EXIT YOUR LOANS 2016-10-22T02:08:59+00:00

When you withdraw from school completely, or fall below half-time (6 credits) then your repayment will begin approximately 6-months from the date that you dropped below half-time.

You will need to complete loan exit counseling on studentloans.gov

For a full history of your federal student loans, please go to http://www.nslds.ed.gov

If you are still enrolled in half-time status (usually considered at 6 credits) but are taking some of your classes at another UH campus (e.g. Leeward, Hawaii, etc) your primary campus will notify your lender of your total enrollment and that you are still eligible for in-school deferment.

It’s important to remember that your lender/servicer is there to help you stay clear of delinquency and default.  There are a variety of options they can provide.  The worst thing you can do is ignore them!  For their contact information please visit our Loan Servicer Information Website.