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A Mermaid’s Humble Prayer

A Mermaid’s Humble Prayer
February 6, 2016 Na Leo Contribution

A  Mermaid’s Humble Prayer

By: Meg Kisner

Listen to the roaring winds blow,

with sunlight peeking behind the cotton candy clouds,

soft and white.

The palm trees sway,

and bow their heads in respect to the sky.

The birds cheep their love songs with glee,

while the ocean gently kisses the shore.

The quiet chaos is yours to absorb.

Appreciate it, before it’s gone with the sun.

Salty-sweet aromas fill the air

with every sigh of a mermaid’s breath.

Breathe deep.

Breathe slow.

Inhale her life.

Inhale her.

Gaze without judgement at her home.

See the blue-green gems just under the surface.

A thousand tiny worlds lost just under the blue.

The sun’s sleepy descent falls like rose petals.

A fingerpainting within the horizon,

like a child’s drawing

dripping in gold.

Feel her salty kisses brush against your face,

and the wind kindly tangle your hair.

Listen to the pitter-patter of her splashing beneath the waves,

empathise with her blinding world.

Let it blind you.

Write the name of everyone you’ve ever lost in the sand,

and watch them wash away.

Listen to her humble song.

Her humble  prayer.

She sings it for you.


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  1. philip 1 year ago

    very sweat prayer….I don’t know why my soul belongs to ocean may be am destined to that.I love floda and ocean so much.

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