Meeting of Friday, October 11, 2013


1.            Attendance.  Chancellor Clyde Sakamoto convened the meeting of the Executive Committee at 8:37 a.m.  Present were:  Nicole Beattie; Interim Vice Chancellor Debasis Bhattacharya; Kulamanu Ishihara; Ann Emmsley; Deandra Perry; David Grooms; Vice Chancellor John McKee; Brian Moto; Kī‘ope Raymond; Vice Chancellor David Tamanaha; and Stephanie Pratt.


2.            Preparation for House Finance Committee Meeting.  Chancellor Sakamoto reported that the House Finance Committee is scheduled to meet on campus on October 23, 2013.  UHMC invitees for the meeting will be determined later.  Maui legislators are expected to be present.   UHMC Vice Chancellors are being asked to compile and prioritize a list of position vacancies in preparation for the meeting. 

                David Tamanaha reported that State Representative Isaac Choy (Chair, House Education Committee) and/or State Representative Kyle Yamashita may visit UHMC to review the state of repair and maintenance, possibly on December 13, 2013.


3.            WASC Review and Accreditation Status.  President Mary Ellen Petrisko visited the UHMC campus on Wednesday, October 9.  She met with UHMC administrators and faculty for an informal discussion.

                Diane Meyer reported that two new members have been appointed to the five-member WASC Sr. team assigned to UHMC.  The team now has a couple of members with community college/city college backgrounds.  The Committee discussed the possibility of hosting the new WASC Sr. team members to an on-campus orientation.  UHMC is working on responses to the WASC offsite review areas of inquiry. 

                The Committee discussed the possibility of sending UHMC representatives to WASC workshops in California for training and updates.


4.            Molokai Long Range Development Plan.  By telephone conference call, Donna Haytko-Paoa discussed the Molokai Education Center Long Range Development Plan.  The approximately 160-page PBR Hawaii draft should be finished by next week.  The plan is a 12-15 year development plan and includes two prospective facilities, an expanded parking lot, and another highway access.  One of the facilities is a multi-use hall, which will be the only facility capable of accommodating a graduation ceremony or large conference.  The hall will include classrooms and could serve as a venue for performances and other uses.  The hall could also be part of County civil defense emergency plans.

                Donna discussed home-based businesses on Molokai, including deer farming, other farm products, textiles and clothing, and online retailing.  Donna also reported on health occupation opportunities, including coding.


5.            Board of Regents Meeting.  The Board of Regents is scheduled to meet on campus on November 21, 2013.  The Community Colleges Committee, chaired by Saedene Ota, will meet on November 20.  Gene Bal is a member of the Committee.  As part of the WASC process, UHMC will be asking the Board of Regents to approve UHMC’s new mission statement.


6.            UHMC Budget.  David Tamanaha summarized aspects of the FY2014 UHMC budget.  Energy costs are estimated to be about $2.2 million; UHMC has been appropriated only $1.5 million for energy.  Chancellor Sakamoto summarized budget discussions with Vice President John Morton and Interim President David Lassner.  UHMC is considering using more RTRF moneys to fund vacant positions.  Committee members discussed vacant position priorities, including:  academic counseling; financial aid; business technology, sustainable construction technology, marketing/ABIT, math, business careers, communications, and Japanese faculty positions, among others; contract security services; general laborer positions; student help; clerical positions; and online security (half-time) and software support (half-time).


7.            Pūlama Lāna‘i.  The Chancellor is interviewing candidates for Pūlama Lāna‘i Initiatives project director.  An announcement may be made next week.  The Chancellor will meet with a Pūlama Lāna‘i education initiative liaison to discuss possible projects such as rural communities teacher education.                  Pūlama Lāna‘i representatives have expressed appreciation for Melissa Bonin and her Lāna‘i Upward Bound summer 2013 program.


8.            Strategic Planning and Assessment.  Meetings have been scheduled in coming months for Strategic Planning and Assessment.  A schedule and preliminary agendas have been announced.


9.            Kalaupapa Exhibit.  An exhibit produced by Ka ‘Ohana O Kalaupapa opens on Wednesday, October 16, with a 6 p.m. reception and talk in Ka‘a‘ike atrium.


10.          Construction Academy Day.  On Friday, October 18, students from grades 9-12 will meet on campus with construction industry representatives. 


11.          Agriculture and Natural Resources.  The Agriculture program will host pumpkin patch visits by preschoolers over the next two weeks.


12.          Halloween Wars.  Teresa Shurilla is a participant in “Halloween Wars”, a Food Network show.


13.          Promotional Videos.  UHMC’s media specialist and Marketing and Community Relations Director are working to develop short promotional videos for UHMC.