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No Matter How You Slice It, Maui Pie is a Winner

No Matter How You Slice It, Maui Pie is a Winner
December 6, 2015 Ho‘oulu Staff
In Arts & Entertainment, Food

By Cynthia Hisao Cynthia_Review_MauiPieSign

If you’re someone who loves sweets, Maui Pie is just right for you. You will leave the place with a full appetite and a big smile on your face.

When you first open the door to the Maui Pie shop, you smell the freshly baked pies. The medium-sized shop has country-style surroundings with chalkboard menus hanging above the counter. It’s a relaxing, cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

When you step right up to the counter, there are homemade fruit pies, turnovers, cookies and muffins. Cream pies are in the mini-fridge and every one of them looks amazing in the glass cases. Behind the counters, bakers are working hard, making freshly baked goodies for their customers. Off to the side of the counter, there is a little station where coffee lovers can fill their cups with cream and sugar.

Pie menu with lots of options.

Pie menu with lots of options.

The fruit pies and cream pies can be ordered in three different sizes: 9-inch, 6-inch or by the slice. A 9-inch pie would be a special order, while the 6-inch pie and by-the-slice pies are available in the shop. They also serve 9-inch, 6-inch and by-the-slice chicken pot pies and two choices of quiche. The shop also offers coffee, soda, milk and juice. No matter what you choose, the prices are very reasonable.

Once you’re ready to order, the staff greets you with their warm smiles. My friend and I chose the banana cream pie, apple turnover and a cup of coffee. If you’re dining in, they place the pie on a nice clear glass plate and the apple turnover on a white glass plate. Both are served on a tray and the portion sizes are decent. The appearance of the banana cream pie is fluffy and fresh and when you take a bite, the cream is not too rich. They add a perfect amount of sugar to create a balance and the crust is chewy and less flaky, made with fresh-cut bananas. Each bite is mouthwatering—so much, in fact, you won’t want to share with others. The apple turnover is toasted and flaky, made with fresh apples it’s well balanced—the cinnamon doesn’t overpower the apple. While eating these goodies, a nice cup of hot coffee adds a perfect blend to your sweet tooth.

Pies galore!

Pies galore!

The holidays are just around the corner and that means lots of cooking and baking. If you don’t have the time to bake, check out Maui Pie. For seasonal treats, the Maui Pie bakers will be taking special orders for their pumpkin pies, pecan pies and macadamia nut pies. Maui Pie shop is located on 1280 South Kihei Rd. next to Ono Gelato and Taco Bell. The shop is open Monday through Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. and it is closed on Sundays. For more information, call (808) 298.0473 or visit http://www.themauipie.com.


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    Thanks so much for your wonderful review!

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