Meeting of Friday, October 26, 2012

Ka Lama 102





1.            Attendance.  Chancellor Clyde Sakamoto convened the meeting at 8:30 a.m.  Present were Vice Chancellor John McKee, Nicole Beattie, Ann Emmsley, Kim Gray, David Grooms, T. Karen Hanada, Diane Meyer, Brian Moto, Kī‘ope Raymond, Vice Chancellor Alvin Tagomori, Vice Chancellor David Tamanaha, Diane Grogan, Susan Wyche, and Susan Kinsman.


2.            Security.  Susan Kinsman distributed copies of a Summary of Offenses for the Kahului Campus.  Susan and David Tamanaha also presented a UH Maui College Campus Security Update.  David reported that, a couple of years ago, the State Legislature assigned higher priority to security needs and services, and made possible the hiring of a UHMC campus security chief. 

                Susan and David summarized UHMC annual Clery Act statistics.  In 2008 and 2009 statistics on security incidents were derived from Maui Police Department reports; therefore, statistics for those years are likely understated.

                In Fiscal Year 2009, the security budget was $531,547 (1.46% of overall College budget).  In FY 2012, the security budget is $315,620 (0.88% of overall College budget).

                Among security enhancement strategies discussed were:  improved security guard training; increased security patrols; interior building patrols; corrective actions, including MPD reporting; enforcement of no trespassing law; enforcement of Student Conduct Code; increased security presence, including signage and awareness; use of student interns; Security Surveillance System (18 cameras on campus); security newsletter; student and faculty orientations; UH Alerts; UHMC Website Emergency Banner; UHMC Security Webpage; Annual Clery Act Report; Emergency Operating Procedures; Campus Security Authority trainings; ReportExec Database; hazardous waste inventories and disposal; and contract security team (Star Protection Agency).

                Proposed future steps include:  re-fill UH Security Officer position; and finalize UHMC Emergency Operations Procedures.


3.            Update on UHMC revenues.  No changes to report since last Executive Committee meeting.  UH System is still reviewing $2M budget reduction that has yet to be allocated among campuses.  UHMC is exercising caution for now and not filling vacant positions.  Vice President John Morton is visiting the campus this afternoon and may provide more guidance.

                UHMC revenue target for Fall 2012 is about $4 million.  Spring 2013 revenue target is about $3.7 million.


4.            Status of Culinary and Dental Program finances.  UHMC administration and Dental Program representatives have communicated and met with County of Maui to request increased County grant support of UHMC Dental Program. 


5.            Weinberg Proposal.  Old Science Building renovation will start in Summer 2013.  UHMC administration is initiating discussions with the Weinberg Foundation regarding the possibility of Foundation support for the UHMC Dental Program.



6.            UHMC administrators ranked vacant positions in the following order of priority:

1)      Business Technology

2)      TLC Faculty Coordinator

3)      Webmaster

4)      Student Services Administrative Assistant

5)      General Laborer Foreperson

6)      UH Foundation Administrative Assistant

7)      TLC APT

8)      Helpdesk APT

9)      Personnel Clerk

10)   Humanities Clerk

11)   UH Security Officer


The foregoing list is subject to change.  The Committee discussed these and other vacant positions and their relative priority.


7.            New Science Building.  The new science building is scheduled to open in January; however, a considerable punch list of work remains.


8.            WASC.  Jill Ferguson has been assigned as WASC Liaison for UHMC.  She is WASC Chief of Staff.  Diane Meyer said that the on-site WASC accreditation team visit has been rescheduled to Spring 2014.   A new home page has been created for UHMC accreditation.  The page includes draft Mission and Vision statements.  UHMC accreditation committee meets every Tuesday.


9.            Palauea Cultural Preserve.  The Maui Planning Commission voted to approve the transfer of the Palauea Special Management Area Permit and Project District Approval to the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, which will take title to the property.  Kī‘ope Raymond discussed possible academic program activities and their sequencing.  The possibility of creating an advisory committee for Palauea was mentioned.


10.          UHMC Carport and PV Installation.  David will meet with JCI later today regarding the carport/photovoltaic panel project.  A Power Purchase Agreement was executed by JCI and the University of Hawai‘i.  A Notice to Proceed has not yet been issued.  JCI is working with a financier for the project.  State regulators will have to approve the financing agreement.


11.          2010 – 2011 UHMC Institutional Program Review Executive Summary.  Chancellor Sakamoto discussed a draft of an Institutional Program Review.


12.          Registration.  Vice Chancellor Tagomori reported that the earliest that Summer 2013 and Fall 2013 registration could take place is April 2013, due to installment payment deadlines.  The Committee discussed various aspects of class offerings, scheduling, and marketing.


13.          Student Activities Fees – Molokai.  Vice Chancellor Tagomori reported on meetings and discussions regarding the adoption of Student Activities Fees for the Molokai campus.