October 16, 2006



PresentDorvin Leis, Curtis Tom, Bill Wong, Clyde Sakamoto, Susan Lampe, Cordy MacLaughlin, Marilyn Fornwall


Call to OrderDorvin Leis called the meeting to order at 1:15p.m.


Approval of MinutesThe minutes of the September 7  meeting were reviewed and approved (m/s/p-B. Wong/C. Tom) with the following correction:

p.2-….”similar to the way Kauai United Way raised funds with pledges over a 5-year period.


Major Gift PrioritiesThe public part of the Centennial Campaign will kick off on March 29, 2007, commemorating the beginning of public higher education in Hawaii.  The Centennial Campaign is scheduled to reach its goal in 2009.  Bill stated that we need to have specific things to fund.  He also stated that he would prefer funding half of MCC’s needs the first year and the balance in each successive year. 


Clyde discussed the gifts from the Case Foundation, the Cole Foundation, and from Dorvin Leis.  All of these gifts will go towards Sustainability.  Clyde also had a conversation with A&B regarding a substantial gift.  He further stated that endowment is the part of a gift that will continue to grow if it’s preserved and augmented..


Cordy shared a draft of Major Gift Priorities for Maui Community College.  Three questions which will help to identify these priorities are:

What does MCC do best?

What does MCC do where we are the only ones doing it?

What differentiates MCC?

The timetable for a development plan has been finalized.  The major priorities will be identified by October 31, 2006.


Campus Program Needs:  Curtis stated that each program should project their needs in terms of scholarship goals, endowment goals, CIP that could be realized in less than a year and CIP that would take several years to realize.   Bill felt strongly that MCC should be looking for endowments.  Clyde added that the State of Hawaii has been generous with CIP funds for the college.  Therefore gifts for facilities which are generally easier to raise and more difficult in a public institutional setting.


Prospect Review:   Cordy presented a list of prospects.  Bill stated that the best prospects are those connected with MCC.  He suggested using MCC graduates as well as politicians to contribute to an endowment fund.  Curtis suggested that we identify newcomers to the island and connect them with the community needs.  He referred to a model which former Kauai Mayor Kusaka used to build networks.  Clyde shared with the committee that Kimo Apana raised $35,000 using distinguished alumni to help move the agenda ahead.  He also stated that most Maui County Council members are former MCC students. 







Chancellor’s Advisory Council Participation:  Clyde suggested that we appeal to the members at any level of giving.  The idea is to achieve 100% participation.  Dorvin stated that it is important for an organization to remember these individuals (e.g. birthday cards or small group function). Bill reiterated that we need to involve them in activities, not just when we want to engage them in a fundraising appeal. 


UHF Update:  Susan discussed the Centennial Campaign.  The overall goal is $250 million, with $40 million to be raised this year.  The recent Shidler gift of $25 million has helped move the Campaign forward this first quarter.  Susan reviewed the goals for each development unit: 

to make 12-15 visits per month, to make 1-2 solicitations per month, and to raise a minimum of $750,000 to $1 million per year


Curtis suggested a luau to thank donors and build alumni.  Clyde suggested that perhaps Kimo Apana’s class could chair the first luau.  No decision was made.


Susan stated that alumni-building is part of college advancement, as are newsletters, events, and  marketing.  She asked if there are other resources (funds and people) to help with these pieces.  Clyde said there are.


Bill suggested that faculty with certain interest areas host functions so that we could connect donors with faculty.  He also suggested that Clyde invite faculty to share their accomplishments at the CAC meetings.  He stated further that the CAC members should share their accomplishments at the meeting as well.


Next Meeting:  The next Horizons Committee meeting will be Monday, December 18, 2006.


The meeting was adjourned at 2:15p.m.