The Hospitality Academy of Maui

A World Class Hospitality Experience Here at Home...

The Hospitality & Tourism (HOST) Program at University of Hawaii Maui College (UHMC) and its Advisory Committee have formed a partnership in our community that will shape the future talent for our resorts on Maui.   The innovation: the “HA” of Maui, the Hospitality Academy of Maui’s “Teaching Hotel.”  The HA of Maui will be used as an acronym with a very suitable double meaning.  HA, when translated in Hawaiian, also means the “Breath of Life.”

This project will transform former UHMC dormitories into Hawaii’s first fully functioning “teaching hotel” with technology and infrastructure that will provide UHMC students with a realistic hands-on laboratory environment to prepare for careers in the hospitality industry. The learning environment will be outfitted with:

  • State of the Art Facilities
  • Executive Suites
  • Cutting Edge Technology
  • Green Design
  • Sustainability

Graduates will be qualified entry-level managers, strengthening the island work force and the visitor industry.  As a teaching hotel, it will also provide learning experiences for students studying agriculture and natural resources, electronics and computer engineering, culinary arts, and sustainable construction technology. The teaching hotel will touch all lines of education and prepare students for a seamless transition to the workforce.

The teaching hotel will include four buildings and a total of 12-18 suites.  Resorts and hotels on Maui will be able to adopt-a-room, which will allow properties to outfit a suite and showcase their brand.  The suite will be designated as such with a plaque in the entry recognizing the brand’s contribution.

The teaching lab will provide meaningful learning opportunities and will challenge students’ ability to apply critical thinking and management theory to personal experience. Students have the unique experience of experiential learning within the framework of an academic environment. We envision a learning environment that symbolizes Maui as a world-class destination. It will be woven into a program of study that continues to recognize, embrace, and honor our host culture and spirit within our island home.