Meeting of Friday, September 27, 2013




1. Attendance. Chancellor Clyde Sakamoto convened the meeting of the Executive Committee at 9:00 a.m. Present were: Nicole Beattie; Interim Vice Chancellor Debasis Bhattacharya; Francine Ching; Ann Emmsley; Deandra Perry; Vice Chancellor John McKee; Diane Meyer; Brian Moto; Vice Chancellor David Tamanaha; Ray Tsuchiyama; and Susan Wyche.


2. Student Government/Student Life. Francine Ching reported on a proposal to establish a Student Activities Board and a Student Governance Council. The Student Activities Board would coordinate activities and programs that meet social, cultural, recreational, and intellectual needs of UHMC students. The Student Governance Council would serve as the student representative assembly. The Committee discussed the proposal. The charter and bylaws associated with this proposal are undergoing review. Elections are anticipated in April 2014. Francine will attend an Executive Committee meeting next month to report on the status of the proposal and a requested student survey.


3. Updates from Vice Chancellors.

         Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs: John McKee reported on Strategic Planning and Assessment group meetings. The UHMC WASC accreditation team has been meeting to develop responses to WASC Offsite Review Team findings.

         Interim Vice Chancellor for Information Technology: Debasis Bhattacharya reported on the hiring of a webmaster and on a beta site, Blackboard Collaborate. The Tech Services Committee has met and additional meetings are anticipated. An inventory of classroom technology is being done.

         Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs: On behalf of Cathy Bio, Francine Ching reported that enrollment is currently 4,070 students. Additional enrollment information was distributed to Committee members. Diane Meyer discussed math difficulties confronted by students between 20-40 years of age.

         Vice Chancellor of Administrative Affairs: David Tamanaha distributed copies of a preliminary UHMC FY 2014 operating budget, which incorporates the input of Vice Chancellors, reduced estimated revenues, and increased operating costs, including salary increases. The budget projects an end-of-fiscal year reserve of about $300,000. The operating budget proposes freezing a number of vacant positions.


4. UH Foundation Draft Case Statement for UHMC. Ray Tsuchiyama discussed a draft case statement for UHMC fund raising campaign goals and efforts. He seeks campus input on priorities and needs identified in the case statement.


5. Board of Regents Meeting. The Board of Regents will meet on campus on November 21, 2013.


6. Rural Hawaii Project. Karen Tamaki has been appointed Program Director.


7. Maui Fair. The Maui Fair will be held next week. Brochures for UHMC programs are being sought for distribution at the UHMC booth. Volunteers are being recruited to fill shifts.


8. Advertisement of Vice Chancellor Positions. The Vice Chancellor of Information Technology position will be advertised soon. Advertisement of the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs position is anticipated sometime later. Both positions may be filled by early Spring 2014.


9. Program Review. The Chancellor reported on a draft document summarizing program review outcomes.


10. Draft Presentation for State Legislators. The Committee reviewed a PowerPoint presentation to be used to inform legislators and others regarding UHMC and the need for additional state resources.