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School Code: 00161500
Student Access Code: 00161500-03

  1. Click here to access the Life Skills web site.
  2. Create a Life Skills username and password by clicking on ‘Request a new account’. We suggest using your MyUH email as your username.
  3. Once you are able to log in, start looking for your lessons by clicking on ‘My Catalog’. Click on the name of the lesson that you want to start and click ‘Enroll’ button. If you are doing mandatory lessons, please make sure you complete the correct lessons. See the list below.
  4. Complete the Lesson Challenge quiz at the end of the lesson.
  5. Please remove any pop-up blockers. If pages are not showing please see if a pop-up blocker is preventing access to web pages.

First Time Loan Borrowers:

Lesson #’s (Complete both lessons):
#101-How Will I Pay For My Higher Education?
#406-How Do I Set Savings Goals?


Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP Appeal)

Lesson #’s (Complete both lessons):
#204-How Do I Manage My School Life?
#205-How Do I Manage My Personal Life While I Am in School?


All Financial Literacy Courses-Available to any student


FAQ’s and Problems

  • I’m having problems signing in or creating a username/password?
    Answer: Please contact USA Funds Life Skills’ customer service directly at 1-800-766-0084. The financial aid office cannot help with username/password issues.
  • How do I know if I completed my lesson(s)?
    Answer: You can check which lessons have been completed by clicking on ‘View’ from the ‘My Learning History’ section on your home page.
  • When is the Life Skills website unavailable?
    Answer: Life Skills performs scheduled maintenance every Friday beginning at 8 p.m. ET. The site is unavailable during this time. System down time varies each week.