August 20, 2007



PresentDorvin Leis, Martin Quill, Bill Wong, Clyde Sakamoto, Marilyn Fornwall   


Call to OrderDorvin Leis called the meeting to order at 1:05p.m.


Approval of MinutesThe minutes of the February 26, 2007  meeting were reviewed and approved.   


Chancellor Update: 


Community Forum:  The community forum was a great success with many participants and great response.  The data is being analyzed and a report will be sent out to the participants sharing areas where the community is seeking our help and showing how we have answered needs from the past forums.


Construction employment has been an area of need and we have placed five faculty in the high schools running the construction academy, supported by high school teachers. 


At this past forum strong recommendations were made supporting 4-year programs in business, accounting and a range of professional careers. 


A request has been made to A & B Foundation to aid in funding 4-year programs.  The accrediting commission will be approached for help in building a pathway to the future.  Some areas that are being considered for 4 year programs are: Information Technology, Business, Accounting (Business and IT oriented), Health (we have a new Rad Tech program with support from Maui Memorial and Bobby Baker), and Dental Hygiene. 


Science Facility:  MCC has received $3.7 million for planning and design for the new science facility.  Science faculty are looking at plans that were created by Design Partners who have designed it to be energy efficient.





Upcoming Events:  The following events are coming up:



Next Meeting:  October 15, 2007