What is the Hospitality Academy of Maui (HA of Maui) all about?

The Hospitality Academy of Maui will be Maui’s and the state of Hawaii’s first teaching hotel.  It will serve as an educational and training hotel that will provide authentic hands-on learning experiences for students enrolled at UH Maui College.“HA of Maui” is used as an acronym with a very suitable double meaning.  HA means “breath of life” in Hawaiian. 


Who is involved in the HA of Maui project?

Community and industry leaders have already committed substantial resources and countless hours of work to help bring this teaching hotel project to fruition.  The vision is to continue to collaborate and develop partnerships within our community; to develop a state of the art place of learning for our future industry leaders.


Where is the teaching hotel located?

It is centrally located on Maui on the corner of Kaahumanu Ave. and Wahine Pio Ave.


When will the teaching hotel be in operation?

Renovation of the facility is projected to start within the next year.  The project is projected to be completed in 2015.


Why is this teaching hotel being developed?

Maui’s strength as a top tourism destination depends upon our ability to provide for a qualified workforce.  This facility will provide our future industry leaders with a work environment that includes hands-on experience of running an actual hotel.  It is an opportunity to develop and nurture the skills of our future industry leaders.