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Under the umbrella of Allied Health are a number of Certificates of Competence enabling individuals to gain the education and training needed for entry to various nursing-related professions. Grade C or better is required in all courses for a certificate or degree in Allied Health, unless stipulated otherwise.

Contact the Allied Health department chair, Anne Scharnhorst, at 984-3250, or by email at for information.

Nurse Assistant (CO): 6 credits

Prepares individuals to work in hospitals, extended care facilities, private nursing agencies, and home health agencies under supervision of an LPN or RN. Graduates are eligible to take the Certification Examination given by American Red Cross.
Nursing 100(6) Nurse Assistant (This course takes one semester; there is no selection process.)
Prerequisite: ENG 19 with grade C or better or placement at least ENG 22.

Adult Residential Care Home Operator (CO): 3 credits*

ARCH prepares individuals to apply for certification to operate a Care Home in the State of Hawai’i.
Nursing 12(1), 13(1), 14(1) Three 5-week courses offered during one semester.
Recommended: NURS 100 with grade C or better.

Medical Assistant I (CC): See Business Technology program map.

Medication Assistant (CO): 3 credits

Prepares individuals to work in assisted living and community-based settings.
Pharmacology 103(1), 104(1), 105(1) Three 5-week courses offered during one semester.
Prerequisite: BIOL 100 with grade C or better, or consent.
Recommended: NURS 100 with grade C or better.

Pharmacy Technician (CC): 22 credits

Prepares individuals as pharmacy technicians. Includes preparation for National Certification Exam as a Pharmacy Technician. Grade C or better is required in all courses for the certificate.

First Semester (Fall) Credits
BIOL 100 Human Biology 3
HLTH 125 Survey of Medical Technology 1
BUSN 150 Introduction to Business Computing or
ICS 101 Digital Tools for the Information World 3
MATH 18 Essential Math for Algebra 3
ENG 22 Introduction to Composition 3
Second Semester (Spring) Credits
PHRM 103 Introduction to Pharmacology 1
PHRM 104 Pharmacological Treatment of Disease 1
PHRM 105 Administration of Medications 1
PHRM 106 Introduction to Pharmacy Technology 3
PHRM 151v Work Practicum 3

Community Health Worker/Health Navigator I (CO): 15 credits* See curriculum on Human Services program map.

Therapeutic Activity Aide I (CO): 8 credits*
Therapeutic Activity Aide II (CC): 20 credits*

These certificate programs are designed as introductory programs for people who wish to work in community-based care. It will provide basic instruction in supervised activities in the field of occupational therapy. The programs are developed to meet the needs of rural communities and to create an entry level position to encourage future careers. Students in Therapeutic Aide I and II are prepared to work as aides under the supervision of licensed professionals in community care. Grade C or better is required in all courses for a certificate or degree from the Allied Health program, unless stipulated otherwise. Courses offered on Molokai.

Therapeutic Activity Aide I:
8 credits
Therapeutic Activity Aide II:
20 credits
Health 118(3), 119(2) All courses in Therapeutic Activity Aide I(8),
Family Resources 230 or plus:
Psychology 240(3) Health 121(3), 123(2), 125(1),
126(3), 127(2), 128(1)

*Note: Not offered every semester.