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Use this checklist to help you manage and repay your federal student loans.


  • Log-in to the National Student Loan Database System – NSLDS.ED.GOV
    • Find the name servicer for each loan that handles the billing and services with your loan(s). Check each loan – as it is a possibility you may have more than one.
  • Register online with your student loan servicer
    • By registering online at the servicer website, you can receive updates, view your loan balance(s), and review any changes.
  • Know when you begin repayment
    • Generally, you will receive an initial six month grace period. *TIP* Call your loan servicer to find out when it will begin.
  • Complete an exit counseling – for graduates, transfers, withdraws
    • Contact the financial aid office at 808-984-3277 for an appointment for loan advising. The USDOE provides an online exit counseling session that reviews important information on loans and repayment options.
  • Try the repayment calculator and create a budget
    • The repayment calculator at can provide estimated payments on a variety of qualified plans. Lower and affordable plans may require an application and are based on your home state, household and income.
  • Know if you are eligible for variety of loan forgiveness programs
    • Public Service Loan Forgiveness
    • Teacher Loan Forgiveness Program
      • For more information go to
  • What happens with or without contacting your lender?
    • You will automatically be placed in the standard repayment plan that pays off your loan in 10 years or 120 payments.
    • If you want to have the lowest monthly payment plan, inquire on the income-driven repayment plan
      • Some plans are based on state, household size and income
      • Lower monthly than other plans
      • Can have payments as low as zero per month
      • Repayment is up to 20-25 years with remaining balance forgiven.
        •  Go to for more information or login to and apply online.