GIS 180 students presented their final projects during a GIS Showcase event held on December 14th at Cow Pig Bun restaurant in the Maui Research & Technology Park. We had an incredible turn-out with over 100 attendees and representatives from 30 different Maui companies that either use GIS or are hoping to in the future. Students were able to present their final GIS projects, interact with GIS professionals and with future employers. It was also a great networking event for local GIS industry representatives who rarely get these opportunities.

“We were so happy with how the event turned out. Cow Pig Bun generously donated the space for the event and we had such a good turnout that I think we will make this a more regular event,” said Sarah McLane Bryan, GIS Educational Specialist for the Certificate of Competence in GIS in Ecosystem Management.

The event was the final showcase of a 2 course, fast-track Certificate program where students learn GIS, GPS and remote sensing techniques that could be useful in a local, Hawaii-based job. The first cohort of 17 students have graduated with the Certificate of Competence in GIS in Ecosystem Management and at least five of the students have already been offered new jobs in the industry.

“We are looking forward to our Spring cohort of students and will definitely be looking for another fun networking event for them to showcase their work as well so stay tuned,” said Bryan.