February 26, 2007



PresentSteve Holaday, Dorvin Leis, Mitchell Nishimoto, Bill Wong, Clyde Sakamoto, Cordy MacLaughlin


Call to OrderDorvin Leis called the meeting to order at 1:10p.m.


Approval of MinutesThe minutes of the October 16, 2006  meeting were reviewed and approved (m/s/p-B.Wong/S.Holaday).   


PalaueaMCC will be the beneficiary of 20 acres in Makena.  Currently the deeding process is in legal review.  Our Hawaiian faculty has been on-site and we have connected with Sandy Shadrow of SOS Maui Metals Island Recycling (who is also a homeowner at Palauea). We are working with Janet Six to get the property deeded to MCC, to remove the invasive species (kiawe), and to conduct an archeological survey of the site.  There appears to be a Kaho`olowe connection as this property contains an ancient site, so we may work with the Kaho`olawe Restoration group.  Bill asked about the value of the property, whether the acquisition will count towards the Centennial Campaign goal, and what the land acquisition will be.  The UH Foundation will determine the value, and the land designation will be preservation. 


Roger Van Remmen:  Roger, who heads an executive search firm in LA, has a connection with former mayor, Elmer Cravalho, and the Kula Credit Union.  He has set up a scholarship at MCC and supported the college for 10 years.  His foundation contributes $5000 to $6000 per year to the scholarship fund.  Clyde met with him to discuss the benefit to MCC of the sale of some of the assets held by the Joaquin & Bessie Vincent Trust. 


A&B Proposal:  Clyde is having an on-going conversation with Allen Doane and Meredith Ching regarding a $4 million investment into MCC in the area of institutional transformation.


Mayor’s Commitment:  Last year MCC received $500,000 from the County and this year the Mayor is committing $750,000.  Her interest is in allied health, nursing, and dental hygiene.  If the Legislature funds come in, we will accelerate the dental hygiene and 4-year program.    Clyde also met with Riki Hokama and Joe Pontanilla to discuss alternative energy and creating a beta site on the MCC campus. 


Legislature:  We are asking for $980,000 the first year and $1.6 million the second year for nursing positions and positions in science, math, art, and English. We have every nursing position filled (unlike the rest of the State) and the science position filled as well.


CAC:  The Chancellor’s Advisory Council giving goal for the Centennial Campaign will be 100% participation from the CAC members.  One approach may be a letter from Dorvin and Clyde asking for participation.  The letter will identify areas of MCC priorities.  Bill suggested a “menu” of items.  Steve mentioned that with all the entities of the UH system asking for money, the message is often confusing. Clyde will send his letter to the CAC in early April.  Bill suggested that Department/Program Chairs circulate a letter to others at MCC.


UHF Update:  Cordy circulated data on her activities in the last few months.  She has followed up with 12 of the 21 recipients of President McClain’s letter outlining the Campaign priorities.  She has evaluated 38 of 70 new “suspects”, secured a bequest intention, gained one endowment scholarship, and expanded the criteria of a scholarship account.  She is working on a nursing scholarship fundraiser, meeting with faculty and staff regarding major gift priorities, meeting and cultivating new prospects, and planning for upcoming events. 


Upcoming EventsThe following events are as follows.


·         Mid-term Lunch (2/28):  The Wailea neighbors who are supporting the nursing scholarship fundraiser have been invited to this.


·         Preserving Our Recollections (3/6):  MCC will honor 150 of Maui’s most senior citizens whose life stories are preserved via video stream.  You may access these on-line.  Some of these individuals will be approached for support for MCC. 


·         ABIT Reception: Tom Kelly and Leona Wilson are hosting a reception for some key Wailea residents (former CEO’s and venture capitalists) to get them connected to the business and technology program at MCC.  This will be the first of several meetings. 


·         Leis Family Reception:  The Class Act will be renamed the Leis Family Class Act in honor of their $1 million gift.  This reception will be a lunch with the guest list generated by Dorvin and Betty Leis. 


·         CAC Retreat:  4/16


·         Aipono Awards:  4/20


·         Scholarship Reception:  5/3



Other Items:


The Nursing Program was reaccredited for another eight years. 


The Baccalaureate Advisory Group will be here Mar.8-9 to look at the ABIT program.  They will return in June for accreditation of the ABIT program. 


We are looking in to the Class Act catering activities and how to compensate staff fairly.  Dorvin asked about “overtime”.  Clyde said this could be done according to H.R. guidelines.  If UHF hosts an event, personnel costs could be built in to food costs.  There may be a possibility of offering students credits.


Bill Wong asked about annual faculty and staff recognition via a social gathering or merit pay.  Staff is recognized via professional development and annual get-togethers.  This may involve a business plan change where “bonuses” are payable via services provided. 


Next Meeting:  August 20, 2007