September 12, 2005


Attendance:  Scott Broadbent, Dorvin Leis, Clyde Sakamoto, Steve Williams, Bill Wong. 

Note taker:   Marilyn Fornwall


Meeting called to order by Dorvin Leis. 


MCC-UH Foundation Proposed Annual Plan: 


  1. Program Needs - Scott presented goals and objectives for this fiscal year.  The timing of the public phase of the Centennial Campaign is yet to be determined and a discussion followed regarding some of the program needs.  There is a need to prioritize them and Bill Wong suggested going to the unit advisory committees to prioritize the needs and discuss how they could work with us to fill them.  Scott will meet with the program coordinators to discuss the needs.  Once they are prioritized an effort will be made to match resources with the needs.  Automotive is getting some financial help from an RDP grant and Perkins funding.


  1. Student Needs – Grants to help Hawaiian students have been exhausted and scholarships will be an area to target to help get funding for our students with limited resources.  Bill suggested looking for an endowment to help with this endeavor.  Clyde is looking into programs to help all who achieve minimum GPA’s and meet the financial need requirements.



  1. Budget – A preliminary budget was distributed for this fiscal year.  There are some changes in funding from MCC so the budget includes UH Foundation supplies and student help.  Bill Wong moved to pass the budget and Steve Williams seconded the motion.  Bill asked for the budget to go out to the whole Chancellor’s Advisory Council for approval.  Scott will prepare for the next meeting.


Student Housing:


The new student housing project is proceeding.  Former students are recruiting for MCC in Europe and Alvin is traveling to South America for several college fairs.  We plan to advertise in select magazines.  Local students have until mid-December to reserve housing but then it will open up to non-resident and international students.  Paul Quong wants to create a lifestyle center between Cutter Nissan and Harbor Lights opening up more housing.  Next to the housing currently under construction there is a proposal to combine senior housing with the student housing. 



Alumni Association:


A committee has been meeting to plan the MCC Distinguished Alumni Awards dinner.  The dinner will be held on February 24th in Paina with service by culinary staff and MCC faculty and staff.  The distinguished alumni nomination packet is available on the MCC web-page.  Jimmy Haynes has agreed to help support the dinner.  An alumni day at MCC is also being planned.  Currently there is a list of 5700 alumni who will be reached through a postcard to verify addresses.  Work is being done to formalize an alumni association at MCC offering benefits of library use, discounts in Paina, discounts in the bookstore, and discounts on OCET classes.  Bill Wong suggested building up the publicity and wants the committee to look into date significance for the alumni event.  The year 2007 will be the 40th  year anniversary for MCC.


Web Development:


Eryck Quesada has worked hard to upgrade the web-page, making it more user friendly and accessible.


Telethon Scholarship


Some concern has arisen whether to distribute scholarships to students who are only part-time MCC students and part-time UH Manoa students (or outreach).  Clyde will discuss the issue with other chancellors as our Molokai students for example need support.


Meeting Adjourned