Meeting of Friday, NOVEMBER 9, 2012





1.            Attendance.  Chancellor Clyde Sakamoto convened the meeting at 8:33 a.m.   Present were Nicole Beattie, Interim Vice Chancellor Debasis Bhattacharya, Marilyn Umetsu, T. Karen Hanada, Diane Meyer, Brian Moto, Kī‘ope Raymond, Vice Chancellor David Tamanaha, Sue Feltz, Ray Tsuchiyama, and Shane Payba.


2.            Program Review, Outcomes Assessment, and Resource Allocations.  Chancellor Sakamoto led a discussion regarding the relationship between program review and decisions regarding resource allocations and budgeting based on learning outcomes or other appropriate criteria for such decisions.


3.            Administrative Affairs.

·         David Tamanaha reported on status of Power Purchase Agreement with JCI for carport/photovoltaic installation.  JCI negotiating an agreement with a bank to finance installation.

·         Preliminary electrical inspection for New Science Building has been delayed a week.


4.            Academic Affairs.

·         John McKee reported on program reviews.  There are still a few program reviews remaining outstanding. Program reviews will be assessed by the end of the calendar year.

·         Retention rate is currently about 75-76% overall.

·         ASNS degree is intended as a transfer degree.

·         John McKee reported on Dental Program and Maui Oral Health Center financial challenges and measures being taken to address them.

·         The death of a Culinary Program student in an automobile accident was reported.

·         John McKee reported on development of a financial model for the Culinary Program and the control of Program inventory and other costs.  Chef Instructor Tom Lelli is returning to the Program.  Sodexo Vice President Kurt Ingram returns to campus in December.


5.            Student Affairs.

·         To bolster retention, faculty and Student Affairs will be reviewing student records and encouraging students to continue their education.


6.            Board of Regents Meetings.  The Board of Regents will be meeting on campus next week.  The Chancellor will speak to the Board regarding UHMC’s financial condition and the diversification of county economic base.  Laura Nagle and John McKee will speak regarding WASC and accreditation matters.  Leslie Wilkins of MEDB and a UHMC student will also address the Board.  A tour of the campus will be arranged.


7.            Trade Adjustment Assistance Career & Community College Training Grant.    Karen Tamaki has been appointed interim program director for Phase II (Rural Hawaii Consortium Grant).  Phase I of TAAC3T grant will focus on noncredit programs.  The Committee discussed recruitments associated with the C3T grant programs and office space.


8.            Noble Chef.  Despite a tsunami warning after the first course, event was a success.  UH Foundation is in process of collecting moneys for silent auction.  The event is expected to report a substantial net fundraising profit.