Meeting of Friday, September 14, 2012

Wong Conference Room




1.            Attendance.  Chancellor Clyde Sakamoto convened the meeting of the Executive Committee at 8:35 a.m.  Present were:  Nicole Beattie; Interim Vice Chancellor Debasis Bhattacharya; Ann Emmsley; Kim Gray; David Grooms; T. Karen Hanada; Kaleikoa Ka‘eo; Vice Chancellor John McKee; Brian Moto; Vice Chancellor Alvin Tagomori; Lori Teragawachi; and Ray Tsuchiyama.


2.            Program Reviews.  Vice Chancellor McKee reported that people are working on Program Learning Outcomes.  His office has encouraged programs to assess their PLO’s at least twice.  UHMC is following WASC recommendations in this process. 

                The deadline for program reviews is October 26, 2012, to the Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs.   The process has changed a little from last year.  There will be a system-wide report of annual program data.  The template for reporting includes program learning outcomes and data.  This year the UHMC Library, The Learning Center (testing and tutoring), and certain technical support services will be included in the reporting.  All this information is to be uploaded to UH System by December 15, after which the System site will be closed and no further data will be inputted.  McKee asked for two volunteers to serve as evaluators.


3.            Dental Program.  There have been reductions in State and County support for dental program services.  The program is now experiencing a significant deficit.  Program leadership and administration are reviewing possible measures and considering extramural sources of funding.  Among measures being considered is using a faculty position to serve as a coordinator for the Maui Oral Health Center.  McKee will discuss these issues with faculty and department chairs.


4.            Culinary Program.  The Culinary Program is currently projecting an $80,000 deficit.  Some progress is being made in reducing the size of program deficits.  New culinary program fees ($15 per credit, up to $180 per semester) are being implemented.  For this semester, UH Foundation is paying program fees.  Next semester, the Foundation will pay the program fees for students who maintain a certain grade point average.


5.            Grants.  Liko A’e has been awarded a $4.7 million U.S. Department of Education grant for a three year period.

                The ATST Mitigation grant report has been submitted.  Project Director Damien Cie has been informed that the next $2 million installment will be approved.

                Vice Chancellor Tagomori reported that the Upward Bound and TLC programs have been awarded grants.  Other grants are being pursued.  One grant proposal involves work with schools in Central Maui, and the other involves schools in other districts.  UHMC is appealing the denial of one grant application.


6.            WASC Sr.  Ralph Wolff of WASC Sr. will be visiting the UHMC Kahului campus next Thursday, September 20.  This is his first trip in many years to UHMC.  He is interested in following up on the Degree Qualification Profile pilot project.   


7.            Developmental Math.  Over the summer over 100 students were enrolled in developmental math.  The majority of these students passed.  UHMC has doubled its  enrollment in developmental math.  Every Math 18 class has a tutor.  Math requirements for certain existing degree programs may have to be increased for accreditation purposes (AAS, in particular).


8.            Electric Vehicles.  Hitachi has asked UHMC to help coordinate the distribution of 15-20 Nissan Leaf electric vehicles for use on Maui.  Issues relating to insurance, maintenance, and selection of potential users and uses will have to be worked out.


9.            Carport/PV.  The carport/photovoltaic project is scheduled for hearing before the Maui Planning Commission on September 25.


10.          Aquaponics.  The Committee briefly discussed a 4,000 square foot aquaponics project near CTAHR.


11.          Campus Air Conditioning.  The UHMC community is encouraged to report any problems with air conditioning.


12.          UH Foundation.  Marilyn Fornwall will be leaving UHMC at the end of this month.  On Monday, September 17, a farewell gathering will be held in the Leis Family Class Act Restaurant.


13.          New Science Building.  The soft opening of the New Science Building is scheduled for November 15, to coincide with the visit of the Board of Regents.


14.          Noble Chef.  The Noble Chef  fund raiser will be held on October 27.


15.          Visit by Vice President Morton.  On October 26, Vice President John Morton will visit the Kahului campus.  A meeting is planned with Morton, Maui’s state legislators, and MRC Greenwood to discuss, among other things, performance-based budgeting. 


16.          Cable Television.  Interim Vice Chancellor Debasis Bhattacharya and the Chancellor are working on comments on the pending cable television franchise renewal application.


17.          Food Innovation Center.   Susan Wyche and others are working on identifying equipment and processing necessary and appropriate for potential uses and application of Center.


18.          Center on Aging.  The Chancellor met with representatives of the John A. Burns School of Medicine and the Office of Public Health Studies, and with the Deans of Nursing, Public Health and Social Work to discuss a proposed Center on Aging.  Talks have also occurred with HMSA, Kaiser Permanente, and the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands.


19.          Mariano Marcos State University Faculty Visit.  MMSU faculty visit has gone well.


20.          Perkins Grants.  Perkins proposals are due soon.  Approximately $600,000 is available in carryover Perkins funds for seven community colleges.  There will be a meeting of CTE deans to decide on awards.


21.          Connectivity.  Interim Vice Chancellor Bhattacharya and his department are working to ensure the quality of Internet connectivity on campus.


22.          Academic Senate.  Ann Emmsley discussed common core standards and the prospect of changes in math requirements for graduation.  Emmsley also discussed prior learning assessment being done System-wide, the possibility of plus/minus grading, and drop policy.


23.          University Center.  UHMC University Center may lose its space at Maui High Performance Computing Center due to the end of the University contract.


24.          Position Recruitment.  Kim Gray reported that a clerical position is being advertised for Humanities/Social Science.


25.          UH Foundation.  Ray Tsuchiyama reported that a new scholarship is being established for students interested in social work.


26.          Hawaiian Studies.  Kaleikoa Ka‘eo reported that, on October 12, there will be a meeting of Hawaiian Studies coordinators from all campuses to discuss Student Learning Outcomes and teaching equivalencies.


27.          Marketing and Communications.  Nicole Beattie reported that an agreement with Takamatsu University has been signed.  She is working on a marketing plan, promotion of BAS degrees, and information regarding the AA in Hawaiian Studies.


28.          Student Services.  Vice Chancellor Tagomori reported that, on September 19, there will be a workshop on distance learning technology and the Americans with Disabilities Act.