Academic Subject Certificate (ASC) in Hawaiian Studies

Students may select from a variety of courses that present Hawaiian perspectives in Hawaiian culture, language, history, and philosophy. The certificate enhances the Liberal Arts AA degree. Students who plan to pursue a baccalaureate degree in Hawaiian Studies or in another filed should consult a counselor or academic advisor.

Call Hawaiian Studies/Hawaiian Language program at 984-3244 for information.

Requirements for ASC in  Hawaiian Studies: 27-28 credits
  • The ASC has a minimum of 27 credits.
  • Students must earn a grade of C or better for all courses included in the certificate.
  • A minimum of 9 credits must be taken at UH Maui College.
  • A GPA of 2.0 or better is required for all courses applied to the certificate.


Hawaiian Studies core: 10 credits
BOT 105 Hawaiian Ethnobotany (3)
HAW 202 Intermediate Hawaiian II (4)
HWST 107 Hawai‘i: Center of the Pacifi c (3), or HWST 111 Th e Hawaiian ‘Ohana (3)


Elective Courses: 17-18 credits
Any 100 or 200-level HAW or HWST course. A minimum of two 200-level courses are required.
HAW 101 Elementary Hawaiian I (4)
HAW 102 Elementary Hawaiian II(4)
HAW 104 Hawai’i: Language through Hula (3)
HAW 201 Intermediate Hawaiian I (4)
HAW 221 Hawaiian Conversation (3)
HAW 261 Hawaiian Literature in Translation (3)
HAW 262 Hawaiian Literature (3)
HWST 100BCD Intro Hawaiian Culture (1,1,1)
HWST 111 The Hawaiian ‘Ohana (3)
HWST 205A Hawaiian Music Action-Mele ‘Aina (2)
HWST 205E Hawaiian Music Action-Mele Pili Kanaka (2)
HWST 207 Malama Ahupua’a: Resource Mgt (3)
HWST 213 Hawaiian Ethnozoology (3)
HWST 231 Hawaiian Culture (3)
HWST 262 Pana Maui: Maui’s Sacred Hawaiian Places (3)
HWST 270 Hawaiian Mythology (3)
HWST 286 Kaho’olawe Aloha ‘Aina (3)
HWST 291 Modern Issues in Hawai’i (3)
HWST 190v Topics course (1-3)***
HWST 290v Topics course (1-3)***


    *Note: Additional electives available; consult with Counseling or Hawaiian Studies faculty. UHMC Hawaiian language back credits can apply toward the certificate.
  **Note: Crosslisted; take in either department.
***Note: May be repeated if different course title.