Meeting of March 22, 2013




1.            Attendance.  Chancellor Clyde Sakamoto convened the Committee meeting at 9:30 a.m.  Present were:  Interim Vice Chancellor Debasis Bhattacharya; AnnEmmsley; Herbert Feliciano; David Grooms; T. Karen Hanada; Vice Chancellor John McKee; Diane Meyer; Flora Mora; Brian Moto; Kī‘ope Raymond; Vice Chancellor Alvin Tagomori; Vice Chancellor David Tamanaha; Lori Teragawachi; and Ray Tsuchiyama.


2.            Program Reviews.  Vice Chancellor McKee is preparing a presentation on program reviews and his office is reviewing related metrics.  Each program has been reviewed by several people and results have been scored.  The Assessment Committee has already seen the results.  Part of the assessment includes review of program plans.  Program reviews will be discussed at the next Executive Committee meeting. 


3.            Strategic Planning.  A strategic planning workshop is scheduled for 8 a.m., April 26, 2013.  A tentative agenda was circulated to Executive Committee members.  The workshop will include four concurrent breakout sessions:  academic planning; enrollment management; technology plan; and facilities plan.  McKee seeks a broad representation of the College at the workshop.  Community members will not be invited to this particular workshop, though they may be invited to a later event.  Lunch will be provided. 

                Leading up to the workshop will be a series of pre-conference presentations:  David Lasner on April 12; Carl Bonham (date to be determined); James Dator on April 17; and Eric Engh (date to be determined).  Each of these sessions will be recorded.  A committee will be summarizing questions, issues, and trends from the WASC accreditation report, CCSE report, and other recent UHMC reports. 


4.            UHMC Budget.  Vice Chancellor Tamanaha discussed matters relating to the state of the UHMC budget.  At present, UHMC projects an approximate $381,000 carryover at the end of the current fiscal year.  Tamanaha discussed a spreadsheet summarizing the College’s financial condition as of February 28, 2013.  He reported that, on the whole, operating budget balances are ok; however, there are overages in payroll expenses, which are ahead of pace.  UH Community College System has not yet allocated an anticipated $2 million budget reduction among the community colleges.

                Tamanaha said that Kuali Financial System reports are not formatted in a way that makes review of operating results easy.  There will be a KFS training session regarding the “Ten Most Requested Reports.” 

                Tamanaha distributed a UHMC Report on RTRF (Research and Training Revolving Funds).  Tamanaha said that RTRF moneys are being used to pay for a portion of College power costs and other expenses.  Next year UHMC may have to contract expenditures much more to avoid large deficits.


5.            Legislature.  Chancellor Sakamoto discussed the proposed UH biennium budget currently pending in the State Legislature.  UH Community Colleges proposed $10 million in outcome-based funding; however, a pending House bill provides for only $2 million.

                Chancellor Sakamoto reported that he has met with Council Chair Gladys Baisa, and Council Members Don Guzman and Michael Victorino, to discuss UHMC programs and the County budget.


6.            Lāna‘i.  UHMC administration has held discussions with Lāna‘i Resorts management regarding possible collaboration on energy, agriculture, health care, social services, education, natural resource management, and travel industry matters.  UHMC will be preparing draft proposals for such collaboration.  Chancellor Sakamoto has already introduced Lāna‘i Resorts to UHMC partners with expertise in living architecture, environmental planning, and energy generation and sustainability.  Chancellor Sakamoto will be arranging a meeting with the School of Travel Industry Management to discuss possible initiatives.


7.            Pacific Post-Secondary Education Council.  Representatives of the Pacific Post-Secondary Education Council met at UHMC Kahului campus on March 18-19, 2013.