Minutes of Meeting of Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wong Conference Room, Ho‘okipa Building




1.            Attendance.  The meeting was convened at 2:30 p.m. by Chancellor Clyde Sakamoto.  Present were Nicole Beattie, T. Karen Hanada, Vice Chancellor John McKee, Diane Meyer, Brian Moto, Vice Chancellor Alvin Tagomori, Tracie Takatani, Lori Teragawachi, Hyoin Lee, and Ray Tsuchiyama.


2.            Enrollment.  Vice Chancellor Tagomori reported that enrollment for Fall 2012 is currently at 3,708, as compared to 3,919 last year.  This weekend unpaid accounts will be purged (estimated number to be purged is 1300).  Summer enrollment is currently 824, compared to 679 last year.  Student Semester Hours is up 11% for the Summer Session.


3.            Intern in Chancellor’s Office.  Hyoin Lee was introduced to the Committee.  He is serving as an intern in the Chancellor’s Office.


4.            Culinary Program Fees.  Vice President John Morton, and the Chancellor and Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs, will appear before the Board of Regents tomorrow, July 19, regarding the adoption of culinary program fees to be established system-wide.  If adopted, such fees are estimated to generate additional revenue of approximately $36,000 for UH Maui College.  The fees will be $15 per credit, or $180 per student.


5.            Repeat Policy.  Chancellor provided feedback on draft Repeat Policy and the matter is being reconsidered by the Academic Senate.


6.            WASC Accreditation.  Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs) have been drafted and are being reviewed and discussed. 


7.            Strategic Planning.  Mission and Vision statements will be discussed and presented at Convocation.


8.            2010-11 Program Review Summary.  The Committee was given a presentation on Program Review.  The following points were discussed:



·         Continued enrollment growth.

·         Met all ATD metrics.

·         Focused on Program Assessments.

Highlights of Review

·         Comprehensive Input Data available.

·         Less outcome-focused data except in Administrative Services Program.  Some instructional programs provided appropriate data through their accreditation submissions, and through financial aid.

·         Measurable goals and outcomes not clearly available for a number of instructional and academic support programs and for student affairs in counseling and admissions and records divisions.


·         Focus on Goals, Outcomes, and manageable benchmarks in between annual reviews.


9.            Department of Information Technology.  Debasis Bhattacharya has been appointed to serve as Interim Vice Chancellor of Information Technology.  He will continue to serve as ABIT Program Coordinator.  It was reported that a couple of faculty positions are vacant in ABIT.


10.          Other positions.  The Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs has filled a number of positions, including appointments of Celeste Baldwin, Tim Botkin, Keola Donaghy, Melissa Kirkendall, Derek Snyder, Michael Takemoto, Emma White, Kim Wolter, Megan Jones, and Charlie Schlather.  The recent actions involve thirteen positions.  Positions in The Learning Center and Business Technology Program will undergo recruitment.

                Vice Chancellor Tagomori reported that the position formerly held by Carol Nagano is being converted to an APT position.

                Vice Chancellor Tamanaha reported that a General Laborer foreman position is now vacant.  His department is in the process of filling the position.


11.          Conversion to Kuali Financial System.  Vice Chancellor Tamanaha reported that there are some issues regarding inputting of information.  UH has lost its procurement exemption, and, as a consequence, some transactions are taking longer than expected.


12.          Campus construction.  Vice Chancellor Tamanaha asked for patience as construction continues on the Kahului campus.  The general contractor expects the main chiller plant to be running by next Friday.  The New Science Building is still scheduled to be completed by September 2012.  The faculty hale and The Learning Center are scheduled to be completed before school starts. 

                The carport/PV project is proceeding.  The 611kw carport project is scheduled for an August 7, 2012 Urban Design Review Board meeting and a September 25, 2012 Maui Planning Commission meeting. JCI representatives are discussing curriculum aspects of the project with UHMC.  Ron Young will be point person for JCI on campus.

                The repainting of the vocational shops and improvements to the campus irrigation system are behind schedule but still proceeding.  Sidewalk repairs are also planned.


13.          Battery System.  Hitachi is in discussions with UHMC regarding the possible installation of a lithium ion battery system on the UHMC Kahului campus as part of its Smart Grid efforts. 


14.          Proof of Concept grant application.  University of California San Diego is a partner with UHMC in a grant application to establish a proof of concept center to apply research locally.  About $1M is being requested from the Economic Development Administration, US Department of Commerce, to focus on cost of oral care in the community.  UHMC may be informed of grant decision by end of September.


15.          Food Innovation Center.  Lou Cooperhouse from Rutgers University has performed a preliminary evaluation of proposed Food Innovation Center.  The project will transform the old Pilina kitchen and create a laboratory for food science and food innovation, not a standard commercial kitchen.  Plans are to construct the shell of the Center using an existing appropriation for that purpose.  Additional resources will be needed to pay for improvements, equipment, and operation.


16.          New Faculty Orientation; Convocation.  New Faculty Orientation is scheduled for Monday, August 13, and convocation on Tuesday, August 14.  UH Foundation and retirees will be recognized.


17.          Survey of Entering Student Engagement.  Copies of a 2011 survey were distributed, including 2011 Key Findings.


18.          Performance –Based Budgeting.  The Chancellor discussed criteria for performance-based budgeting with Vice President Morton.  The Committee reviewed spreadsheets showing funding history for FY2004 – FY2012.  Proposed criteria for performance-based budgeting may not correct or reverse historical patterns of general allocation of funds among UH community college campuses.


19.          Report Regarding Chancellor’s meetings.  The Chancellor discussed UH System Fifteen to Finish initiative and Ka‘ie‘ie program, which helps students transition from Kapi‘olani to Mānoa.  Most of the O‘ahu campuses will participate in the Ka‘ie‘ie program in the coming year.  The program may be an avenue for common course numbering and centralized transcript evaluation.


20.          Other Matters.  The Chancellor reported on the International Small Island Studies Association (ISISA) conference in the British Virgin Islands.  The Chancellor also reported on possible collaborative efforts with the Chaum Health Center in Korea regarding a Center on Aging.