Executive Committee Meeting

Monday, July 15, 2013

Ka Lama 102




1.       Chancellor Clyde Sakamoto convened the meeting of the Executive Committee at approximately 2 p.m.  Present were:  Nicole Beattie; Interim Vice Chancellor Debasis Bhattacharya; Acting Vice Chancellor Cathy Bio; Ann Emmsley; Deandra Perry; David Grooms; T. Karen Hanada; Vice Chancellor John McKee; Diane Meyer; Kī‘ope Raymond; Raymond Szadkowski; and Vice Chancellor David Tamanaha.


2.       FY 2014 Budget Shortfall - CS

·         UHMC anticipating possible $1.1 million budget shortfall based on an 8% decrease in enrollment.

·         Vice Chancellors are analyzing budget and prioritizing vacancies.

·         Continuous recruitment and retention critical:

-Students enrolled in Spring 2013 but who have not applied for Fall 2013 contacted.

-Students who have applied but not yet registered for Fall 2013 also contacted.

-Returning students with accumulated credits still need to be contacted.

-Vice Chancellor McKee will ask program coordinators to contact students (Acting Vice Chancellor Bio to provide list of students contacted by program).

·         Administration is strategizing response to Vice President John Morton’s letter to State Representative Woodson.

3.       Budget Continued – DT

·         Vice Chancellor Tamanaha discussed with the Committee a UHMC Operational Budget Projections worksheet based on an 8% enrollment decrease:

-Net Carry Over balance: $-1,354,697

-Projection from UHCC: $+530,919

-Projected Net Carry Over balance: $-823,778

-Target Net Carry over balance: $300,000

-Budget Shortfall/Reduction Plan: $-1,123,778

-Options: Reduce by shortfall; carryover less; increase enrollment.

4.       How aggressive do we want to be in addressing inequities of UHCC General Fund and TFSF Allocations to Maui?

·         Consider using funding formula.

·         Move forward but cautiously.

·         Formulate both Plan A & Plan B.

·         UHMC unable to rely on continued enrollment growth; continue efforts to secure additional resources.

·         Focus and invest in retention; suggest or propose solutions regarding how UH Community Colleges could allocate funds in a more fair and equitable manner.

·         Team with other UHCC campuses, all of which are underfunded, as a united group. 

·         Our initiatives should be driven by our mission – to serve Native Hawaiian students and other underserved groups; garner support for funds to continue initiatives like Achieving the Dream at community colleges.

·         One funding formula may not fit all.

·         Facilities have been built, but UHMC needs resources and commitment to maintain buildings and campus.

·         Sense of urgency; balance between gratitude and need.