Meeting of Friday, March 8, 2013




1. Attendance. Chancellor Clyde Sakamoto convened the Executive Committee meeting at 8:30 a.m. Present were: Nicole Beattie; Interim Vice Chancellor Debasis Bhattacharya; Ann Emmsley; Herbert Feliciano; Kim Gray; David Grooms; T. Karen Hanada; Vice Chancellor John McKee; Diane Meyer; Flora Mora; Brian Moto; Kīope Raymond; Vice Chancellor Alvin Tagomori; Debbi Brown; Sue Feltz; Ray Tsuchiyama; and Susan Wyche.


2. Lānai. Kurt Matsumoto, President of Lānai Resorts, and the Chancellor have had a number of conversations relating to Lānai and UHMC. Among items discussed were:

         The Lānai Education Center Advisory Committee, which includes representatives of nonprofit agencies.

         Lānai health care issues, including possible involvement of UHMC dental and nursing programs.

         Possible collaboration among UHMC HOST and Culinary Programs and UH Mānoa School of Travel Industry Management for applied research and training on Lānai.

         Possible collaboration with Professor Byron Washom, Director of Strategic Energy Initiatives, University of California San Diego, regarding energy initiatives and sustainability.

         Rural teacher preparation.

         Access to UH agriculture programs and expertise.

         Possible set aside of 900+ acres of land for UHMC Lānai Education Center and other University activities.


3. Administrative Affairs. Vice Chancellors of Administrative Affairs are meeting today at UHMC.


4. Legislature and County Council. Early indications from the Legislature are that budgetary matters may be very challenging. UHMC representatives have informed legislators that UHMC is the lowest funded campus per capita among the counties. The Committee discussed arguments for increased funding for UHMC and how to communicate them.


5. Meeting Time Change. The Committee agreed to 9:30 a.m. time change, so long as meetings end on time.


6. Position Vacancies and Recruitment.

         Japanese language faculty position. Open due to retirement.

         Two sustainable construction tech positions will become open. One position being recruited now.

         ABIT faculty position is being recruited. ABIT IT position under consideration.

         Sustainable Science Management position will be available next year.

         Two Business Tech positions: one open, one being recruited.

         Hoping to create a secretary position in Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs office, to be funded out of RTRF. Position will be responsible for academic affairs purchasing and travel.

         Biology position will be open next year. Funding for position will be used for Physics position.

         University Center secretary position under recruitment.

         Information Technology APT position being filled. Other IT positions include Help Desk APT (PBA) position, and IT Specialist (PBB) position.

         Personnel APT (PBA) position under recruitment.

         Webmaster APT (PBB) under recruitment.

         General Laborer III position filled.

         Chief of Security position under recruitment.

         Security officer position under recruitment.

         Library circulation position (civil service) is open.

         Math position under recruitment.

         Maui Language Institute position under recruitment.


7. Strategic Planning. On April 26, 2013, 8 am 1 pm, a strategic planning session will be convened for the campus. There will be concurrent sessions on enrollment, facilities, technology, and academic programs. Planning session will collect information that will be used to develop goals. Prior to April 26 planning session, a series of lectures may be held to discuss topics that raise global, national, and local perspectives on learning engagement.


8. International Programs. The Committee discussed proposals to make the Hospitality Academy sustainable. The Committee discussed various aspects of international programs, including J-1 Visa and F-1 Visa programs.


9. Instructional clerical staff meetings. Enrollment growth, the transition to new systems such as Kuali Financial System, and the increased number of grant applications and grant projects have placed additional stresses upon clerical staff. Meetings with instructional clerical staff are being convened to discuss issues. UHMC administrators are reviewing travel procedures and processing.


10. Maui Oral Health Center. The Maui Oral Health Center has provided clinical experience for UHMC dental hygiene and dental assisting students and has served uninsured and underinsured members of the community. Loss of, and reductions in, grant funding have hurt MOHC financial operations. UHMC has been in discussions with federally qualified health centers on island that could provide dental services to MOHC patients. UHMC is considering adjustments to MOHC and a plan of transition. UHMC has been using County grant funding and RTRF moneys to support MOHC operations and to offset operating losses.


11. WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges) Accreditation. The UHMC report to WASC Sr. has been submitted.


12. Program Reviews. Discussion was deferred.


13. Spring Break. APT and Civil Service personnel will be on furlough during Spring Break.


14. Student Affairs. April 1 is the first day of Summer registration. April 8 is the first day of Fall registration. UHMC High School Seniors Day will be on April 23. Financial Aid Scholarship Reception will be on May 2.


15. Academic Affairs. Degree in Three for Liberal Arts Associate in Arts program is being launched. Program involves taking three classes per semester with the goal of obtaining an AA degree in 3 years. Orientation sessions have been scheduled for March 14 and 19.


16. TAACCCT Grant. Short term noncredit programs are being developed with an emphasis on sustainable agriculture and health. Some hiring has been completed for CT3 Round 2. Work is continuing on developing externships for grant program.


17. Other Announcements and Updates.

         Academic vice chancellors and deans meet at UHMC on Thursday.

         Automotive examinations will start in a few months.

         The Hawaiian Studies faculty is responding to the Office of Hawaiian Affairs regarding Palauea.

         Work is proceeding on summer bridge programs.

         The Associate in Arts Hawaiian Studies program has started this semester. Currently, fourteen AA HS students are expected to graduate.

         The Chancellors Golf Tournament is scheduled for June 22, 2013.

         No date yet for Noble Chef fund raiser.

         Nicole Beattie reported that she is working on recruitment of US Mainland students. UHMC is proceeding with the hiring of a nontraditional CTE recruiter.

         Susan Wyche anticipates CT3 Round 3 grant program will be announced soon.

         Marilyn Umetsu and Kerry Holokai have stepped down as representatives to the Executive Committee. Kim Gray will still be attending meetings, unless sooner replaced.

         Academic Senate is reviewing a number of issues, including plus/minus grading and a new AA degree.