Meeting of Friday, September 28, 2012

Ka Lama 102



1.  Attendance.  Chancellor Clyde Sakamoto convened the meeting at 8:30 a.m.  Present were Vice Chancellor David Tamanaha, Interim Vice Chancellor Debasis Bhattacharya, Brian Moto, Shane Payba, Nicole Beattie, Ray Tsuchiyama, Diane Meyer, Kī‘ope Raymond, Susan Wyche, Sue Feltz, T. Karen Hanada, David Grooms, Marilyn Umetsu, and Ann Emmsley.


2.  County Fair.  The Committee commented that the Allied Health and College floats in the Fair Parade, and the UHMC booth, were impressive.


3.  UHMC Budget.  Vice President John Morton has focused on performance-based budgeting.  UHMC administration has reviewed the approximate $3.3 million allocation.  Morton’s proposal is based on historic General Fund allocations.  Because UHMC’s General Fund allocation on a per county per capita basis is the lowest among UH Community Colleges and does not recognize UHMC’s five-year enrollment growth, tying General Fund allocations to historic General Fund allocations would give UHMC a low performance-based allocation.  Clyde has informed UH System that more consideration should be given to enrollment growth.  Morton has revised his proposal to include a second $10 Million performance-based allocation that would be based on enrollment growth.  UHMC would get $1.7M under the second tier.  Clyde has proposed that enrollment growth be factored in with the first tier allocation.


David Tamanaha discussed the current state of UHMC’s budget.  Enrollment is now at 4,382. 


The Chancellor and the Committee discussed financial challenges facing the Dental Program and Culinary Program.  A Culinary Program fee was created and has been implemented this Fall.  UH Foundation scholarship funds are supporting Culinary Program fees.  The Dental Program has been affected by reductions in state and county funds. 


David Grooms reported that the Perkins allocation is only in the $400,000 range, not $600,000.


Tamanaha reported that all vacant General Fund positions are on hold for now.  Administrators and others will be reviewing vacant positions to determine which ones will be filled given limited revenues.  As of Monday, Fall tuition is down 1.9% compared to last year.  When UHMC’s operating budget for the current fiscal year was drafted a more pessimistic revenue projection was used. 


Tamanaha reported that UHMC is working with a carryover reserve of only $90,000 at present.  Spending is almost $1.5 million more than revenues; therefore, UHMC has been using its cash reserves.  UHMC’s General Fund appropriation is approximately $13.39M; however, UH System is considering $2 million in budget reductions, which have not yet been prorated among community college campuses.  An additional System-wide reduction of $877,000 has been recently imposed, but not yet prorated among campuses. 


The Committee reviewed a table showing that, for Fiscal Year 2011, all community college campuses, except Maui College, reported budget surpluses of more than 10% of annual college expenditures.  The Chancellor commented that performance-based budgeting should not be tied to historic inequities in General Fund allocations.


4.  Description of UHMC.  The Committee discussed references to UHMC in UH System news releases, articles, and other communications.  The Chancellor is trying to emphasize that UHMC has an open admission policy in its lower division and selective admissions in its upper division level.  Attempts are being made to get UH System materials to characterize UHMC as such.  It was observed that UHMC has a University Center, offers baccalaureate degrees, and is accredited by WASC Sr., at the same time that it has CTE programs.


5.  Carport/Photovoltaic panel installation.  The Maui Planning Commission approved the Special Management Area (SMA) Permit for the carport/PV installation on Tuesday, September 25.  An Interconnect Requirements Study is being reviewed by MECO. 


6.  New Science Building.  Tables (work countertops) in two laboratories will be 6 inches shorter than expected (30 inches instead of 36 inches).  To retrofit height of countertops may be expensive and may be practically difficult.  The matter is being reviewed with the general contractor and science faculty.  The Department of Information Technology is performing test and balancing (TAB) tests for the new building.


7.  Migration to digital cable channel.  UHMC administration has been speaking with representatives of the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs (DCCA) and Oceanic Time Warner Cable regarding the renewal of the cable franchise, and has submitted comments to the DCCA as part of the public comment process.  DCCA will be negotiating with Time Warner on terms of a franchise contract.  UHMC will be transitioning to digital channel 354 from analog channel 55.  Akakū will migrate from channel 52 to channel 55.  Free digital boxes will be available to students who need digital cable channel access.


8.  Paluaea Cultural Preserve.  The proposed transfer of ownership of the parcel from Dowling & Company to the Office of Hawaiian Affairs will be the subject of a hearing before the Maui County Cultural Resources Commission on Thursday, October 4, 2012.  UHMC is prepared to develop an MOU with OHA regarding collaborative efforts concerning the Preserve.