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Welcome to the student loan home page. Find information about managing your student loans below.


Find my loan balance
– This link will take you to NSLDS to get your loan balance and loan servicer information.  You will need your FSA ID and password to login.


Loan Servicer Information
– If you know who you loan servicer is, find their contact information at this link.


Starting Repayment
– Will you begin repaying your student loans?  Get information on who you owe them to and what your options are.


In-School Deferment
– If you need your loans deferred because you are enrolled in school at least half time ( at least 6 credits undergraduate, 3 credits graduate)


Are your loans delinquent?
– Information to help you get your loans out of delinquency.


Are your loans defaulted?
– Information about defaulted loans and how to start resolving those loans.


Repayment Options
– Information about different loan repayment plans.


Exit Your Loans
– Information about student loans when you leave school.




If you have questions about your loans please contact:

Phone: 808.984.3277