Meeting of Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Ka Lama 102




1.            Attendance.  The meeting of the Executive Committee was convened by Chancellor Clyde Sakamoto at 3:05 p.m.  Present were Nicole Beattie; Interim Vice Chancellor Debasis Bhattacharya; Cathy Bio; Denise Cohen; Ann Emmsley; Herbert Feliciano; T. Karen Hanada; Brian Moto; Kī‘ope Raymond; Vice Chancellor David Tamanaha; Ray Tsuchiyama; and Rosie Vierra.


2.            Professional fees for Nursing and Dental Hygiene Programs.  The Dental Hygiene and Nursing Programs are proposing to increase program professional fees from $500 to $800.  By comparison, UH Mānoa charges $840 for the School of Dental Hygiene and $1,500 for Nursing.  Among the reasons for the increase in fees are legal and accreditation requirements that require high faculty to student ratios.  In dental hygiene clinical situations one faculty per five students is required.  The required ratio in nursing is one to eight, though one to ten is allowed in certain circumstances.  The Dental Hygiene and Nursing Programs also face high costs for equipment and supplies.


                The Committee discussed the need to check previous Board of Regents actions on professional fees.  The Committee also discussed the impact of the fee increase upon students.  It was noted that professional fees qualify for financial aid. 


                The Chancellor suggested that the draft memorandum to the Board of Regents include information on student interest in the programs and the number of student applications in relation to number of seats available.


                The new fees are proposed to be implemented in Fall 2013.


3.            WASC Sr. and Accreditation.  UHMC administrators and faculty have been working on the report to WASC Sr.   Copies are being made and will be mailed out.  The Chancellor asked that copies be transmitted to the UH President and Vice President of Community Colleges, and that UHMC administrators be prepared to make a presentation to the Board of Regents on UHMC’s accreditation process.


                UHMC is participating in two pilot programs:  Degree Qualification Profiles; and an accelerated accreditation process using a thematic approach.  The two themes are closing the loop on assessment and envisioning the college’s future.


                The Committee discussed the accreditation reviews of other UH community  colleges.


4.            State Legislature.  Vice Chancellor Tamanaha has communicated with various legislators regarding matters of importance to UHMC, including performance-based and enrollment growth-based funding requests.  It is uncertain how much state and county funding will be available for UHMC and its programs.


5.            Carport/PV system.  UHMC has communicated with a State Representative regarding the possibility of an outright purchase of the planned carport/photovoltaic system.  In the meantime, UHMC administration has been informed that the Power Purchase Agreement financing has been approved.


6.            Palauea.  Conveyance of property from Dowling & Company to Office of Hawaiian Affairs is in escrow and is anticipated to close.  This Friday there will be an on-campus meeting of Hawaiian Studies faculty and OHA representatives.


7.            Lāna‘i.  UHMC administration has held discussions with Lanai Company management regarding possible points of collaboration for the benefit of the Lāna‘i community.  The new management of the Company has expressed interest in various health-related, renewable energy, agriculture, and hospitality industry initiatives.  Chancellor discussed with them the possibility of a new site for the Lāna‘i Education Center.


8.            Space Allocation.  The Committee discussed various needs and requests for office space.  It was observed that faculty often share a single office with many other faculty.  Tamanaha said that larger grant-funded projects with office space requirements may consider including the cost of leased office space as part of the grant proposal. 


9.            Noi’i Building.  The Board of Regents has been asked to consider the naming of a number of UH programs or facilities in honor of the late Senator Daniel K. Inouye, including the UHMC Allied Health Center.


10.          Tobacco Free UHMC Task Force.  A Tobacco Free UHMC Task Force has been formed by interested individuals.


11.          Student Engagement.   The Chancellor discussed metrics relating to student engagement and the drop in reported percentages since 2010, which was the high point in UHMC enrollment.


12.          Hitachi battery system.  UHMC and a subsidiary of Hitachi are reviewing a draft license agreement that would provide for the installation of a Hitachi lithium ion battery system on the Kahului campus.


13.          Financial Aid.  The Department of Education is holding a conference to address high student loan default rates.  UHMC’s current default rate is 23%.  Cathy Bio reported on efforts to monitor default rates.  Average amount owed by those in default is about $2,500.  Financial Aid has identified those who are at highest risk of default.