February 13, 2006


Attendance:  Scott Broadbent, Steve Holaday, Dorvin Leis, Kathy Nelson, Clyde Sakamoto, Curtis Tom, Bill Wong. 


Note taker:   Marilyn Fornwall


Meeting called to order by Dorvin Leis. 


Program and Institutional Needs: 


Scott contacted the program coordinators and asked them to come up with their realistic priorities.  Attached is a list of the needs.  Scott and Clyde will schedule and attend their program advisory meetings and work with the members on bringing in new resources for their programs focusing on program quality and not just fundraising.  In replacing vacant positions the program coordinators will be encouraged to enlist community members that can bring leadership and resources into their programs.   Legislative funding is being sought for some of the larger equipment needs and some funding sources have been found for some of the listed items.  The auto tech program is looking for national certification and federal funds from the Rural Development Project  will support equipment needs for certification.  The Hospitality advisory committee was asked to  hire MCC graduates with an entry-level wage differential over walk-in candidates.


Curtis asked if students in the community workforce are able to take classes without going to Manoa.  Clyde responded with solutions:

  1. Offering courses in the resorts
  2. Offering interactive TV courses
  3. Use of video streaming
  4. Baccalaureate and grad level courses would come from the Travel Industry Management (TIM) school in Oahu over video streaming.


MCC just trained and certified in National Incident Management System required by Homeland Security  1,000 firefighters around the state in one month’s time using video streaming. 


After reviewing the list of program advisory committee members, Bill commented that it was a very diverse group and he thought there was good potential of obtaining support for the college. 


Campus Update


Clyde shared that legislative requests for the future looked good.  Workforce development in the state has become an issue and Dennis Jones from the National Center for Higher Education Management is coming to MCC to discuss workforce development in Hawaii.  Priorities for MCC’s funding needs include electricity, the WASC program review requirements, workforce development faculty positions, and staffing at Molokai, Lanai and Hana.  Regarding the workforce issue, the college seeks to expand programs in Early Childhood, biotech and healthcare. 


A new grant was awarded to deliver 120 laptop computers to students and their families to bring the internet to Hawaiian Homes families.


The culinary program was recipient of a $35,000 endowment from A & B Foundation to generate scholarships for culinary students. 


The Akaku controversy has gone to mediation.


Clyde is meeting with county council members and candidates to discuss support for education.  He has already met with Lynn Araki-Regan, Keith Regan and the Mayor.  Chancellor’s Advisory Council members are being asked to touch base with the legislators and the county council members to voice their support of higher education on Maui. 


UH Foundation Report


Kathy reported on UHF fundraising efforts.  Next meeting she will come with a list of names of potential donors and review them with the committee.  Perhaps a personal contact could help bring them to MCC as a donor.  Clyde suggested identifying major projects such as the student center and the science building which are part of the CIP and already being worked on or the oral care center which has the support of the area dentists.  Building naming opportunities are a possibility.  Clyde also presented the idea of offering any Maui County high school student with a pre-determined minimum GPA a scholarship to attend classes at MCC. 


Program support is another area in which community support would be helpful.  Established endowments would be helpful in supporting various programs.


Proposals for program pieces and high school scholarships will be brought to the next meeting.


Alumni Outreach


The dinner is coming up and corporate support has been great.  A successful event is anticipated.




The Maui County Rotary club is now meeting at the college.  The presidents from all the Maui Rotary clubs have gotten together and are putting together a proposal to support local students to attend college out of the county through Rotarac.


Next meeting April 10, 2006   

Meeting Adjourned