Meeting of Tuesday, November 27, 2012




1.            Attendance.  The Executive Committee meeting was convened by Chancellor Sakamoto at 8:40 a.m.  Present were Interim Vice Chancellor Debasis Bhattacharya, Nicole Beattie, David Grooms, Vice Chancellor John McKee, Vice Chancellor Alvin Tagomori, Vice Chancellor David Tamanaha, Diane Meyer, Brian Moto, Kiope Raymond, Sue Feltz, and T. Karen Hanada.


2.            IPEDS Data Feedback Report 2012.  Copies of the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data (IPEDS) Data Feedback Report 2012, National Center for Education Statistics, were distributed to the members of the Committee.  The Committee discussed UHMC’s statistics on various measures and categories.  It was suggested that UHMC obtain the IPEDS reports for other UHCC campuses for comparison purposes.


3.            Summer Session.  The Committee discussed means to accelerate student progress toward degree completion by offering more summer classes and changing tuition rates.  The Committee discussed possibility of obtaining information from program coordinators on projected demand and enrollments for summer classes.  The Culinary and HOST Programs are considering summer classes.  The Committee discussed the related need for support services during the summer and other issues, including a focused marketing effort.  A sufficient number of students interested in accelerating academic progress would be required to offset the costs of a more robust summer session.  It will be necessary to discuss with Vice President John Morton aspects and consequences of an expanded summer session.


4.            University Center.  The Committee discussed comments from President MRC Greenwood regarding the inclusion of University Center graduate counts in UHMC statistics on graduation.


5.            WASC Announcements and Follow-up.  Jill Ferguson, WASC Chief of Staff, who was assigned as WASC’s UHMC Liaison, is resigning from WASC.  UHMC administrators are preparing for a Thursday telephone conference with a WASC reviewer regarding UHMC’s graduation and retention rates and efforts.  The Committee discussed the status of the overall institutional report, including the narrative, responses to prior feedback, Institutional Learning Outcomes, and mission updates.


6.            Retention Projections from Fall 2012 to Spring 2013.  The Committee received copies of a table showing Fall 2012 enrollments by majors and projected retention to Spring 2013.  It was observed that some of the numbers by major should be disaggregated to be more informative.  UHMC may have to consider how “major” is defined and how students are classified, inasmuch as not all “majors” may be seeking a degree or certificate. 


7.            Spring 2013 enrollments to date.  Currently, UHMC Spring 2013 headcount is down 4.8% as compared to last year; however, student semester hours are up.


8.            New Science Building.  The Committee discussed the status of construction and the scheduling of a soft opening and grand opening.  David Tamanaha reported that a certificate of occupancy is tentatively scheduled to be issued on December 17, 2012.  The Committee tentatively scheduled the soft opening for 10 a.m., December 19, 2012, and the grand opening for January 8, 2012.


9.            Program Review.  The Program Review is in draft.  The Committee discussed a draft template for resource allocation priorities using Program Review information. 


10.          Retirements.  Cyrilla Pascual, Hiroko DeLeon, Melody Bohn, and Liane Koga are retiring.


11.          UHMC Finances.  UHCC System budget reductions have not yet been allocated among the campuses; however, budget restrictions are being observed by the campuses.  Tamanaha discussed a table showing UHCC FY 2013 Executive Budget Restrictions.  Restrictions are based on the amount of campus reserves in excess of 10% of expenditures and encumbrances.  Tamanaha recommended that UHMC consider campus budget reductions in addition to the freezing of positions.


12.          The meeting was adjourned at 11:05 a.m.