Executive Committee

Friday, January 11, 2013




1.            Attendance.  The meeting was convened by Chancellor Clyde Sakamoto at 8:37 a.m.  Present were Vice Chancellor John McKee, Interim Vice Chancellor Debasis Bhattacharya, Vice Chancellor David Tamanaha, Vice Chancellor Alvin Tagomori, Nicole Beattie, Ann Emmsley, Herbert Feliciano, Kerry Holokai, David Grooms, Diane Meyer, Brian Moto.


2.            Dedication of ‘Ike Lea.  The Committee discussed the program and preparations for the Dedication Ceremony scheduled for 3:00 p.m. today.


3.            Meeting of Council of Chancellors.   Chancellor Sakamoto asked for consideration of piloting of summer HOST and Culinary programs.  There will be a meeting of Vice Chancellors next week, John will discuss subject at the meeting.

                Vice President Morton and Chancellors also discussed pay as you go system.   In other words, when registering for a class, student must commit to payment.   There is perceived to be growing support for such a system. 

                UH System has not acted on campus budget reductions.  It appears that some reductions will be absorbed by UH System.


4.            State Legislature.  Chancellor Sakamoto distributed copies of his testimony to the State Legislature regarding UHMC’s budget.  Testimony asks Legislature to appropriate an additional $2 million in FY2014 and $2.4 million in FY2015 in response to enrollment growth and UHMC outcomes, and to support facilities maintenance and instructional expansion in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics programs and other programs.  Testimony before House and Senate committees planned.


5.            Position Vacancies.  John Morton has issued a policy stating that vacancies more than two years old will be absorbed by UH System.  Vice Chancellor Tamanaha reported that UHMC has two vacancies that are two years old.  The Committee discussed various faculty and staff position vacancies at UHMC and the consequences associated with having vacancies.  The Committee also discussed clerical staff workload and business processes, including Kuali Financial System and E-thority.  Chancellor Sakamoto suggested a meeting of clerical staff and the Vice Chancellors.


6.            Accreditation Matters.  A fairly complete final report has been prepared.   UHMC is conducting a series of discussions regarding essays that are part of the final document.  Final submission is due February 21, 2013.  In April 2013 there will be a follow up telephone conference with WASC accreditation team.


7.            Center on Aging.  Food Innovation Center.  Lou Cooperhouse was on island and met with community and President Greenwood.  Representatives of the Mayo Clinic, Cha Health Systems, Buck Institute for Research on Aging, Department of Hawaiian Home Lands, social work faculty, nursing faculty, Office on Aging, and Kaunoa Senior Services met to discuss collaboration.


8.            Chancellor Sakamoto has been invited to meet on Lanai regarding economic development initiatives.  The Committee discussed adequacy of bandwidth for the island.


9.            Academic Officers meeting.  McKee discussed with issues relating to retention with fellow academic officers.  Committee discussed need to disaggregate Liberal Arts majors and academic concentrations in data.  Committee also discussed need to consider academic subject certificates and connection to potential and actual employers and workplaces.


10.          Vice Chancellor Tagomori reported that Vice President Morton authorized $410,000 for international pilot project to encourage more international and out of state students in HOST and Culinary programs.

                Tagomori reported that financial aid checks are late this year due to delays at System level.  Checks are supposed to be mailed no later than today.  Students who have signed up for electronic funds transfer are not affected by delays.


11.          The Committee discussed security issues regarding distance education and testing and the proper level of rigor, such as the use of proctors.