnership with JCI. 

·         Develop a waste management plan.

·         Continue to integrate instructional programs with Administrative Affairs. 

·         Work on new facilities construction and repairs and maintenance.  Pursue funding for Hospitality Academy and Vocational Tech Center.  Complete renovation and conversion of old Science Building to Allied Health.  Purchase the parcel adjacent to the UHMC Molokai campus.  Complete the beautification of the Kaahumanu Avenue view plane.  Reduce repair and maintenance backlog.


        Tamanaha gave an overview of resource requirements relating to power, water, custodial staff, and supplies.


Tamanaha discussed the following highlights of the preceding year:

·         Ka Lama Building was repainted.

·         Kaiao building was completed.

·         Wind turbine was installed.

·         Molokai greenhouse was repaired.

·         Approximately 50% of the energy efficiency project was completed.

·         Molokai land purchase was negotiated and is scheduled to close soon.

·         UHMC Molokai long range plan almost completed.

·         Improved security services. 

·         Installed new campus security data base.

·         Deployed surveillance cameras.


UHMC projects in near future:

·         Carport.

·         Repainting of Vocational Shops. 

·         Old Science Building renovation. 

·         Old faculty hale renovation.

·         Kuali Financial System conversion.


3.            Updates.  The Committee discussed various matters of concern, including ways to serve non-traditional students, such as establishing cohorts of students for weekend college or night college.  The Committee also discussed summer programs and classes.

·         Vice Chancellor Tagomori reported that Fall 2012 enrollment is currently 3,026, down 9.4%.  Student semester hours total approximately 27,753 credits.  Summer enrollment is currently 734, most of whom are taking development courses. 

·         Nicole Beattie reported that she is working on marketing plans for next year.  She has completed plans for the summer and fall campaigns.  The number of UHMC Facebook friends is up substantially.

·         Diane Meyer is working on WASC accreditation.  A lot of data is required to be submitted electronically.

·         The Committee discussed the need for a campus webmaster.

·         Summer bridge programs are underway.  Kaleikoa Ka‘eo is working with Dale Naho‘olewa, Donna Brown, Stuart Zinner, and Andy Carson.

·         Vice Chancellor McKee reported that English, anthropology, and nursing faculty have been hired.  Recruitment is proceeding with regard to another nursing faculty position and another English faculty position, as well as faculty positions in Hawaiian studies, engineering technology, math, Hawaiian music, and The Learning Center.